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No Way People Find Cultivation Difficult, Right?

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Warning!!!!! this novel is a fcking lie. why u may ask? ive read till chp 40 and then when i proceed to go to read the mtl in mtlnovel*com and just about to read, i accidently read the comment and from what i see..... well let say its not looking pretty good. this novel start as a true misunderstanding novel till the author changed script and abruptly make the sect mc joins into a real hidden and all powerful sect. the author abruptly change the sect leader into a real mahayana realm cultivator and all the 7 disciples into (real)high realm cultivators. if the sect is truly an expert sect would the sect master be frugal and so poor? will he sell all his possessions and mc painting for money if they r truly expert sects? would they even fear not paying the inferior spirit stones at the early chp? i quote from the readers comment " this novel is disapointing. you can fool the characters, but don't you try fool the readers. Turns out they aren't pretending to be experts ,but real experts from the start." I'll also post a screen shot from a commenter in the web . like this review so it can rise to top review to let many people know

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petition to bring back the world of deities.........................................................................................................................


Funny. MC is sent to another world where he becomes a famous scholar. When he finds out about cultivators he ditches his scholarly stuff and does his best to join a sect. Unfortunately he fails to join any sect, except the most run-down and impoverished one. The story revolves around the MC being super talented in comprehension (so far) while thinking that the members of the sect are mysterious experts. However in reality, MC was needed to meet a certain member-quota to make this sect an official sect, so the members of this sect do everything to keep him in. They pretend to act like experts to MC, and MC admires them, it's pretty funny and so far a good read.


Name: 不会真有人觉得修仙难吧 Author: 黑夜称天 Words: 940 thousand Chapters: 266 Status: Ongoing A popular book in China. The author is the one who wrote “I’m the MC, Why Do I Suck at Cultivation” otherwise known as “Eldest Senior Brother is Ordinary” which was in trial read half a year ago.


a naive almost idiot MC a bunch of shameless liar of side character a misunderstanding i am speechless!!! [img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap]


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Idk, I thought that it would be funny them all giving him random things to try and hide that they themselves are weak af. Like in the description with the coin etc However, what annoyed me greatly is how it went from funny to them using him for money. Like it's fine if you want him to stay in your sect because even if it is a sht thing to do the mc is still benefiting from it so it can sort of be forgiven. However, to me this is the limit. Not only using him by lying to him but then acc making him a fcking money printer... I can already see that when he masters alchemy, smithing etc they are gonna use him again and again. Tbh this pisses me off because its gon from a light-hearted and funny vibe to instant scum. I would rather it be like that story where he has a famous af master who only picked him because of his poor attribute only for him to have this talent. Making the master have him keep trying to random stuff to slow him down, read random things etc with the mc being like this and finding comprehension in everything and the master's reaction to it. Instead of this vibe of making the mc dumb af and constantly using him for there own gains.... SO yeah


Author runs out of ideas and vision by chapter 70 lol. All of his sect mates suddenly become just as overpowered like the MC somehow with magical encounters and hidden backgrounds to instantly power them up. Haven't read very far but the sect leader is apparently a hidden super expert? What? Nothing is making sense anymore. Also there's no direction in this novel. What's the MC's purpose? What will he do? Are there any adventures? Answer is nothing. Author had an interesting premise but no long term plan and it just devolves into bullshıt.


The beginning had unmachted potential however after Reading ahead in the machine translated Version... The upcoming twist really has this novel going downhill, really tragic, so ill just stop wasting coins now because of the future drop off


Reveal spoiler


Try it. I guarantee this is very different from I AM ACTUALLY A CULTIVATION BIGSHOT or I AM THE MC, WHY DO I SUCK AT CULTIVATION. I already read all near 300 chapters. And believe me it was much better than I anticipated it to be.


Not my cup of tea 😢👍👍👍🥺👍🥺👍👍🥺👍🥺👍🥺👍👍👍💞💔💔🥺👍👍🥺👍🥺💔🥺👍👍👍😢👍🥺👍👍👍🥺👍🥺👍👍🥺👍😢👍🥺👍🥺👍🥺👍👍🥺👍🥺👍😢👍💔🥺


I think that the protagonist is quite dumb at first, I mean there are like so many people who are immortals but he only notice three years after he came.


255 chapter review tldr: Good comedy but butcher by side character Su Changyu full of cringe and tasteless joke and poor execution of misunderstanding type of joke. Ever seen a good comedy book? Problem with being a comedy genre is that it takes skill to wring to cover hundred of chapter. The author do in fact have the skill by making the mc misunderstanding funnier, like Saitama. Problem is, author have the bad taste of putting side character in the same spot. The side character misunderstanding bring people to annoying phase, its not even funny and cringe. With copy and paste word of he just stand there, menancingly and all the daoist scare shitless. 1-2 chapter is ok, but when u even go to the extreme and have dozen of chapter dedicated to him, and still act the cringe way? That drop the quality for me. Also, the author keep repeating how he is more handsome than anyone, like i get it, u are handsome than mc, but stop saying that word every time u appear on the chapter. The side character also have the most fkin plot armor i ever seen, Even Yun Che have to salute him and call him as Father or senior brother. He is given fruit that can skip his cultivation by 500 year worth of training, and suddenly he become perfect with perfect cultivation when back then he stuck qi phase at late 20 age. The world background is average at best. The fruit alone is just a fkin plot device.


The mc went from Ye Ping to Su Changyu around chapter 150 onwards for some reason. I dont even know why author did that and the novel ends around 270 or 290+. Novel went from being good to bad in a span of an arc around the ten countries competition.


Read ExodusGaming555's comment for evidence and more detail but essentially the whole misunderstanding that makes the story funny is all a lie and the "useless" members of the sect are actually experts even though it's proven that they aren't.


i have read this novel in the mtl, guess what? author eventually makes the con and useless side character become the real powerhouse, i just want to say, this is not the direction that i want to read


This is a near perfect novel. Main problems is that not too much chapters too satisfy my appetite. Premise of the book really fits the comedy. If you have read or like novels similar to "senior brother is too steady" or similar cautious cultivating novels, this novel will really make you laugh. Instead of only focusing on the mc, the author give each characters its own personality and unique characteristics that make the story more humourous and flesh out. Even with this, the story doesn't feel bloated and dragging. There is still a lot of side plots in it that is weave perfectly with the main plot without losing the humour. This is a really solid and funny novel. Really worth your time and I recommend this for reading.


This is a comedic story. The MC is a well renowned scholar (although he seems to not really recognise just how good he actually is). He has been rejected from the cultivation world because of his apparent crappy potential. He joins a sect in debt and is fooled into believing that it is better than it actually is. Although he is a transmigrator who has read his fair share of novels, he clearly doesn't understand how amazing his learning abilities are (although it could be because he's comparing himself to 'true geniuses'). Furthermore, it seems he would have been able to become a cultivator anyway if he just kept on being a scholar for just a little bit longer. But who cares about that? He's the disciple of an 'amazing' sect now! The sect leader at least tries to treat the MC well. Maybe because of a little bit of guilt. Anyway, the novel isn't too bad. Better than the utter rubbish you see every now and then. If there aren't any other novels you really want to see picked, then this novel isn't a bad choice.


it's not that bad it's just that he's getting to op in a really short time and it's going to be hard to get through but still it's a great so you should try it.