390 Chapter 364: The script is dead, the plot armor is alive

(Third person perspective)

After the supernatural disaster that almost caused the destruction of China, the weapons company NFF Services (Nine Fox Foundation) took the number 1 position of private security agencies, at least within the supernatural world. This caused the most important supernatural organizations to establish contracts with said company, which has generated mountains of gold in profits, but has also caused concern and jealousy in other weapons companies.

This caused multiple conflicts where various companies have tried to eliminate the competition, but all assassination attempts have been totally useless.

The CEO of NFF Services does not hide and maintains a high profile, she usually visits renowned restaurants, travels to tourist places and in general is not afraid to show off her wealth.

Under normal circumstances, this would give opportunities for assassins to attack her, especially since she usually walks around with only four bodyguards and an assistant, but all of the assassins have disappeared without a single hair of the woman's hair being ruffled.

The arrogance and narcissism of the CEO of NFF Services is such that she began to visit the magicians' headquarters even though she and The Clock Tower had a strong conflict over the attack against the Hero of Harmony.

In public eyes, NFF Services was one of the organizations that tried to assassinate the Hero of Harmony, so it would be normal for the allies of the Ichijo family and China to become enemies of that company. In fact, news came out that NFF Services had to pay a large monetary compensation to the Ichijo family to prevent the Hero of Harmony from searching for the CEO to assassinate her.

Even though the CEO was technically one of the enemies of the strongest man in the world, she continued to act narcissistically while she did whatever she wanted. For example, she came to one of the most important wizard research centers without caring that the wizards might hurt her.

In the deepest regions of Antarctica there were no traces of civilization due to the extreme climate, furthermore, not even supernatural beings wanted to live in this region as there was a dangerous flow of energy that could freeze supernatural energy until causing death.

This place was surrounded by a natural phenomenon that could use the Laws of the World to prevent the movement of any entity, but there was a hidden path that allowed any entity to advance without danger, although that path was hidden and only authorized personnel by The Clock Tower they knew him.

Sitting on a military truck, a woman with long pink hair had a big smile as she enjoyed a strawberry cake. Koyanskaya was enjoying her dangerous journey without any worries, which made the magicians who were guiding her while they were secretly watching her feel uncomfortable.

(Author's Note: Koyanskaya from Fate/Grand Order)

Koyanskaya is a cunning woman with a strong sense of self-preservation, but equally overwhelming greed. Normally she would only enter hostile territory if the benefits are worth it, if she can ensure her own safety, and if she has no other choice. Coincidentally, all three requirements had been met.

Koyanskaya had decided to make important agreements with the magicians to have permission to visit one of the institutions of magical and technological development of humanity. The Chaldea Security Organization, a supernatural research and development center focused on ensuring the survival of the human race.

Before Koyanskaya met the Hero of Harmony, she had already prepared plans and strategies to infiltrate Chaldea. For a long time she received a mission from Beast VII to infiltrate among the magicians, plant various techno-magical viruses in Chaldea's security systems, and finally, sabotage the system that allows Servants to be summoned in order to steal all the heroic spirits, which would leave humanity defenseless against the future invasion of the Beasts.

Formerly, Beast VII was a native entity of Gaia and she knew that her destiny was to fail in her attempt to conquer the world. That was something that she had accepted and it did not bother her, in fact, she saw her own destiny as a grandiose play, or at least that was what she showed on the outside since it was not possible to know what her true thoughts were... ......…

[System Notification: Insufficient records. Readjusting narration]

After the war between Alaya and Gaia, Beast VII lost his love for her homeworld and decided that humanity should be ruled as slaves so that they could not harm the world again.

Koyanskaya knew many of Beast VII's plans and previously went to great lengths to carry out any orders she received. It wasn't that she was loyal, she just wanted a chance to steal a Beast's power and thus become an entity on par with Beast VII.

Now Koyanskaya smiled with irony and self-deprecating mockery when she remembered her previous plans. Since she met the Hero of Harmony, she realized that her life was an insignificant chess piece and that even her plans to become a Beast were part of Beast VII's plan.

Koyanskaya wasn't angry at being used as a disposable tool, but rather found it amusing. In her opinion, the strong have the right to play with the lives of the weak, so now she wanted to be strong to be able to play with other people's lives.

