352 Chapter 333: At school…

I'm not used to sitting still and resting, so I took out my cell phone to kill time while the teachers and Sayu slept.

Things like social media, public opinion, and entertainment are boring to me, but now I have wives involved in show business, so I have to know what they are getting into.

With Monika's help, I realized that the life of celebrities is too idealized, but the reality is unpleasant.

(Author's Note: Monika from Doki Doki Literature Club!)

It's incredible how many scandals and problems celebrities have. The constant stress of the world watching one person's life seems to be deteriorating the health of celebrities, otherwise, I can't explain how so many actors and singers have so many emotional and mental problems.

Now that I understand this bullshit better, I can see all the effort that Ichika has put in.

(Author's Note: Ichika Nakano from Go Toubun no Hanayome)

I am the stereotype of a macho and alcoholic man, so I like to watch some sports like soccer, baseball, and boxing, I also like music a bit and I even know how to play the guitar since before my system woke up, but I don't care about the lives of actors, athletes, and musicians. If a musician I like dies, I couldn't care less.

Still, I recognize that the celebrity effort is worthy of admiration, although that also shows that connections are equal to or more important than talent. I was surprised to see that there are so many talentless losers who become famous just because they spend money stupidly.

Anyway, again I learned things that do not matter to me.

For now, I sent a message to Lin Ruoxi to set up a meeting with Ichika's company.

(Author's Note: Lin Ruoxi from My Wife is a Beautiful CEO)

My wife set up a branch of her company and the headquarters is in this city, so she can cooperate with Ichika's company to give her strong support, also, Lin Ruoxi's company is protected by the Ichijo family, so the company of Ichika will also be backed by the yakuza.

Objectively, I can solve all these problems if I threaten the lives of every media such as television and entertainment magazines, but I want to let my wives take care of solving mundane problems. If I solve every problem they have, then they will feel useless and one day they will get bored with endless life.

Problems are frustrating, but they also serve as a distraction that gives life meaning.

I will only intervene if they are in danger or if some idiot tries to touch my wives.

Anyway, Lin Ruoxi will be able to give advice and support to Ichika, so I need to find something else so I don't get bored. Having a normal life is too hard because it's boring.

The time I was in the hot springs doesn't count as a vacation since my mind was breaking, so I've only been on vacation for a day, but I'm already bored…. Not listening to the bullshit from BB and the other troublesome girls makes me feel bored.

"Hey Listen! Don't worry bitch, I'll always be here to make fun of what a SIMP you are!" – Navi appeared in front of me and started laughing like an idiot. – "You should thank me, idiot, I'm the only quality comedy in this pathetic story with no creativity!"

Navi became visible only to me, so women can continue to sleep without problems.

I sighed in such a way that only Navi could hear me. – "Yes, whatever, better tell me what problem you caused when we went to Paradise"

"…" – Navi started to whistle as he looked away, even though she didn't have eyes.

I massaged my forehead. – "You disappeared for several hours, now talk, what the hell did you do?... No, wait, better not say it, I'm on vacation"

If I find out that this idiot did something too troublesome, then my obsession with controlling problems will force me to fix the situation, which will ruin my effort to experience a normal life.

"Muahahahaha, I knew you would surrender to my greatness! Long live Team Incest…." – Navi stopped laughing and started shaking.

I sighed softly. – "Don't stop, keep talking"

"..." – Navi tried to disappear, but my handheld him tightly. – "Let me go, you fucking dog! I am the protagonist, I will not be oppressed by a SIMP bitch who cried with happiness the first time his mother showed affection to him!"

.... Son of...

When I had my mental breakdown, I said things that I had already forgotten, for example, I expressed many of my deepest feelings that I myself was not aware of.

Apparently, my hatred for my mother arose because I longed for the maternal love that I never received.

That explains my unusual fetish for older women and frustrated wives.

My sexual fetishes were not the only consequence of my traumas, the desire for maternal love turned into a strong resentment, and over time, the resentment turned into disgust.

