2 A Thrashing

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That statement from Wind Chen made both Queena Ye and her mother freeze for a long while.

Immediately after that, Sue Lee scoffed and said, "Don't tell me you have five million dollars? Do you?"

"I don't have the money at the moment, but I guarantee that I'll soon…"

"Oh, please, stop pretending! How childish!" remarked Sue Lee sarcastically. "Go stand to one side."

"I don't care whether you believe me or not. Give me three days. I'll get the five million dollars for sure."

Wind Chen's expression was solemn.

Once his seal was removed the next day, Wind Chen was sure that his level of medical skills and martial arts would make earning five million dollars a piece of cake.

But, of course, if his bank account was also unfrozen, he could even come up with five hundred million dollars if they needed him to.

But both Queena Ye and her mother completely ignored his assurance and continued chatting among themselves.

Wind Chen took a deep breath, turned around, and quietly went upstairs.

First thing the next morning, Wind Chen made breakfast for Queena Ye and waited for her to finish the food and leave for work. Then he hurriedly dashed out of the house and ran like a madman to Lethe Teahouse to look for Master Old Geezer to get rid of his seal.

Lethe Teahouse was a high-class restaurant, so all its patrons were either rich or powerful.

The minute Wind Chen stepped into the teahouse, a tall and pretty woman in a blue qipao walked towards him. The pretty waitress took two looks at Wind Chen, and a tinge of disdain naturally appeared in her eyes.

His outfit was way too plain and ordinary. It was obvious that he had bought these off some random stall along the street.

"Sir, are you sure you didn't lose your way? The tea here isn't cheap, you know?" The pretty woman in a qipao had a blank expression on her face.

"I'm looking for someone."

Wind Chen glanced around, and his eyes quickly settled on a skinny and frail-looking elderly man sitting by the window.

The old man was in a black Zhongshan suit. Even though he was very skinny, he was full of energy, and his eyes had sparks in them.

"Old Geezer."

Wind Chen was excited to see him and immediately ran to the old man.

"Little punk, it's been two years since I last saw you. You're fair and well-fed. Looks like you're well taken care of by the Ye family."

The old man's smile looked like he was teasing the younger man.

"Enough of this nonsense. Hurry up and undo this seal on me. It's driving me crazy."

Wind Chen's eyes lit up.


The old man flicked Wind Chen's head, which was so painful that Wind Chen sucked in a breath of cold air.

"You little bastard, do you know who you're talking to? I'm your master! Do not begrudge your master. One day, you will understand that everything I've done is for your own good."

'Oh, please…,' grumbled Wind Chen to himself.

"Whether you believe me or not doesn't matter. In any case, you're free now, and I will no longer interfere in your life. Take this. This talisman can get rid of your seal."

The old man placed a purple-colored paper talisman on the table.

Wind Chen grabbed the purple talisman. To his surprise, the purple talisman instantly transformed into a mysterious and boiling energy the moment it reached his hand, and started to flow into the rest of his body through his right arm.


Wind Chen felt as though thunder just rumbled within his body, and a chain around his body burst open. The seal had finally been officially removed exactly two lunar years later.

"Master Old Geezer, this…wait, where did he go?"

Wind Chen looked up excitedly, and his sentence broke off halfway when he realized that there was absolutely nobody in front of him. Old Geezer had left without a word.

Wind Chen got up immediately and rushed out of the teahouse to look for Old Geezer.

However, Old Geezer had already disappeared out of sight.

He had come in silence and left without a trace.

"Damn it, old man! You've got to unfreeze my bank account too! I've got a few hundred million US dollars in there…"

Wind Chen felt both his heart and head hurt, and was feeling rather depressed when his phone suddenly rang. It was Queena Ye calling.

He picked up the call immediately. "Wifey, is anything the matter?"

"Don't simply call me that." Queena Ye's voice was cold and distant. "Come to my office."



Queena Ye hung up immediately.

Wind Chen quickly made his way towards Star Cultural Company, Queena Ye's company.

About 20 minutes later, Wind Chen arrived at the door of Queena Ye's office. Just when he was about to knock on the door, the conversation inside the office caught Wind Chen's attention.

"Mr. Yan, Star Cultural Company has four subsidiaries, and altogether, we have the full copyrights to a few hundred thousand original works. We have a few thousand authors signed to our company, including a few dozen who are extremely highly ranked. If you can help to manage their works and turn them into adaptations, the future is bright, and I'm sure we can create a miracle."

That was Queena Ye's voice.