Koyanskaya had learned her lesson and knew that it was unrealistic to seek absolute power. She had seen beings with abilities beyond any nightmare, and although she did not imagine that her own power could reach that point, she found another path to achieve the authority she desired.

Koyanskaya renounced the path of a useless empress and chose the path of a powerful concubine. She was now looking for ways to give benefits to the Hero of Harmony to raise her own place of importance on the emotional pyramid within that man's heart.

Now Koyanskaya was following Beast VII's orders to infiltrate Chaldea, but with a new plan in mind.

To begin with, Koyanskaya took advantage of the help of the Hero of Harmony's wives to modify the viruses that would be used to alter the Throne of Heroes. Koyanskaya did not plan to turn the Servants into willless weapons, but rather into slaves who would live to fulfill the Hero of Harmony's wishes.

Women would be turned into pets while men would be cannon fodder.

Koyanskaya had everything prepared and even received advice from apocalyptic entities such as Nyarlathotep and Yog-Sothoth.

Everything was prepared and the plan began to be put into motion as soon as Koyanskaya arrived in Chaldea.

Thanks to the skills in the wedding ring that was hidden with the skill [Mythomania], it was easy to avoid the entire surveillance system that had been strengthened with the Conceptual skills of various Guardians (Higher Entities that signed a contract with Shiki).

Koyanskaya had already informed the Hero of Harmony about her actions and was allowed to do whatever she wanted, although she was warned not to cause too much trouble since the Hero was going on a trip with his adopted daughter and did not want to get involved in a stupid problem.

Koyanskaya thought that was funny since problems always appear where the Hero is, but she accepted the order and started working.

Besides Koyanskaya, there were more spies sent by Beast VII, so she had to intervene to prevent Beast VII from ruining her plans to steal from the Servants.

Initially, Koyanskaya planned to deceive her supposed allies so that they would "accidentally" reveal her true identities and thus be killed by the magicians, but there was an unforeseen situation that made her change her plans.

The Hero had proven to be an extremely possessive and overprotective man, so he assigned countless security measures to protect Koyanskaya. Among the defensive artifacts was a plot armor detector that could identify the protagonists of the stories, but most importantly, the artifact was connected to the System Goddess Conceptual power so that system users could not steal the wives of the Hero.

Koyanskaya received a warning from the device since a system user had appeared near her.

The artifact indicated that the system user felt interest and lust for Koyanskaya, but humanity was fortunate as he did not try to use his abilities on the kitsute, otherwise all security measures would have been activated.

Although Koyanskaya knew she was safe, there was something that made her frown. She knew that her husband was a violent and possessive psychopath, so it would be normal for the Hero to show up to crush the head of the idiot who thought of seducing his wife.

Koyanskaya tried to contact the Hero, but realized that everything was useless. She could still feel that the wedding ring was still protecting her, but she could no longer contact the Hero.

Koyanskaya did not panic and was not worried, but instead analyzed the situation rationally.

She knew that activating a Lostbelt meant that the space would be sealed, but even so, the Hero should be able to contact her, plus she did not receive orders from Beast VII telling her to activate any of the remaining Lostbelts.

The Hero's disappearance was not related to Beast VII, but that only meant an unknown enemy had managed to seal the Hero.

For some time, the Hero's harem that resides in Gaia had developed a cell phone application so that they could chat safely. In this way, Koyanskaya contacted the most relevant wives of the Hero who resided in Gaia to inform them about the unusual situation.

Unfortunately, this application was only for the women within Gaia, otherwise Auriel and the women of Paradise would not have to be so worried...............




[System Notification: An external record linked to 'Paradise' has been detected. Starting to decipher the information… Estimated time: 2 hours]

Koyanskaya managed to talk to the Hero's wives and they realized that something problematic was happening.

The disappearance of the Hero of Harmony was a serious matter that could cause a war between various supernatural factions, so the investigation was done discreetly.

After investing a large amount of resources, they discovered that the Hero had headed to Fuyuki City.

Discreetly, the Ichijo family attempted to send a reconnaissance agent into the city, but it was impossible to contact him when he entered the city.

Upon analysis, they realized that some kind of barrier was covering the city and it was not possible to contact the people in the city. Not even the Higher Entities could see what was happening inside the barrier.

Things were becoming very serious and the Ichijo family organized their allies to surround the city with the excuse that another Losbelt had occurred.