Thanks to Senko, I managed to overcome my need for maternal affection. Now I don't feel the slightest affection towards my mother, she only disgusts me a bit, but for the most part, I just feel indifference.

Although that woman makes me want to throw up, I can't deny that for most of my life, I wanted her to show me sincere affection. The problem is that Navi was by my side when I managed to explore my emotions.

Navi knows that I hate my mother, but the idiot keeps making fun of me as a traumatized child with an Oedipus complex and mommy issues (emotional development problems generated by a bad relationship with the mother during childhood).


I just thought of something...

No, this idiot couldn't do something like that….

Even this idiot knows that there are limits that should not be crossed...…

"The ceiling is made of ceiling…" – Navi began to ramble as she felt my thoughts.

We're deeply connected, so this idiot is possibly the only person who can fully understand what I'm thinking...

Son of….

[System Notification: The skill 'Masochism' has been used to empower the skill 'Sadism']

"SON OF INCESTUOUS NYMPHO A BITCH AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" – Navi started to scream when a flash of red light covered his body.

Normally, [Sadism] is a discrete skill that only generates pain without doing visual effects, but the reconstruction of my mind made that skill stronger. Now when I use this skill at a high level it shows a red lightning bolt representing the Concept 'Suffering'.

An hour passed, but Navi refused to speak. I only stopped torturing Navi when the idiot started convulsing like an epileptic at a disco.

I let go of Navi and the idiot fell to the ground unable to speak. This is the same reaction that he had when I started to torture him when I first met him.

Seeing him in a half-dead state is nostalgic.

Whatever, I'll face the situation sooner or later, although I hope it's very very very later.

As time passed, I kept getting bored.

In these situations, I usually start chatting with the women in my mind, but right now I have no one to talk to. Only Ortro is on my mind, but she's not a good talker as she just nods at everything I say.

Now I understand why the Outer Gods often do stupid things. Boredom is a nuisance.

Fortunately, I have good self-control and my mind is still stable, plus various parts of my mind are working on understanding Concepts, training my martial arts, doing combat simulations, and making plans for the future multiverse war. My main consciousness is bored, but the rest of my mind is busy.

With nothing to do, I looked at the ceiling and began to think about the nonsense of life. I miss being able to get drunk.




(Nene Yashiro Perspective) (Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun)

I opened my eyes before my alarm went off. I'm used to getting up early, but I still leave my alarm on in case I oversleep.

What followed was my daily routine. Make my bed, go downstairs to make breakfast, eat, brush my teeth, shower, put on the clothes I prepared the night before, dry my hair, check my appearance for defects, grab my things, and head to school.

It's a simple routine that I'm used to, especially the part where I check my appearance. Sometimes I spend up to an hour checking that every aspect of my clothes is perfect.

If a single thread and scratch appear on my clothes, I repair it immediately, I also make sure that my hair does not have split ends and I am very concerned about my body looking healthy especially my ankles.

On the way to school, I take care that the dust does not stain my clothes. I am also careful not to trip or touch anything dirty.

I am very worried that my appearance may be damaged on the way, so I am very relieved when I can get to school without any problems.

I don't even remember when I started to worry so much about my appearance. I think it was when I declared my feelings to a guy for the first time, but he rejected me saying that I am ugly and not feminine.

That comment hurt me so much that I made an effort to be more feminine, I am still trying to be a good cook, I know how to sew and I have learned a lot about gardening.

I've long strived to be an attractive woman, but I've always had the bad luck of being interested in men who don't like me. My biggest problem is that I easily fall for men who treat me well, which has caused me a lot of disappointment.

Fortunately, all my efforts finally brought me the happiness that I have always sought.

A few weeks ago, I managed to have a relationship with the man of my dreams. A senpai from my school who is kind, affectionate, understanding, handsome, strong, attractive, great, masculine, rude, protective, charismatic, handsome…. He is the best boyfriend and I love him.

