Big Brother, I Got It!

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Longevity Mountain.

"The true body of the Fiendcelestial has appeared."

Su Changyu sat cross-legged, opened his eyes, muttered under his breath, and closed his eyes again.

The Green Lotus in front of him had already clearly become dim and malnourished.

The Green Lotus swayed on his essence soul platform and a crystal clear lotus seed was condensed on it.

The Ten Nations.

As Xiao Muxue, Ye Ping, and the others blasted the Heavenly Fiend Ancient Diagram away, Xia Qian forced the Fiendcelestial to appear while sacrificing himself.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The loud sounds resounded in the sky and the six Gates of Hell formed the body of the Fiendcelestial, making the demonic aura roll through the void, intertwining with death and inauspiciousness.