Many organizations became suspicious, but their fear of the Hero of Harmony's strength prevented them from forcibly entering the city, although that did not prevent them from sending spies.

The situation was getting complicated when 8 hours passed since the Hero had disappeared. The most alarming thing was that the barrier seemed to have sealed time, so it was not possible to know how much time had occurred inside the barrier.

Some of the Hero's wives began to get anxious and began to mobilize their forces to provide reinforcements, but then new news arrived.

To begin with, Yui Kanakura, the new ruler of China received information from the Higher Entity known as Lucifer.

(Author's Note: Yui Kanakura from Nisekoi)

Apparently, one of the factions in Hell had started moving strangely and everything seemed to be related to Gaia, so Lucifer offered Yui help.

Initially, Lucifer offered Yui a safe place in Hell, but she refused, so Lucifer gave a new offer. She would offer information about what was happening in Hell, but in exchange, the Hero of Harmony would owe her a favor.

The Hero's wives knew that making a deal with the Lord of Lies was not a good idea, not even if she was Yui's best friend, but the situation was so complicated that they promised that they would convince the Hero to close the deal, although any favor that involved the death of a harem member or infidelity was completely ruled out.

Lucifer used an unknown method to send an assistant who would help transmit information, so now the Hero's wives were a little calmer, although it made them feel uncomfortable hearing that they should not enter the barrier or they would only be turned into hostages.

As the women breathed a sigh of relief, they heard another piece of news that made them feel strange. Apparently, the Vatican requested a meeting with the Ichijo family as they wanted to strengthen ties with the Hero of Harmony.

It was already known that the Vatican has a close relationship with Paradise, but it was suspicious that they wanted to send a group of representatives just when the Hero had disappeared.

After some thought, it was agreed that the Vatican representatives could enter the Ichijo family's territory to see what they want. Just in case, two of the Hero's assistants would be nearby to eliminate them if they turned out to be enemies, but if they didn't cause trouble, then they would let them talk and then ask them to leave.

Currently, the Hero's wives had already spoken to the strange entity known as Anti-Spiral to ask it to help the Hero. The strange being nodded and said that he would go to the city after confirming that the Vatican envoys were not a threat, furthermore, he said that he would get additional help since Lucifer's warnings were not optimistic.

In this way, the atmosphere of the supernatural world began to become more tense with each passing second. The actions of the Ichijo family and their allies made many groups think that the Hero wanted to declare war on the world, so they all prepared to attack the Ichijo family if they showed the slightest sign of hostility.

As the world began to enter a pre-war state, Koyanskaya faced a new problem.

In the short time she had been in Chaldea, she had almost finished laying the foundations of her plan. She managed to gain the trust of the members of Chaldea, was able to install the slavery virus into the Servants summoning system, identified and manipulated people with higher destinies, and most importantly, she made most of the members of Chaldea felt that the system user was a disgusting idiot that no one wanted to approach.

Everything was moving along correctly, but then a disaster happened… As always. Stupid author without creativity...

[System Notification: The user's thoughts are affecting the skill 'Reader Perspective']

Koyanskaya knew that Beast VII's original plan involved Chaldea suffering a terrorist attack by a traitor, setting off a series of events that would eventually allow Beast VII to invade the World with all the military power she had gathered over the ages.

Koyanskaya had managed to prevent this event from happening since she had not only dedicated herself to ruining the life of the system user, but also managed to intervene in the plans of Beast VII, but she did it in such a way that it seemed that the pawns of Beast VII were complete morons while only she was useful. Thus, Beast VII began to focus her attention on supporting Koyanskaya without realizing that she had been freed from the Contracts in her soul.

The terrorist attack wasn't supposed to happen, but when the third night came since Koyanskaya arrived in Chaldea, the sound of an explosion made her frown.

Koyanskaya left her room while being protected by her bodyguards. The Spiral Puppets remained expressionless and calm as they detected that Koyanskaya was not in danger, but the fox woman was only furious as she saw that her lies and strategies to take control of Chaldea were being ruined by the fire.

Koyanskaya quickly went to the epicenter of the explosion. She wanted to stop Beast VII's plan since it would ruin many of her plans to control the mages, but what she found was worse than she imagined.

