No Way! The Cannon Fodder Female Supporting Character Is Actually a Genius Big Shot

Yuan Xiao was reborn. Only after her death did she discover that she was living in a book. In the book, she was a fake heiress who did terrible things and made the real female protagonist look like a good person. After being reborn, Yuan Xiao decided to become a scholar. As long as she studied hard enough, she'd repeatedly get the opportunity to draw prizes and stop herself from being controlled by the storyline. She wanted to change her life. Yuan Xiao did not want the terrible fate of her past life to repeat itself. She wanted a life that belonged to her! Other students looked down on her. She made sure to win as many prizes in competitions as she could and consistently claimed the number one spot in school. Some people suspected she might have forged her educational accomplishments due to her young age. She directly solved the toughest questions in the world to prove those people wrong. Did somebody mock her for not being able to do anything else but study? She'd show them her world-class piano-playing... Yuan Xiao went down the scholarly path and never looked back. She was no longer the bad student she used to be. The smart student in school, who nobody dared to offend, forced her into a corner and nervously gave her a lollipop. "I just gave you a lollipop, the thing that I like the most. When will you be my girlfriend?" Yuan Xiao tapped on his chin and chuckled. "I'll be your girlfriend if you get into Q College with me."

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My Candy

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Fang Yao's figure was well proportioned. Coupled with his exquisite facial features, he would be the focus of everyone's attention anywhere. Many girls around Fang Yao deliberately stopped in their tracks and were eager to talk to him. However, Fang Yao acted as if he could not see anyone else. When he saw Yuan Xiao walk out of the examination hall, he waved at her and strode over.

"This guy really has the capital to be narcissistic…"

Yuan Xiao smiled when she saw Fang Yao walking over. She stretched out her hand and asked, "Where's the reward?"

"Looks like you did well," Fang Yao said as he reached into his coat pocket.

"Of course… Huh?" Yuan Xiao looked at Fang Yao's open hand in front of her. His palm was filled with colorful candies.

"Is this the reward you mentioned?" Yuan Xiao looked at the colorful candy and did not know how to react.

"I've prepared many flavors. Which one do you like?" Fang Yao looked at the curious students around him and was a little embarrassed.

Yuan Xiao looked at Fang Yao's slightly red ears and felt that this kid was quite cute when he was not against her. She casually took a lemon-flavored candy and said to Fang Yao, "This is good. Thank you!"

"Lemon flavor…" Fang Yao memorized it quietly. He looked at the handful of candy left in his hand and stuffed some into Yuan Xiao's hand. "I'll give them all to you. You haven't had lunch yet, right? I…"

"Yuan Xiao!"

Fang Yao's words were suddenly interrupted. A tall boy with a buzz cut walked towards Yuan Xiao from afar.

"Gu Chi?" Yuan Xiao was also a little surprised. After all, this top student was usually cold and rarely spoke to her.

However, for her studies, she must not offend the genius. Yuan Xiao was about to step forward when Fang Yao grabbed her sleeve.

Yuan Xiao stole a glance at Fang Yao. This guy was still smiling just now. Why did his expression change so quickly?

"Yuan Xiao, did you solve the last big question just now!" Gu Chi did not notice the boy with an unfriendly gaze beside Yuan Xiao at all.

"Oh, I did it, but I'm not sure if it's correct or not." As expected of a top student, he was talking about academics the moment he spoke.

"Can you write down the steps to solve the problem!" Gu Chi looked anxious. He had asked many students who usually had good results, but none of them had solved the last big question. Although Gu Chi had also solved it, he was also a little uncertain.

"Alright." Yuan Xiao was about to take out a pen and paper from her bag when Gu Chi handed them over.

A top student's thirst for knowledge was really urgent.

Yuan Xiao rewrote the steps of solving the problem according to her memory. Gu Chi watched from the side and could not help but get a little close to Yuan Xiao.

Fang Yao looked at the two heads in front of him and was a little unhappy. He also leaned over curiously.

"Your solution is the correct one."

Yuan Xiao had just stopped writing when she heard Gu Chi's slightly depressed voice.

"Not necessarily. Gu Chi, I'm the fastest at solving questions, but your solutions are more accurate!" Yuan Xiao was afraid that the top student in front of her would be unhappy. She really wanted to tell him directly that he would be the top scorer in the entire province in the future.

Yuan Xiao looked at Gu Chi and did not notice Fang Yao's gloomy face.

"Gu Chi, I'll give you some candy. You worked so hard on the exam just now, so you should replenish your energy!" Yuan Xiao saw that Gu Chi was silent and handed him a piece of candy worriedly. He did not notice that Fang Yao's face had darkened even more.

"Thank you, Yuan Xiao. Your solution is very unique. I lost to you this time, but you have to continue working hard. If you want to maintain your results, you can't slack off!" Gu Chi took the candy from Yuan Xiao's hand and thanked her before leaving.

Seeing Gu Chi leave, Fang Yao, who had been ignored by the two of them, said bitterly, "That's my candy!"

"Ah?" Yuan Xiao was confused by Fang Yao's words. When she understood, she looked at the unhappy Fang Yao and said, "Didn't you give it to me?"

"I gave it to you, not him!"

Yuan Xiao looked at Fang Yao, who looked like he wanted to eat her up, and gently patted him on the shoulder. She coaxed, "I'm in the wrong, I'm in the wrong."

"Who is that person? Is he from your class?" Fang Yao asked casually.

"No, I've only seen him a few times. He's from the Mathematics Competition Study Group. We don't usually talk much. Top students are especially serious about their studies!"

Seeing that Fang Yao was still frowning, Yuan Xiao pushed him and turned around. "Let's go, lunch is on me! Order whatever you want!" As Yuan Xiao spoke, she carefully observed Fang Yao's expression.

"Alright, that's what you said. If one meal isn't enough, we'll eat together tomorrow!" Hearing Yuan Xiao's words, Fang Yao's depressed mood improved a lot.