I knew him before he started school, so I am aware that he is a bad man and most of the rumors about him are true, but that hasn't made me love him any less.

Knowing that my boyfriend has many women does not make me sad since there is no perfect man, but he is perfect for me. Still, I feel worried that he might get bored with me since there are so many women far more beautiful and feminine than me next to him.

For this reason, I continue to strive every day to be more feminine, so that he will not stop loving me.

A few weeks ago, a disaster struck that sent my boyfriend to the hospital. That caused me a lot of despair and anguish, I even thought that it was all my fault since he had an accident shortly after he started a relationship with me.

Many times I have heard people say that I only cause trouble, so I was worried that he ended up in the hospital because of me.

Fortunately, my beloved boyfriend is doing well and has already been discharged. He even organized a meeting with the women he is involved with, something of a welcome party.

I really wanted to go, but the thought of seeing all the women who are in a relationship with my boyfriend scared me and I ended up not going to the party.

At school, I have already seen many women who are more beautiful than me. Knowing that they are in a relationship with my boyfriend makes me very insecure about my own appearance, so I don't feel ready to meet all my boyfriend's lovers.

The worst thing is that I have no one to talk to about this.

My boyfriend's girlfriends are very kind women and they have treated me very well, they even come with me to eat during breaks which makes me happy since I don't have any friends to spend time with.

Although I like them and see them as my friends, I don't know how to talk to them about my insecurities. I don't want them to think I'm jealous or mad at them.

Sadly, none of them are in my classroom, so I have no one to talk to. My parents are hardly ever home, so I can't talk to them either.

Although that makes me a little sad, the happiness of having such a handsome and loving boyfriend makes me very happy. Now I enjoy every school day even if he is not around.

What makes me happiest is that my boyfriend will be back at school today. I spent a lot of time preparing a special lunch for him and I plan to find him at lunchtime to surprise him.

Happily, I waited for school to start before going to my classroom.

I usually like to go into my classroom early, but lately, I prefer not to spend much time in that room.

Normally, my classmates talk to me friendly to ask me to do things like clean the room or do their homework, but since I started a relationship with my boyfriend, they have given me dirty looks, mutter while pointing at me, and sometimes make comments that annoy me.

It makes me sad when they criticize my appearance, but it makes me angry when they criticize my boyfriend.

I know my boyfriend is a womanizer who fights a lot, I am also aware that he visits bars even though he is not of drinking age. I know all those flaws of him, but that doesn't matter to me, he loves me and I love him, so it's very annoying to hear people insult him.

Despite everything, I don't know what to say when I hear those comments. I can only look down and clench my fists while feeling helpless and frustrated.

But hey, none of that matters, my boyfriend will be back today and that makes me happy.

The class time arrived and I entered my classroom before the teacher arrived.

I sat in my place and waited for the classes to start. Even though I just want to see my boyfriend, I can't neglect my education, I need to have good grades so that my boyfriend doesn't worry about me. He is too cute and he cares about me a lot.

I ignored the mocking looks of my classmates. Lately, there are nasty comments about me because I have a womanizing boyfriend, so they have started calling me an 'easy woman', but I am not going to show that it saddens me, I will not give them that satisfaction.

The teacher entered the room and the class began, although, unlike other days, the teacher first gave us an announcement.

"Today we will have two new students with us, be cordial" – The teacher smiled and nodded towards the door.

The door opened and two beautiful girls entered the classroom. One of them was an adorable girl with long black hair and a cute nervous expression, the other girl was very beautiful with long honey-colored hair and a kind smile that unconsciously made me smile.

Both girls were extremely beautiful. The black-haired girl looked like a scared bunny, but something about her gave me the feeling that she is very tough and strong, which was strange since she has a very skinny body, in fact, I think my breasts are bigger than her. I think we can be friends...

