No Where To Run: Trapped With My Archenemy
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No Where To Run: Trapped With My Archenemy


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What is No Where To Run: Trapped With My Archenemy

Read No Where To Run: Trapped With My Archenemy novel written by the author Monsoon_Mangoes on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering mystery, revenge, mafia, killer, forbiddenlove. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


WARNING: MATURE CONTENT The imperial was the city where, Mizuki Terada, planned to fulfil her long time goal. "To kill the person who took the happiness away from her life." After 15 years of seclusion, she returned to the imperial, disguised as Ming Yue, a naive housemaid who is doted by her master. However, while plotting her revenge, little did she know that the person who is responsible for her happiness happens to be someone she never expected- Her archenemy. -------------------------------------------- "Don't look for happiness in the same place where you lost it." That's what Wan Yi Jun believed when he left the imperial city as a teenager. However, after searching everywhere for his lost happiness, he returned to where he belongs, completing 15 years of exile. As the captain of the special task force team, Wan Yi Jun is on a mission to capture one of the deadliest mafia leaders, an individual who poses a threat to the nation. But little did he know that his key to happiness lies with someone he least expected- His archenemy. ------------------------------------ What happens when two archenemies stay under the same roof? "Miss Ming, the way you knead the dough often reminds me of kick-boxing." He cooed in her ears as he fondled with her flour-covered fingers. "Sorry, master. I'm into wrestling." She slipped away, but only to get pinned onto the kitchen slab by him. "Wrestling...Hmmm, then how about we fight a couple of rounds...in my bedroom?" "My knife skills are even better, wanna try, master?" Master.exe stopped working!!!! ___________________________ "You claimed that your knife skills are better than mine, then why did you miss my neck?" He asks the girl who stood fearlessly at the point-blank, "I should've aimed at your heart." She replies and pulls out the katana from the shield. "Honey, you don't really need a weapon to kill me." He drops his gun and smiles. Killer.exe crashed and stopped working!!!! ------------------------------ Bounded by hearts, but forbidden by the morals of society and law, can love bloom between them? 1. Silver Tier Winner #WPC_215 2. Disclaimer: The cover is not mine, I will take it down if the creator demands. 3. Also read my other book "Empress of the lost kingdom" and The doomed destiny on Webnovel. Please buy me Kofi :-https://ko-fi.com/monsoonmangoes0502 Follow me:- Instagram: Monsoon_Mangoes


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First of all, congratulations on winning the silver prize on WPC! 🎉 I finally have time to read this book, and I don't regret using my free time to read it because this book is awesome! I like the MC and her perseverance character. And I love a story about police too~ I can imagine how hot the ML will be in his uniform 🥰 Overall, this book is really good with the story development and the characters' design. Five stars for the awesome author ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


I can say one thing: the story is great! I feel this atmosphere of a love story between a police officer and a rich but infinitely in love lady. I really like Wan Yi's modesty and seriousness and at the same time Zhi Lan's endless love and fearlessness. Added to my library. Will wait for new chapters!


Start of story was cool and I was immediately drawn into novel. I am eager to see where this story will take us. I am definitely gonna put this novel in my library and will keep reading it . Keep up the work !! Upload more chapters ❤


Sounds interesting am looking forward to it. Will update with kma higher rating when there's something to rate, if It's good enough to rate a higher ranking obviously.


it's only three chapters in, but i really enjoyed these first chapters the writing is neat and easy to understand good job author and the characters come to life in every moment, can't wait for more


So far so good, i am hooked and am glad that i managed to find this book from the same author and didn't disappoint me. love ittttttttttttt..............


I just love ittttttttttttttt, just thinking of the journey of the two in the future make me very excited. I can't wait to read more chapters. love it


such love and dedication.....I applaud her and hope that her patience will pay. very interesting and can't wait to see where these two will end up


Another beautiful and fluttering story from the author. This is another epic and I love it, I can't wait to find out more about the journey of Zhi and her police officer


I have no qualms with the current chapters so far, very satisfied. The hanging is simply too much but I will endure and wait to find out more about our Zhilan. I hope she wakes up soon


a wonderful piece of work, both Zhi and Wan drives me crazy but what can I say when they make me want to read more? Love the story so much and I am looking forward to more


5 chapters down and I can see just how much agony I will be in while waiting for updates. Loved every single part of it and just hope that those two will find a common ground as time goes on


The story is interesting and makes my curiosity relapse. Moreover, I got a hidden message when I read the plot of this story. well, maybe it's more accurate if I say (what do you feel the first time when you're in a place you don't know?). maybe because that's what made me curious to be like that. but apart from that, good job and keep the spirit to continue this story.


Amazing, great story, starting of the story is really amazing. Three chapters are very good and I can't wait for the upcoming chapters. Great work Author💜. Keep up the good work author 👍🏻


Congrats on winning the silver tier of WPC! This story arc is uniquely different and I like how it slowly leads to the male lead meeting the female lead. Keep up the good work author!


You already had me hooked when you included the mafia concept. The story so far is very attention gripping and well written. please write more chapter😍😍😍


I am a biased human being and don't like it when the FL suffers, so I really hope that Zhilan will harvest the fruits of her hard labor in the future. She is so dedicated to him and her happiness is all I am looking forward to. I can't wait for more to come


Reading these four chapters left me really hanging but I enjoyed every single part of it. The book was well written and it has this uniqueness that separates it from others. Will patiently wait for more chapters. Good job author


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