350 Chapter 332: Harem of teachers (?)

Plot armor is a nice thing when things aren't too over the top.

If Mafuyu had been half-naked on top of me, then it would not have been possible to have a civilized dinner with the beautiful teachers since I would have to leave here, but the intimate contact between me and the pink-haired teacher was not visible to other people, so I was able to stay in the restaurant.

Mafuyu is extremely weak towards alcohol so her rationality is in tatters. That doesn't mean I can take her to my bed right away, but she is very helpless, so I was able to stand up as I helped her up, then I sat down again and made her sit next to me while she clung to my arm so she wouldn't trip again.

Currently, Mafuyu looked like a helpless and weak woman who could easily be bullied by an idiot.

Although she is a professional woman who usually puts emotional distance from other people, she currently feels vulnerable because of being drunk, so she grabbed the first object that could give her a sense of safety; my arm.

I haven't had many interactions with Mafuyu so there are no feelings between us, but she is already aware that I have a crush on her due to my direct comments during the last time we met.

Under normal circumstances, it would have taken me a long time to get her close to me since our teacher-student relationship makes her keep her distance from me, but the Arifureta incident made her very worried since some students died while I ended up in the hospital for over a month.

Knowing about my feelings and her sincere concern made her want to get closer to me.

Normally, she would realize that such feelings are just the professional concern of a responsible teacher, but right now she is very drunk, so she can't distinguish her emotions.

In short, this is the best time to win her heart.

Today I won't be able to sleep with her because impulsive lust will only cause her to go into an existential crisis due to feeling guilty, what I need is for her to love me with all her heart.

Saying that, I acted as if nothing strange had happened and invited Hiratsuka and Kyoko to eat.

"Don't you look too comfortable?" – Hiratsuka sat in front of me and asked me with annoyance seeing the way I'm taking care of Mafuyu.

As we sat down, I quickly arranged Mafuyu's clothes and then helped her sit on my left side while Sayu is on my right side. Ortro is happily lying on my head which caused a cute laugh from the two teachers.

Both teachers seemed to want to ask me a lot of questions, but Mafuyu was drifting off to sleep, so I put my forearm on the table for her to use as a pillow.

The position of my arm is extremely awkward, which shows that I don't mind getting a little cramp in exchange for Mafuyu being comfortable.

This caused a full look on Kyoko's face as she knows I'm a womanizer and is worried that I'll sink my hungry wolf fangs into the helpless Mafuyu.

On the other hand, Hiratsuka is jealous because she also wants a man to be this considerate and loving towards her.

To all this, Sayu only had a happy expression as she continued to eat. She's good at reading the vibe, so she chose to act like a goofy girl who only knows how to smile. If it wasn't for her low self-esteem, she could be an excellent con artist.

I smiled without showing fear at the menacing look of the teacher with long black hair. – "I am having dinner with four beautiful women, of course, I am comfortable"

"…. Tch, you damn brat" – Hiratsuka clucked in annoyance, although she was a little happy that I called her beautiful.

Kyoko sighed and looked at me with a frown. – "Luis-kun, it is not good that you make that kind of comment to your teachers"

My mouth trembled. – "Please, stop adding honorifics to my name, it is too strange"

Kyoko adjusted her glasses. – "Luis-kun is Luis-kun, or do you prefer that I call you Oosuki-kun?"

Sayu covered her mouth to keep from showing her amused smile. This girl is amused to see the bitterness in my expression.

Kyoko was about to make another comment to tease me, but Hiratsuka motioned for her not to speak.

Kyoko was confused by Hiratsuka's serious expression, she doesn't know everything that has happened in my life in the last few days, but Hiratsuka does know since she is a bit of a nosy woman with good contacts.

Hiratsuka pushed aside her jealousy and looked at me with concern. - "How is your family?"

I already informed Mr. Ichijo that my mother is in Paradise, so she was reported as a missing person. Actually, it would be nicer if she was declared dead...

"My sister is fine, this week she will start going to face-to-face classes" - I spoke apathetically as if she was making an effort to hide my emotions.

Kyoko realized that something was wrong, so she looked at Hiratsuka as if she wanted to know what was going on. She cares about me since she has the naive belief that deep down I am a decent person.

Hiratsuka had an uncomfortable expression as she didn't want to talk about my family as it could be a sensitive topic, so I sighed as my right hand used the chopsticks to stir the noodles as if I was trying to distract myself from depressing thoughts.

"A few days ago my mother disappeared in the same way as my father did" – I spoke apathetically and did not show the slightest sadness, but for the women present, it seemed that I was hiding my deep sadness.

"..." – There was silence as the women didn't know what to say, even Sayu couldn't hide the concern in her expression.

Mafuyu was about to fall asleep, but her mind sobered upon hearing my words. Her body shuddered and she gripped my arm a little tighter, but she pretended to be asleep since she doesn't know what to say.