The other girl had a smile as bright as the sun. Everything about her appearance was impeccable which made me admire her since I wish I had a smile like hers, but for some reason, I feel something familiar about her.

Where have I seen her?

"H-Hello….." – The black-haired girl greeted nervously which was very nice. – "M-My name is Oosuki Ina… I l-like anime, d-draw, and play v-video games, I j-just moved to the city, and h-hope we get along well"

Oosuki-san looked like she was about to faint, but the girl next to her patted her back to help her calm down. It seems that both are friends.

"Nice to meet you" – The other girl smiled radiantly and made a little curtsy that made her look like a little fairy tale princess. – "My name is Oosuki Umaru, I am Ina-chan's cousin and we share the same hobbies, I hope we get along well"

Such a lovely girl. I would like to learn from her to be more feminine…

Uh? One moment.


Oh, I remember!

When my boyfriend helped me, I fell head over heels in love with him and even searched for a ghost to get a spell to make my boyfriend love me.

At that time, I did research on him to find out the type of women he likes. There was little information about him, but I heard that he has a little sister my age.

The new student should be my boyfriend's little sister...

I blushed and looked down in embarrassment.

I don't want to meet my sister-in-law like this. I didn't bring her a gift...

My classmates were excited about the new students and asked a lot of questions, especially my sister-in-law as her smile was charming.

The teacher had to stop the show as the students were asking too many questions which is understandable, both girls are too beautiful and that made the boys excited.

Although I want to talk to my sister-in-law, I need time to think about how to give her a good first impression of me, but the teacher was not nice to me and made both girls sit next to me.

Well, I sit at the back of the room, and to my side are the only empty seats. Today is not my lucky day.

My sister-in-law and her cousin greeted me nicely as they sat down, so I returned the greeting.

"Nice to meet you Oosuki-san and Oosuki-san…. Ah…." – They are both Oosuki-san...

I blushed with shame at my foolishness.

My sister-in-law smiled kindly. – "You can call me Umaru, you can also call Ina by her name"

Ina-san nodded with a smile. It seems that she is not so nervous anymore.

I nodded, feeling sad about my embarrassing introduction. I hope she doesn't tell my boyfriend that I'm a foolish woman…

Classes continued and the teacher asked me to help the new students with my notes.

I wanted to give them my notebook so that they would understand what we are studying, but they are both very intelligent and did not need to see my notes. Umaru-san is very smart and participated in every class even though it's her first day here.

The teacher was surprised that Umaru-san could handle all the subjects perfectly. As expected of my boyfriend's sister, she is beautiful and smart.

The classes continued until it was time for lunch.

When the lunch bell rang, I wanted to go find my boyfriend, but I also wanted to talk to Umaru-san so she wouldn't hate me.

Before I could choose, several students gathered around us to talk to the new students.

Ina-san looked scared, but Umaru-san remained calm and composed like a sophisticated princess.

"Yashiro-san, could you give us your place to talk to the new students?" – A boy spoke to me politely, although his look is the same that he shows when they make fun of me.

I don't want my sister-in-law to think that I'm a rude woman, so I nodded and was about to stand up, but Umaru-san gently placed her hand on my shoulder and stood up.

"Nene-chan, let's eat, I want to say hello to my Onii-chan" – Umaru-san held Ina-san's arm for her to stand up.

"Onii-chan? Do you have a brother who studies here?" – A girl showed curiosity.

Umaru-san nodded and showed a smile as beautiful as dawn. – "My Onii-chan is in the last grade, he has hair similar to mine, but a little browner, he also has blue eyes… Oh, right, he is a bad-tempered womanizer who always causes trouble"

An accurate description of my boyfriend, although in his defense, he is very cute and affectionate with women who love him.

The other students also recognized that description. Everyone in this school would recognize that description.

A boy sighed and looked at Umaru sympathetically. – "I see, you are the sister of that idiot homeless man, you must have had a difficult life, but don't worry, we will support you"

…. I must calm down, I cannot show an unpleasant appearance in front of my sister-in-law...