Things did not happen as in the original plot or as in the plans of Beast VII. Instead of Beast VII's pawns having betrayed humanity, what caused the explosion was the appearance of three large deformed beasts with slightly dog-like appearances.

Two of Beast VII's pawns were on the ground as their intestines were being chewed by the horrendous creatures that could corrupt human minds with the sound of their footsteps. These monsters were beings that the human mind could never understand, but Koyanskaya had a rough idea of what those things were.

Koyanskaya had interacted with real monsters and she saw a similarity between the three monsters and the Hero's wives. The three monsters were something similar to the Outer Gods and the Great Old Ones.

The three aberrations stared at Koyanskaya, which made her feel a chill as the eyes of those monstrosities were deep abysses without light or form, they were just pits of infinite darkness.

The three creatures were about to advance towards the woman, but one of the puppets raised a hand and the three abominations disappeared in an instant.

The Spiral Puppets had failed to attack the creatures as they immediately escaped, showing their strong survival instincts, however, the creatures seemed to have accomplished their goal.

The magical core that regulated dimensional travel in Chaldea had been damaged and at any moment a space explosion would occur that would transport the members of Chaldea to another location.

Koyanskaya could guess that the creatures were carrying out Beast VII's plan, but in a different way. In the original plan, people with strong destinies would be sent to an alternate version of history to begin a journey to save humanity, but everything would be an act so that in the end the barrier that covers the World will be destroyed.

The creatures had made a strange change to the magical core and the explosion that was about to occur would be different. This time not only the characters of the plot would be swallowed by the space explosion, but all of Chaldea would be trapped.

In an instant, Koyanskaya put all the pieces together and understood what was happening, which made her smile as a vein stood out on her forehead with fury. She understood that all of her plans were ruined, but at the same time, she swore that she would destroy the other person's plans.

Koyanskaya was able to escape the explosion with the help of the Spiral Puppets, but instead, she ran towards the protagonists of the plot.

Koyanskaya quickly took out her cell phone and sent a message to the Hero's wives to inform them of her discovery, then she focused on the fake Contract that linked her to Beast VII.

Just before the light covered all of Chladea, she sent an emergency message to let Beast VII know that someone else was attempting to invade Gaia.

In this way, all the survivors of Chaldea were sent to an alternate line from a city called Fuyuki....




(Luis Perspective)

Well…. This is bullshit.

I sighed heavily as I approached a group of people who were looking around with confusion, worry, alertness, and anxiety.

Before the people of Chaldea could speak, I raised my hands as a sign that I am unarmed and just want to talk.

As I approached the group, I noticed some peculiar things.

To begin with, there was a lilac-haired girl who had traces of Fou's scent. It was as if Beast IV had used what little power he had left to protect that girl, but well, what he expected from a main heroine.

On the other hand, next to that girl there were a pair of brothers who seemed to share a plot armor, which indicated that they were both protagonists, although my title [Editor] detected that this was an error and only one of the brothers should exist, not both at the same time.

In addition to the young people, there was a man in a lab coat who looked around with concern, but he was secretly scanning the area for enemies, plus he was trying to gauge my power level to come up with a strategy to deal with me in case I be an enemy.

… One moment…

Ah, I didn't imagine finding another Beast... How problematic.

Besides the scientist, there was a beautiful woman, but something about her made me feel uncomfortable and I preferred to ignore her.

Lastly, there was a silver-haired girl with an appearance that looked familiar to me… Beast VII…

Hmmm, this just got interesting.

"You are unlucky for entering this mess" – I sighed regretfully as I stopped six meters away from the group since they look too tense and will feel insecure if I get closer.

"Ah, I think I know you!... Agh" – The woman who looks like Beast VII pointed at me in surprise, although she staggered slightly since her ankle seems to be injured. – "Y-You are the Hero of Harmony"

The man in the lab coat and the woman I want to ignore had already recognized me, but they were still on guard since they just went through an extremely dangerous situation and are now in an unknown place that reeks of blood and death. It is normal for them to feel worried.

I nodded and smiled wryly. – "Yes, nice to meet you…"

My gaze went to Koyanskaya who acted as if she was scared and hid behind the lilac-haired girl and the pair of brothers.

I frowned slightly. – "You again?... It seems like you didn't learn your lesson…"

Koyanskaya jumped a little in fright and quickly shook her head at her. - "No no no! "I have nothing to do with this, I swear!"