There was a deep silence for a minute. Each woman seemed to want to say something to comfort me, but they didn't know what to say since my expression of indifference made it difficult for them to say anything to help me.

Showing sadness, pain or anger can make people feel sympathy, but indifference makes it difficult to give comfort because it is difficult to know how much and what kind of pain the person suffering is feeling.

If the silence is prolonged then the atmosphere will become awkward, so I smiled as if I had forgotten about the sadness, even though they think I'm just pretending so they won't be affected by my problems. – "Well, how have my favorite teachers been? Did I miss something interesting?"

Kyoko and Hiratsuka were still very worried, but they decided to drop this topic for now and try to talk to me later to see how my emotional health is.

On the other hand, Mafuyu keeps holding my arm tightly, she feels guilty for not being able to support me in this difficult time I'm going through. She is a very good teacher, but her lack of experience in her life and excessive interest in the welfare of her students will cause her to have a breakdown one day.

Maybe in the original plot, she will fall in love with the first man who gives her professional and emotional support, but hey, now that's my role.

Hiratsuka sighed and forced herself to smile bitterly to break the awkward atmosphere. – "Boy, you have caused a big scandal at school… There are several students who are asking not to come back to class, but there is a group of students who joined to demand that the first group be expelled for defamation"

I see. The students who are jealous of me want me to die, on the other hand, my lovely wives want to eliminate those idiots.

During the orgy, I slept with most of my harem, but there are several women who are not emotionally ready to sleep with me yet, so they are my wives, but we haven't had sex yet.

Well, dessert is best enjoyed when savored slowly.

Kyoko sighed and looked at me with a mixture of pride and concern. – "The students in your group said they survived thanks to you, so a proposal came up to reward you for your brave actions during the accident"

I don't care about fame or infamy, but some of my wives hate it when I'm looked down on, so they seem to be working hard to improve my public image.

Among the women within the school, the woman who fits that description the most is Marika Tachibana from the Nisekoi series. That girl can be quite obsessive, which is adorable.

"I'll guess" - I smiled wryly. – "Most of the teachers and students complained"

"Yes" – Kyoko massaged her forehead and smiled bitterly at me. – "It is amazing how you can make so many people hate you"

"It's an inherited talent" - I shrugged.

"Is being an unbridled casanova also an inherited talent?" – Hiratsuka looked at me with a slightly aggressive smile.

"Tragically it is possible that yes" - I agreed with disgust.

"I can see that" – Hiratsuka now turned his attention to Sayu. Surprisingly, no one seems to care that there's an adorable doggy sleeping on my head.

Sayu noticed the look of the teacher with a pitiful love life. The homeless girl pretended not to notice the look and focused on looking at Ortro as if the puppy's cuteness had captured all her attention.

"That uniform is not from this city" – Hiratsuka had a smile that indicated that she would hit me if I gave a wrong answer, but instead of speaking to me, she directed her question to Sayu. – "Girl, how did you meet this little delinquent and why are you with him at this time of night instead of at home?"

Sayu had already thought of an answer based on the conversation I had with the two teachers. She showed no nervousness and responded with an affectionate smile. – "I met Luis-san a few months ago, and since then I have not been able to forget him and since my parents had to go on a trip, I asked Luis-san if I could stay with him for a couple of days until my parents return"

Hiratsuka had been staring at Sayu to see if she was lying.

Sayu is a talented con artist, but she still lacks the experience to fool observant people. Hiratsuka noticed that Sayu lied about the date we met, but it was true that she needed a place to sleep.

I have a rough idea of what's about to happen, so I got Ortro off my head and let her sleep on my lap.

Putting these few clues together, Hiratsuka frowned, stood up, and walked over to me to tug on my ear. – "Did you pick up a girl who ran away from her house?"

She was able to keep from yelling angrily so as not to draw the attention of the other customers, but some people give us strange looks since the four women are beautiful and several men are already drunk.

I didn't feign pain, just smiled slightly. - "Well, yes"

"…." – Hiratsuka's expression turned grim and she pulled my ear harder, although she was careful not to hurt me. She seems used to mistreating her students without leaving any evidence. – "Do you have any idea of the trouble you can get into?"

Sayu showed real concern, she was nervous that I might abandon her, or worse, call her family.

"If we're honest, it's not the worst thing I've ever done" – I kept smiling and didn't stop her from pulling my ear. – "And, well, homeless people should help each other"

Hiratsuka was angrier seeing my indifference towards her anger. – "Is that all you have to say?"

"No" – My smile became brighter. – "Have you ever been told that you are beautiful when you get angry?"

"….." – Hiratsuka got angrier thinking that I'm making fun of her.

Hiratsuka wanted to hit me, but she has enough conscience to know that hitting a minor in a public area would be bad.

"Hiratsuka-san, calm down, you're making a bad scene" – Kyoko sighed.

"... Tch" – Hiratsuka let go of my ear and sat down again, although her gaze continued to show annoyance.