"Having to live next to that degenerate… You must have a painful life, if you want to talk we are here to listen to you"


"Poor girl, having such a dangerous and unpleasant brother…"


"We should talk to the teachers for help, such a nice pair of girls shouldn't be around someone so disgusting..."

…..I can't keep listening to this, I stood up furiously while my hands hit the table.

The students around me showed no surprise, their cynical and mocking gazes surrounding me. Unlike other days, I don't feel sadness or pain from those looks, I can only feel anger.

I wanted to yell at them, but at the same time, I held myself back from making a nasty scene.

I don't want my boyfriend to think that I'm an aggressive, stupid, and unpleasant woman, but I don't want to keep hearing people insult him….

"It's true, my Onii-chan is very troublesome" – Umaru-san's soft voice drowned out my fury. I can't believe she says that about my boyfriend…..

"That's obvious, he's an idiot" – A boy smiled as he looked at me mockingly…

I could only look down and clench my fists. I cannot accept that my sister-in-law speaks ill of my boyfriend, he is a wonderful man.........

"That's right, my Onii-chan is an idiot" – The voice of the woman next to me was filled with mockery. – "My Onii-chan spends all his time with beautiful women instead of studying, he even formed a harem with beautiful and prominent women, it's incredible that my idiot Onii-chan is so loved, but hey, that's understandable, after all, there are no other men, I only see crying childish boys who reek of dirty diapers and don't dare face my Onii-chan~"



I looked at Umaru-san as my hands relaxed.

She no longer had her bright smile that could captivate any heart. Her gaze was sharp and her smile showed utter contempt. She looked like a villain.

"Luis has many flaws, but he is a man who says what he thinks upfront and without hesitation" – Ina-san's expression had also changed, she no longer looked like a helpless bunny, now she looked like a hungry tiger. – "If you do not have the determination and guts to insult Luis to his face, then do not speak, people who secretly insult others are unpleasant"

I felt warmth in my chest. It makes me very happy to hear that my boyfriend is appreciated, although it saddens me that I was not able to defend my boyfriend…

Umaru-san gently held my arm and showed me her bright kind smile. – "Come on Nene-chan, I want to say hello to Onii-chan"

I nodded happily and ignored my classmates who had gone silent.

We left the classroom and started walking towards the school cafeteria. My boyfriend usually eats at that place.

When we were in the hallway, I stopped and bowed apologetically. – "I'm sorry for staying silent"

I wasn't able to say something to defend my boyfriend, I'm useless...

"Don't worry, bullies usually use group pressure to intimidate others since they are cowardly parasites, so it's normal that you don't know how to respond when they outnumber you" – Umaru-san patted my shoulder, so I looked up and I saw her kind smile. – "Besides, the intention is what counts"

Intention? I tilted my head in confusion.

"Didn't you notice?" – Umaru looked at me in surprise, then smiled mysteriously. – "I see, kukuku"

I'm confused.

"Stop acting like a cool and mysterious girl, she just admits that you have chuunibyou" – Ina-san rolled her eyes.

"I'm not a chuuni!" – Umaru-san pouted.

"This morning you were talking about the black dragon that was sealed in your right arm" – Ina-san spoke listlessly.

"…." Umaru-san frowned. – "At least I don't watch NTR doujins"

"I only do it for the quality of the drawings!" – Ina-san blushed as she waved her hands in panic.

"Yes, of course, and I watch hentai because of the plot" – Umaru-san sneered.

I couldn't help but let out a small laugh. Watching these two beautiful girls argue is so weird it's funny.

Both girls looked at me and laughed too. It was a nice feeling of friendship.

"Anyway, as I was saying" – Umaru-san smiled at me. – "It's true that you kept silent, but the fact that you wanted to hit those idiots for insulting my Onii-chan was a very nice thing, although it would be better if you didn't want to hit me too"


I looked down.