I squinted and the [Rasen] energy began to cover me, at the same time I used [Mythomania] to make the spiral energy look like magical energy and also made it look like I'm emitting murderous intent.

The survivors of Chaldea turned pale when they felt my overwhelming power and killing intent. On the other hand, Koyanskaya showed the best acting skills of her and began to tremble like a withered plant that is about to die, but internally she was holding back the desire to laugh. She thought my acting as an impulsive protagonist was funny.

"Stop!" – In a completely predictable and boring manner, the system user stood in front of the group while pointing what looked like a weapon that ninjas usually use at me. – "I won't let you hurt the lady!"

Koyanskaya made this idiot hated by all the people in Chaldea, but now he is defending her...

He is so pathetic that I can't laugh, but there was someone who can laugh at any time. - "Hey Listen! Stupid SIMP with a microscopic penis! Fuck you and stop bothering, my partner is going to inseminate all the waifus while you cry in the corner like the abandoned bitch that you are! You're just the cuck in an NTR doujin and my partner is the fuckboy who always wins despite having a shitty personality!"

…That was unnecessarily accurate…

"Is that the Hero's famous crazy companion?" – The Beast VII-like woman looked at Navi with disgust. – "It's more disgusting than what I heard…"

"Hey Listen! The only disgusting thing will be the ahegao face you'll make when my partner mana transfers you!" – Navi started shouting stupid things that made the girl blush.

"D-Degenerate!" – The girl screamed in fury and shame as she took a step back, but her fractured ankle caused her to stumble, so she fell to the ground.

"Aahahahahahaha, stupid woman, you don't even know how to walk on your own! You will only serve as an onahole!" – Navi was being more aggressive than normal, but I can understand why.

I'm a little angry at Beast VII for all the shitty trouble it caused me, but it's not a life or death feud since my main hate is directed at my father and mother.

On the other hand, Navi totally hates Beast VII since she was the one who indirectly caused Navi to be locked in my soul for the first 17 years of my life. This made Navi angry since the idiot was dying of boredom and loneliness, things that affected his mental state and were the beginnings of his stupidity. The fact that I tortured her when we first met only made his stupidity grow beyond comprehension.

I didn't stop Navi from messing with the girl since I have some plans after seeing her records, and for everything to go well, I need her to be in a totally vulnerable state of mind.

So, I ignored Navi and looked at the system user. – "I don't care who you are, stop pointing the weapon at me or I'm going to kill you, I don't care if you are a system user"

The system user's pupils constricted and his heart rate accelerated. He couldn't believe that I know what he is.

"How…?!" – The idiot started to panic, but the same way a stupid teenager would, his fear turned into fury.

I rolled my eyes in annoyance. – "My family legacy consists of beating idiots like you, you are not as special as you think"

The scientist and the woman nodded slightly as the achievements of the Ichijo ancestor are well known. It is convenient to have a supposed ancestor who was an enemy of the system users.

The idiot tightened his grip on the knife and looked at me with the desire to kill me since it made him angry that someone could see his secrets, but that was just an excuse that he told himself. He was actually terrified at the thought that he is not special and there are other system users.

With [Character Perspective] I could see that he was looking at his system to try to understand who or what I am.

{Something is not right, I can't analyze his skills or level, but the attitude of Doctor Romani and your noona show that he is dangerous. It's not a good idea to fight him}

Mmm interesting. It is not a system with personality, there is an additional soul in the system...

Heh, I found something funny.

The idiot gritted his teeth and a form of nature-based energy began to circulate his body. He ignored the warning from the entity helping him manage his system and threw the ninja knife at my face, but I easily caught the weapon before it pierced my right eye.

"Wait, don't do it!" – The scientist panicked and wanted to use a spell to stop the system user, but the idiot disappeared while he used a spatial transfer skill to connect with the knife appearing right in front of me.

The idiot's left hand was holding the knife while his right hand held an energy sphere. The energy spun rapidly to create a strong attack that could hurt a normal citizen of Paradise.

"RASENGAN!" – The idiot shouted as the energy sphere hit my head.

I think Nyaruko has used that same skill, although this attack is so weak that I didn't even feel it.

I didn't have to react. The energy sphere could not withstand the strength of my body and the energy disappeared, leaving the idiot dumbfounded.

