You're Not Worthy Of Using A Sword In Front Of Me!

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Dragon Transformation Pool.

Ye Ping was soaking in it while the vast and pure spiritual energy filled the air, and the golden liquid gushed into his body by permeating through his pores. It allowed him to be completely relaxed.

Feeling the pure and majestic energy in his body, Ye Ping began to cultivate.

The Torch Dragon Immortal Apertures were shining brightly and absorbing the energy.

Six hours passed.


There was a clear and crisp sound as the seventh Golden Core emerged like a cocoon turning into a butterfly. It was a red Golden Core.

Ye Ping continued to cultivate. The previous cultivation had depleted only less than a percent of the energy in this pool.

At the same time in the Heavenly Supervisory, a stunning woman stretched her back and muttered, "The East Dragon Palace has appeared, it's time to look for Ye Ping."

"Now that the calamity is impending, I hope that Ye Ping will grow quickly."