It's true that I wanted to hit you all for badmouthing my boyfriend, but now I feel guilty.

"Don't worry" – Ina-san also smiled. – "Luis is a strange man and he will love you even if you are a little violent"

"... But..." - I felt worried, I don't want my boyfriend to think that I'm aggressive and annoying.

"Onii-chan has tsundere and violent waifus in his harem" – Umaru-san shrugged. – "Even if you become a violent yandere, he will still love you… Now that I think about it, I think my silly Onii-chan has a special skill to turn waifus into yanderes…"

"…That's possible" – Ina-san nodded.

I don't watch much anime, but I understand that Umaru-san understands things based on the anime series.

"Anyway, we already lost a lot of time with those idiots, we'd better go eat" – Umaru-san smiled as her mouth salivated. – "I want to steal Onii-chan's food…"

Umaru-san has lost all appearance of a fairy tale princess, although her carefree attitude is more pleasant.

We started chatting as we made our way to the school cafeteria. I hope my boyfriend enjoys the food I made.

Arriving at the cafeteria, I was happy to see my boyfriend sitting next to several girls, but we stopped when we saw something unusual.

My boyfriend had an annoyed expression as a tall guy stood in front of him with a proud expression. The guy was more handsome than most celebrities on TV and he looked stronger than my boyfriend, but the way he was pointing at my boyfriend made me angry. I want to punch his dumb face.

"If you don't accept my challenge then you are not a man!" – The boy yelled as if he wanted everyone to hear him.

I clenched my fists angrily. That dam boy is using group pressure to intimidate my boyfriend...

I didn't speak when someone insulted my boyfriend, but I can't keep looking down anymore. My boyfriend can defend himself, but I want to help him.

I was about to go to tell that boy to shut his silly mouth, but Umaru-san stopped me.

"Let Onii-chan be a cliché protagonist who slaps arrogant idiots" – Umaru-san smiled expectantly, although I don't understand what she means.

For now, I've decided to watch, but I'll jump in if my boyfriend seems in trouble.

My boyfriend sighed heavily. – "If to be a man I must be like you, then I prefer to be a dog"

The nasty boy's proud smile froze and I had to hold back my laughter.

"Onii-chan needs to be more conceited" – Umaru-san sighed with disappointment.

"Luis is not a cultivator" – Ina-san smiled wryly.

"Good point" – Umaru-san nodded.

I don't understand much of what they say, I'll ask them to explain later.

The discussion continued. The guy was saying something to insult my boyfriend, but my boyfriend responded with apathy. Things got to the point where my boyfriend ignored the guy and started chatting with the girls around him.

Seeing the cocky boy being furious was hilarious.

Umaru-san seemed to be very curious about the situation, so she asked a student what was going on.

She told us that the cocky guy had challenged my boyfriend to a basketball competition to prove to him that he was better than my boyfriend. Apparently, it all started because the cocky guy was rejected by the girl he liked because she was in love with my boyfriend…

"I don't understand how basketball defines manhood" – I spoke with deep confusion.

"Men being men" – Umaru rolled her eyes. – "Testosterone dominates them"

I don't really understand what's going on, but it makes me happy to know that my boyfriend is okay.

In the end, the guy was so insistent that my boyfriend accepted the challenge, but on the condition that the loser should give 70,000 yen to the winner.

From what I know, my boyfriend does a lot of jobs to earn money since he has problems at his house, but he refused to accept the money that I wanted to give him. He is too good to me.

The cocky guy left after my boyfriend accepted the challenge and they agreed to compete after school.

I finally got a chance to eat with him.

I felt embarrassed when I approached him and it was much more embarrassing when he hugged me lovingly, even kissed me without caring that everyone was looking at us. I felt so happy that I thought it was all a beautiful dream.

My boyfriend ate the lunch I made for him and he really enjoyed it. It made me happy to see him enjoy the food.

I am so happy that I want to cry. Feeling that someone loves me makes my heart fill with happiness.

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