"Are you done playing?" – I spoke with a slight frown.

The idiot's eyes turned red with a strange pattern on his pupils and he tried to use a spatial ability to escape, but I grabbed his arm.

"System users like you are a headache" – I sighed with slight annoyance as if I was facing an annoying fly and punched the idiot's abdomen.

I used little force and no martial arts techniques or special energy, but the blow was enough for the intestines to explode and the spine to shatter as the idiot was shot like a cannonball toward a distant building.

I sighed as I shook my head. – "That's why I hate system users, they are too conceited and noisy"

"…" – The people of Chaldea looked at me in silence without knowing what to say.

My punch showed no magical fluctuations or signs that I had used any skills, so they saw that my physical strength was monstrous, at least by this World's standard. In reality, I'm using the equivalent of one-hundredth of Vulkan's physical strength.

"Y-Your strength increased?" – Koyanskaya spoke with fear as her face became even whiter.

In the eyes of others it was clear that she was terrified as if I were some kind of apocalyptic monster, but the fact that she was willing to talk to me also showed that I am not completely aggressive and can reason with others.

I waved the hand with which I hit the idiot and looked at Koyanskaya with a frown. – "Is that idiot another of your toys?"

Koyanskaya quickly shook her head in panic as she fell to her knees in a mournful manner. – "I don't know that loser, I swear I didn't know he was a system user! I would never dare to do anything that would offend the Ichijo family, I just want to do business honestly!"

Ancestor Ichijo was famous for being hostile to system users, so it's normal to think that the Hero of Harmony is also hostile to those idiots. The case of the Harem King (Nyaruko) is a special case since she is too strong, and somehow, she became one of the Hero's wives.

I remained silent as my gaze on Koyanskaya became more penetrating and my false killing intent began to suffocate the survivors of Chaldea.

When the pair of brothers and the Beast VII-like girl looked like they were about to faint, I stopped pushing and sighed. – "Fine, I will believe you for now, anyway, I have bigger problems that I have to solve"

"This humble woman is grateful for the hero's mercy!" – Koyanskaya began to praise in an exaggerated way while tears covered her eyes. She actually seemed to be completely terrified of my strength and she showed signs of being willing to give me her body in order to survive.

"…N-Nee-san, what is going on?" – The black-haired brother asked his sister while he looked at me in panic.

"Shhh, don't talk or the monster will eat us" – The reddish-haired sister covered her brother's mouth while she looked at me as if I were a monster that eats humans.

The lilac-haired girl was standing in front of both brothers as if she wanted to protect them, but the protective blessing that Fou gave her caused her a subtle sense of comfort upon seeing me, which made her feel confused.

"Ah, this is a bother…" – I sighed and looked at the man in the lab coat. – "Look, I think I can understand why you are here and I can give you an explanation, but first you have to promise me that you won't make too much noise, the idiots around me are already giving me a lot of headaches and I don't need any more problems"

The woman I want to ignore and the man in the lab coat were about to nod since I am the only option they have to find information, but a shrill roar caught our attention.

In the direction where I threw the idiot, a huge silhouette appeared in the shape of a fox with nine tails. The fox was gathering a large amount of energy and seemed to be preparing to attack me without caring that the survivors of Chaldea would also be affected.

[Paranoia: Full System User analysis. System User Power Rank: Chocolate Cookie]

So he's above the nut cracker... Ortro will be happy.

I can't see the deepest secrets of the system that the idiot has, since System Goddess is not here, since she has a very important job, but Paranoia can analyze the enemy's danger level.

I thought about showing a little more of my strength by humiliating the system user so that the people of Chaldea would be more obedient, but a massive concentration of magical energy overshadowed my idea.

From the direction of the castle where Nyaruko ruined my perspective of the history, the exhibitionist maid version of King Arthur was holding a black sword as the massive magical power warped the space.

Beside the small-breasted woman, Joan of Arc held a long banner as magical fire covered the castle. The fire was devouring matter and monsters to convert everything into magical power, then the magical power was transferred to King Arthur to enhance her power.

While both women were concentrating on generating a magical nuclear bomb, Nyaruko was giving them instructions so that they could perform the combined attack. She was having fun.

King Arthur, or well, Artoria, was furious at the humiliation of being treated like a slave, but she did not dare to complain to Nyaruko so she decided to vent all her hatred against the system user.


