3 Bring Back to Life

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"How dare you still spout such audacious things! If that's the case, don't blame me for venting my anger on you."

Wind Chen raised his right hand and had a murderous look on his face.

"Wind Chen, if you don't get out now, we'll get a divorce!"

Just then, Queena Ye's icy voice resounded.

Wind Chen's expression froze, and he was stunned for a moment.

Lance Yan's heart was pounding wildly in fear as he quietly breathed a sigh of relief. He seized this chance to run as quickly as he could while clutching his face.

"It's all thanks to you. Star Cultural is finished this time. We're really doomed this time."

Queena Ye sat back down despondently onto her office chair. Her beautiful face was filled with despair and exhaustion.

"Wifey, believe me this once. With me around, the Yan family wouldn't dare to do anything to Star Cultural," said Wind Chen confidently.

"And why should I believe you? Don't call me your wife. I have nothing to do with you in the first place. Get yourself ready. We'll get a divorce tomorrow. Wind Chen, I'm so disappointed in you. You're a piece of trash who can't get anything done right. You've ruined everything I have."

Queena Ye became emotional, and tears welled her eyes.

She built the Star Cultural Company from scratch. Now that it looked like it was about to wind up soon, Queena Ye felt really terrible.

Wind Chen felt terrible too, but he didn't dare to say a word and quietly left Queena Ye's office.

There was no way he was going to let Queena Ye's company fold up.

"The Yan family had better watch out. I'm coming for them."

The look in Wind Chen's eyes was icy cold, and he had a plan in mind.

After asking around, Wind Chen had confirmed the exact location of the Yan family villa.

He immediately headed towards the villa because he had to help Queena Ye to turn the tables.

About 10 odd minutes later, Wind Chen arrived in the vicinity of the Yan family villa.

But just then, Wind Chen noticed a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic further ahead called Revival Hall. A massive crowd had gathered, and he could hear the sound of a woman wailing and a man shouting.

"You're a quack doctor! A quack! Bring my daughter back to life!"

A man in a suit and leather shoes was crying and shouting at the same time.

Next to this man was a beautiful old lady carrying a little girl who looked around eight years old or so. She was crying even more inconsolably than the man.

"I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I've already tried my best."

Standing in front of this husband and wife was a young lady in her early 20s. Her face was ashen, and she looked completely helpless.

She was the owner of Revival Hall, and her name was Lola Chinn.

"If you didn't know how to treat her, then you shouldn't have simply attempted to do so! Someone's actually died!"

"Exactly! This quack doctor has brought harm to others!"

"The child is so young, but she's already… Quack doctors ought to be punished by the heavens!"

Reprimanding voices and sighs went on and on in front of the clinic.

Wind Chen walked closer in front. After staring at the little girl in the beautiful old lady's arms for a moment, he discovered that a small ball of black gas was swirling above the area between her eyebrows. Black gas was also emanating from her chest and her throat.

This was a black gas that ordinary people could not see.

"She's not dead yet."

Wind Chen pushed through the crowd and quickly ran to squat down by the little girl's side.

"Go away! Get lost! Don't touch my Lindsey!"

The old lady became very agitated.

"Madam, give me three minutes, and you'll have a pretty and healthy daughter back. Trust me. Your daughter really isn't dead yet. But if you wait any longer, I'm afraid that even the gods won't be able to revive her," said Wind Chen seriously.

The old lady froze. Could her daughter still be alive?

Everyone standing around was equally shocked. The little girl was clearly no longer breathing. Where did this young man come from? He was spouting boastful words.

Lola Chinn took a deep breath. Her expression was grim, and she was about to speak when the little girl's father said in a trembling voice, "Young man, if you are able to bring my daughter back to life, I, Tiger Xu, will definitely reward you handsomely."

"Let me save her first."

Wind Chen took the little girl from her mother's arms.

Then, he swiftly thrust a hand out and hit the little girl's chest.

Once his palm landed, nobody saw white light flashing on Wind Chen's palm. But they could see that wisps of black gas was coming out from the little girl's body after Wind Chen had hit the girl with his palm.

Shortly after that, Wind Chen continued to thrust his palm out in a similar fashion, but at different parts of the little girl's body.


After Wind Chen had done this several times, the previously lifeless little girl suddenly made a noise as she threw up a mouthful of blackened blood.

"She's alive! She's really alive!"

"My goodness! This man is a miracle worker!"

The crowd was astonished, and their eyes widened.

Lola Chinn, in particular, was astonished beyond belief.

She had just confirmed that the little girl was definitely gone moments ago. But this expert who had come from absolutely nowhere had actually made the little girl come back from the dead. His skills were simply too incredible.

"Lindsey! My precious baby! Mummy thought you were…"

The beautiful old lady was so emotional that her tears couldn't stop flowing.

But this time, the tears she cried were tears of joy!

"Mummy, I feel awful."

The little girl's voice was weak.

"Lindsey, don't be afraid. A genius doctor is here."

The little girl's mother carried Lindsey again, then knelt in front of Wind Chen. "Thank you for saving Lindsey! Thank you!"

"My benefactor! Thank you so much!"

Tiger Xu also fell to his knees and bowed deeply.

"There's really no need for you to do this. Please, please get up. Saving lives is important. It's something that I ought to have done."

Wind Chen helped Tiger Xu and his wife up.

"It's all this Lola Chinn's fault. She's truly a quack doctor. She simply performed acupuncture and fed my daughter random medicine. If not for her, none of this would have happened."

Tiger Xu glared fiercely at Lola Chinn.

Lola Chinn opened her mouth slightly to explain herself, but she didn't say anything in the end. She bit her lower lip hard, and her pretty eyes reddened.

Everyone around her continued to berate her.

Lola Chinn lowered her head and eventually couldn't stop her tears from streaming down.

Wind Chen glanced at Lola Chinn, hesitated for a moment, then said very solemnly, "Actually, this has nothing to do with Doctor Chinn. On the contrary, if Doctor Chinn hadn't tried to perform acupuncture and feed her medicine, your daughter would have died even earlier."


Tiger Xu, his wife, and everyone else were stunned to hear these words.

Lola Chinn looked up and stared at Wind Chen in disbelief.

She never thought that someone would speak up for her at a time like this.

For that moment, a warm and fuzzy feeling flowed through Lola Chinn's heart, and she really felt like bursting into tears.

"Brother Xu, Lindsey's illness is under control, but it has not been fully treated yet. However, I've got another urgent matter to attend to right now. Tell you what, give me your number, and I'll pay you a visit to talk about this again," offered Wind Chen.

"Sure, no problem. Here's my name card. Brother, you must come."

Tiger Xu immediately handed Wind Chen a name card.

Wind Chen took a glance at the name card. The words 'Vice-President, Thousand City Entertainment' stood out in particular.

"I didn't expect you to be the vice-president of Thousand City Entertainment."

Wind Chen was shocked.

"Ah, how embarrassing. I have a 30% share in Thousand City Entertainment, and that's how I managed to get the position of vice-president. Brother, if you need any help in the future, I'd definitely help you no matter what it takes. I wouldn't even frown."

"And what if I ask you to oust the Yan family and become the sole owner of Thousand City?"

"Wait, what?" Tiger Xu was confused.

"I'm just joking. Brother Xu, I really need to get going. I'll give you a call soon. By the way, remember to apologize to Doctor Chinn. If Doctor Chinn hadn't tried to suppress your daughter's illness, I wouldn't have been able to do anything about her either."

With that, Wind Chen walked away.

The most urgent matter at hand now was to make sure the Yan family was firmly under his thumb before they made any moves on Queena Ye.

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