1 The Sect Leader Of The Daoless Sect

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The sun rose from the east, illuminating Sky Mist Mountain.

On a small path on the mountain, a huge gate that gave off a majestic aura stood there domineeringly.

Two large characters were carved on top of the gate—Daoless Sect!

Originally, there were no sects on Sky Mist Mountain.

However, just half a month ago, lightning had struck the mountain out of the blue, creating the Daoless Sect. No one had any idea it was formed, nor did they know it ever existed.

It was classified as a third-rate sect without any disciples and without any reputation.

On this day, two figures stood under the mountain gate.

"Luo'er, this is the Daoless Sect's territory. If you walk up from here, you'll reach the sect's main hall.

"You can go up on your own first and familiarize yourself with the various parts of the sect. Then, you can go to the palace at the back of the mountain and choose one of the rooms as your own bedroom."

The person who spoke seemed to be in his 20s. He was dressed in a snow-white robe and had long black hair. He was handsome and had an ethereal aura as if he was an immortal roaming through the mortal world.

His name was Chu Yuan, and he was the Sect Leader of the Daoless Sect.

The other figure spoke at the same time as he spoke.

"Yes, Master!"

This person was about the same age as Chu Yuan. He had sword-like eyebrows and starry eyes. He was dressed in a green flowing crane robe and carried a longsword. Although his face was expressionless, it revealed a hint of arrogance.

His name was Ye Luo, and he was the disciple Chu Yuan had just accepted.

He was also the Daoless Sect's only disciple.

He was the Daoless Sect's Eldest Senior Brother!

Chu Yuan glanced at his disciple and waved his hand. He then opened his mouth slightly and spat out two words.

"Go ahead."

Ye Luo cupped his hands and said, "Master, I'll go first. I'll pay my respects to you again later!"

After greeting Chu Yuan, he carried his sword and walked up the mountain by himself.

Chu Yuan looked at Ye Luo's back view as he left. The calmness on his face instantly disappeared without a trace, replaced by joy.

"I've finally found someone with such low aptitude after half a month. This is too difficult," he muttered to himself.

Images flashed across his mind.

Chu Yuan was not from this world. He had transmigrated to this world half a month ago due to an accident.

This world was not a world ruled by mortals. Instead, it was a world where gods, devils, monsters, countries, and sects reigned supreme.

This world was called Heavenly Continent.

Just like the masses of other transmigrators, Chu Yuan had also brought along a system with him to this world.


His system was a little different and weird.

After Ye Luo left, Chu Yuan silently called the system.

An azure screen that only he could see instantly condensed.

[The Most Useless Sect System In History]

[This system is dedicated to building the most useless sect in history. Host, please accept disciples and make them completely useless to help accomplish the system's goal.]

[Note: If a disciple is crippled and becomes completely useless, the host will be rewarded with a small realm increase. If the host successfully grooms a disciple, the host will be punished with a decrease of a large realm. Please do not get confused.]

Chu Yuan automatically ignored these words.

He continued reading.

[Character Information]

Host: Chu Yuan

Sect: Daoless Sect

Cultivation: Nascent Soul (Early stage)

Current Disciple: 1

[Sidenote: The various cultivation levels are the Qi Refinement Stage, Foundation Establishment Stage, Golden Core Stage, Nascent Soul Stage, Soul Formation Stage, and finally the Tribulation Stage.]

[Note: The sect will be tested once per year to determine whether the host has successfully taught a disciple or crippled a disciple. The final decision lies on the system.]

This was Chu Yuan's weird system.

As long as he groomed a useless disciple, he would be able to advance by a small realm.

In other words, as long as he groomed three useless disciples, he would be able to advance by a major realm.

Although the system was a little weird, Chu Yuan still felt that it suited him very well!

If Chu Yuan were forced to teach his disciples, that would be a disaster for him.

His cultivation level and sect were given to him directly by the system as a gift. He had never cultivated properly before, so how could he teach his disciples?

Using the cultivation methods of his previous life's web novels to teach?

Was this a joke?

Therefore, Chu Yuan still felt that it was more suitable for him to make his disciples become useless and crippled. At least, he would be able to complete the task by being himself.

Anyway, he did not know how to cultivate, nor did he know how to teach his disciples.

Chu Yuan had transmigrated over to this world half a month ago. After obtaining the system, he had gone down the mountain to look for suitable disciples.

After half a month of searching, he had finally found Ye Luo, a person with extremely poor aptitude, and accepted him as a disciple.

In this world, the aptitude for cultivation depended on one's spirit root. Everyone should have been born with a spirit root in this world.

The stronger the spirit root, the greater the aptitude for cultivation was, and the higher potential one had. Spirit roots such as the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root and the Five Elements Spirit Root were all considered powerful spirit roots.

On the other hand, the weaker a spirit root was, the weaker one's aptitude for cultivation was. Most people had the weakest spirit root, a Mortal Spirit Root. This was a spirit root that every ordinary person possessed.

His disciple, Ye Luo, was different!

He had no spirit root!

He did not even have a Mortal Spirit Root.

He was born without a spirit root and could not absorb spirit qi, which meant that he could not cultivate.

Upon receiving this disciple, Chu Yuan was jovial for a long time.

There was no need for him to even teach Ye Luo to become a useless cultivator. As long as he dragged on and ensured Ye Luo remained crippled and useless, he would succeed after a year.

"However, I'll have to bluff him a little and stabilize his mind."

Chu Yuan rubbed his chin and pondered.

The reason he had been able to successfully recruit this disciple was that firstly, he had displayed his strength, and secondly, he had promised that he could cure Ye Luo's cultivation flaw.

That was how he had managed to recruit such a useless disciple.

If this disciple discovered that he could not help him resolve the issue of not being able to cultivate and ran away, he would have no place to cry.

As for forcibly detaining disciples to stay on the mountain?

He had this idea a long time ago. However, the system did not allow him to do this at all. This was considered violating the rules.

Therefore, he could only think of a way to make this disciple stay on the mountain for a year.

As long as he could make this disciple stay for a year till the sect's review, Ye Luo could then do whatever he wanted after that.

Let me think about how I should make this disciple stay in the sect. In any case, I'll just drag it out for a year.

Hmm, I'll just make up some stuff and let this disciple comprehend it on his own. If he doesn't get what I say, then I will just tell him that his ability to comprehend isn't good enough, and the fault doesn't lie on me. In any case, I'm a Nascent Soul mighty figure. He can't possibly rebuke me!

Chu Yuan nodded to himself and fixed the plan.

No matter what, he was still a Nascent Soul mighty figure.

To this disciple, who had never cultivated before, he was a senior. If he said that it was possible, what rights did his disciple have to object?

Say that he did not have a spirit root?


All in all, he would do his best to hoodwink him.

If something that he had randomly made up could successfully groom his disciple to become a powerhouse, then Chu Yan would swallow this mountain gate on the spot!

Chu Yuan looked at the tall mountain gate and found it funny, shaking his head.

Clouds formed under his feet as he turned into a breeze and headed up the mountain.

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