"Queena, I know your company is filled with potential, and you're in very urgent need of a cash injection. I understand the prospects that you've mentioned, but there are a million and one original publishers out there. Why should I choose Star Cultural?"

A man's voice slowly rang inside the room. Without a doubt, the person speaking had to be Lance Yan.

"Mr. Yan, Star Cultural has a lot of published works that are well known, so they are extremely suitable to be adapted into movies, TV dramas, games, and animations. As long as…"

"You still don't understand what I'm trying to say," interrupted Lance Yan quietly. "Queena, you know how I feel about you. As long as we can be together, five million dollars is nothing. Even if you want 10 million or 20 million dollars, I wouldn't even frown at it."

"Mr. Yan, I am already married. Please don't joke with me like that."

"Then the deal's off." Lance Yan had a sinister smile as he said, "Queena Ye, I can tell you right now that besides Thousand City Entertainment, not a single entertainment company out there will dare to invest in Star Cultural and not a single person will dare to sign any partnership with you. Do you understand where I'm getting at?"

"Mr. Yan, since you're not willing to work with us, then let's end the discussion here," said Queena Ye in a stern voice.

"Ha! The bank refuses to loan your company any money, and you can't find any investors. Given Star Cultural's current financial situation, you need way more than five million dollars. Otherwise, I'm certain that you will go bankrupt by the end of the month. Queena, I really want to help you. Tell you what. If you don't want to be my woman, fine. Let me propose something else to you. Spend two nights with me, and I'll transfer 10 million dollars to your account immediately!"

"Get out, now!"

Queena Ye's face was frosty.

"My goodness, pretending to be some pure and chaste woman now? Giving you 10 million dollars for two days is considered an act of goodwill to you. Would you rather I screw you in your own office right now?"

Lance Yan's voice was even more sinister now.

By this point, Wind Chen couldn't stand it anymore. He kicked the office door open with a loud slam and dashed in.

"Lance Yan! Kneel and apologize to my wife right now!"

Wind Chen clenched his fists tightly and his gaze was icy.

Queena Ye was stunned momentarily. She had never seen Wind Chen behave in such a manly way before, and this was also the first time Wind Chen was protecting her. This created a small ripple in Queena Ye's frozen heart.

"So, you're Queena Ye's useless husband? My goodness, what a temper you have! I'll tell you right now. I'm going to have my way with your wife. What a piece of trash like you gonna do about that?"

Lance Yan was very arrogant.

Queena Ye's face paled in anger when she heard those words.

Wind Chen flew into a rage and made a move.


With a mighty punch, Wind Chen smashed his fist into Lance Yan's stomach at lightning speed.

Lance Yan was caught off guard and took on the full impact of that punch. He gasped in pain.

Wind Chen rushed over like an arrow and grabbed hold of Lance Yan's hair, then slapped the man repeatedly left and right.

"How dare you behave so audaciously!

"How dare you try to hit on my wife! I'm going to slap you to death!

"Come on, you little idiot, continue to be arrogant!"

Wind Chen slapped him again and again on both cheeks to the point where Lance Yan's face was covered with blood and his eyes kept rolling uncontrollably.

Queena Ye was frightened by this sight. If Wind Chen went on, he might kill Lance Yan.

"Wind, stop it," Queena Ye quickly called him to stop.

"Wifey, don't be afraid. I'm going to kill this little asshole."

Wind Chen's anger wasn't appeased yet.

"Wind Chen, get out now!" shouted Queena Ye. She was getting anxious and impatient.

Her discussion with Lance Yan had fallen through, so the worst that could happen was that she would fail to get investment funds from Thousand City Entertainment.

But now that Wind Chen had given Lance Yan a good thrashing, the Yan family would definitely target Star Cultural Company and would probably deal the company a fatal blow.

"Wifey, you mustn't back down when you're dealing with despicable people like Lance Yan! Don't worry, I'll deal with the Yan family for you. Just sit back and…"

"Get out! Get out now! Go as far away as you can!" Queena Ye was so frustrated and disappointed at Wind Chen.

She had called Wind Chen over just to use him to keep Lance Yan at bay, since Lance Yan clearly had designs on her. But she didn't expect Wind Chen to beat Lance Yan to this extent.

Lance Yan's face was covered with bruises and blood as he glared venomously at Queena Ye and Wind Chen. He gritted his teeth and roared furiously, "Queena Ye! You're finished! Your company is finished! I'm not going to stop until you're all dead! Just you wait! Just you wait!"

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