A massive wave of magical energy was shot towards the giant fox before he could prepare his attack. Artoria's attack managed to completely hit the system user and destroyed 80% of his body, so I had to use Orthro's skill to ignore distances to prevent the idiot from being killed.

Although system users are usually a pain, he still has an important use, besides, that idiot is one of the false princes who was prepared to seduce my daughters, so I can't let him die so easily…

The overwhelming attack destroyed two-thirds of Fuyuki City and I had to form a magical barrier in front of us so that the explosion would not kill the protagonists of Chaldea.

As everyone was stunned by the explosion, I sighed and shook my head. – "That fool went too far again…"

"…" – The scientist looked at me in stupefaction since he is one of the greatest experts in magic and noticed that this attack was not only stronger than what a Servant should be able to perform, but that there were subtle traces of conceptual laws that could seriously hurt a low-level Higher Entity. – "T-That was Excalibur?"

"No" – I smiled ironically. – "It was Excalibah"

"…" – The people of Chaldea looked at me blankly.

"Hey Listen! Your jokes are more stupid and pathetic than a woke!" – Navi threw a piece of trash at me that I caught before he hit me in the face.

"Yeah, whatever" – I rolled my eyes, I know I have no sense of humor. – "Then let's go to a more comfortable place to talk, I'm hungry"

"Hey Listen! I want a pizza!" – Navi began to fly beside me when I turned to go to the castle, but my gaze was drawn to the Beast VII-like girl.

I looked at the girl's ankle and sighed, then walked towards her.

The girl turned pale as if she were a helpless bunny and I was a hungry tiger, which almost made me laugh.

The lilac-haired girl wanted to stand in front of her to stop me, but Fou's blessing told her that I am not an enemy. That blessing is something similar to a survival instinct that improves the girl's perception and tells her who is an ally or an enemy.

I extended my hand towards the girl and she closed her eyes in panic as she was about to cry. The pair of twins still hadn't recovered from the fear and couldn't walk, but they wanted to stop me since they thought I want to hurt the girl, but they stopped with astonished faces when I placed my hand on the girl's head and stroked her hair gently.

"Eh?" – The girl opened her eyes with confusion since she didn't think that I would suddenly be kind.

"I'm sorry for scaring you, I felt a little upset by everything that has happened to me in the last few hours" – I spoke softly as a warm golden light began to cover my hand.

The girl was still confused, but the comfortable feeling of security that Auriel's blessing gave her made her close her eyes with a smile of comfort.

When the girl's ankle was fine, I gently removed my hand from her head, but she lightly pressed her head towards my hand as she really liked the warm feeling.

When I finally removed my hand from her head, she looked at my hand with reluctance and desire to continue being pampered, but she quickly came out of the trance of comfort and looked at me with complex feelings, but an unknown sensation made her blush.

This girl is over twenty years old, she is intelligent and comes from a good family, but she has the mind of a spoiled brat, so this is the first time she experiences the feeling of danger and fear in the face of death.

In this state of vulnerability, she became a perfect princess in distress who is waiting for a prince charming, and if I'm not mistaken, the system user knew this and he planned to take advantage of this to seduce the girl, but now...

"I-I don't need your help!…" – The girl lowered her gaze since she felt embarrassed to look at my face and spoke with a voice that only she could hear. - "Thank you…"

Ah, sometimes it's nice to have an easy job.

I smiled and spoke a little gently to show that I have a kind side, but without getting to the point where I saw myself as a saint. – "Well, let's talk somewhere else, by the way, are you hungry?"

The survivors of Chaldea didn't seem very interested in eating and only wanted information, but that totally changed when they started eating.

"Nee-san, try this!"

"Shut up and let me eat!"

It was funny to see how the survivors of Chaldea ate as if they were war refugees, but I got the greatest satisfaction when Joan of Arc served me a cup of coffee while King Arthur made me a sandwich.

"Hey Listen! Glory to the patriarchy!"

Both women gritted their teeth in fury, but continued to act like obedient maids. My [Sadism] felt slightly satisfied with this scene.

As for the system user, Nyaruko said that she wanted to play baseball and went to look for the idiot's dying body, but I warned her that she should not kill him or hurt the entity that is hidden in the system. That entity has an interesting feature that could help me deal with boredom for at least a couple of days.

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