She's a professional, responsible, and mature woman, but she also has a very childish side to her, which makes me want to tease her a bit.

I sighed with exaggerated disappointment. – "Sensei, if you were not so violent, surely you would already have a boyfriend"

"...…" – A vein was marked on Hiratsuka's forehead.

She clenched her fist and resisted the urge to punch me over the head.

I smiled kindly and gently like an innocent boy. – "Sensei, if you want you can hit me and I won't complain, but that won't change your non-existent love life"

"..................... .." – Hiratsuka's blood pressure rose and she only managed to maintain self-control as Kyoko placed her hand on the violent teacher's shoulder.

Ogata's father finally came over to us to see what the teachers would eat.

My teasing made Hiratsuka so upset that she wanted to drink, so she ordered more beer.

Kyoko didn't want to get drunk anymore, but Hiratsuka forced her to drink with her.

I accidentally moved my left arm, which, quite conveniently, made Mafuyu jump up quickly as my hand almost touched her breasts.

This made Mafuyu unable to pretend to be asleep anymore, so Hiratsuka made her drink a beer as well.

Within minutes, the three beautiful teachers were extremely drunk and began to become rowdy. Their disheveled appearances and uninhibited attitudes made them seem like women who would be easy to take advantage of.

While the teachers were getting louder, Sayu leaned close to my ear and spoke to me in the lowest voice she could manage. – "Did you want this to happen?"

"I don't know what you're talking about" – I ate noodles while appreciating the way Hiratsuka cursed all the men in the world.

Well, I think the same as her, men and humanity in general are trash, only my wives deserve respect.

Sayu stared at me for a few seconds and then smiled. – "Hooo, you are a villain~ Will you do something with them?"

If I really take advantage of the three drunken women, Sayu won't complain out loud, but she'll see me as trash that can't be trusted, so she'll choose to take the money and leave, never to associate with me again.

"No, only losers abuse drunk or drugged women" – I shrugged and showed an amused smile at Kyoko's annoyed face at Hiratsuka's endless complaints. – "As a man, I like to seduce women to make them sincerely fall in love with me"

That is true, possessiveness born of obsessive love is more pleasant than possessiveness born of mere lust. At least for me, love is more pleasant than pleasure.

It is true that there are women who joined my harem through blackmail and threats, but they are not classified as my wives, but as slaves or maids. Sure, if they develop sincere emotions towards me they can become my wives, but it's something I don't need to explain to Sayu right now.

Sayu looked at me wryly. She doesn't know if she should classify me as a loving jerk or a deranged romantic.

My conversation with Sayu was through soft whispers, so from other people's perspectives, we seemed like a loving couple sharing intimate words.

The teachers noticed this and frowned at me. Kyoko is upset about my promiscuity, Hiratsuka is upset that I do have a love life, and Mafuyu is upset without knowing why she feels strangely jealous.

Actually, Mafuyu has started to see me as a man instead of just a student. This is not only because of my obvious displays of affection, but because I am the only person who has thanked her for her efforts as a teacher, which has made an impact on her heart even if she is not aware of it yet.

Out of anger, the group of beautiful teachers did not directly complain to me, they just looked at me with resentment while talking to each other.

"Young people these days are too irresponsible, especially men, they are monkeys who don't think" – Hiratsuka sneered, although her voice trembled a bit since she was very drunk.

"..." – Mafuyu is not good at socializing, she just nodded and drank a second drink of beer. That was enough for her head to wobble as if she was about to faint.

I also want a beer, but no, I'm on vacation.

"Hey Listen! You cowardly bitch!" – Navi only appears in my mind to yell stupid things and then disappears…

At this rate, all three teachers will fall asleep, which will be an opportunity to show them that they can trust me. Instead of taking them to my house, I can call a taxi to take them home or I can leave them in a hotel where the three of them can rest while I go home to Sayu.

Well, those were the options I planned, but the plot armor had other plans.

Hiratsuka is a beautiful woman with a rude and mature charm. Her drunkenness makes her seem like a woman who is fun to talk to despite her short temper and rude attitude.

Kyoko is a conservative woman who represents the ideal Japanese wife. Personally, she doesn't quite fit into my fetishes, but she is very attractive to Japanese men, especially drunk ones.

Last and most striking, Mafuyu has deeply flushed cheeks, tired eyes, and a little heavy breathing. She overflows with great erotic charm which made many men stare at her, especially since she has a slim body, but her legs and buttocks are perfectly defined due to her time as a professional figure skater.

All three women are very attractive, but now they look quite defenseless, which fuels the fetishes of men with a taste for more control and power over women.

In that sense, Japan is a first-world country, but with serious social problems. Cases of sexual harassment are commonplace, but most victims do not file complaints out of concern for being judged by society.

In short, all societies are shit.

What happened was completely predictable. Three idiots stood up and came over to try to flirt with the three beautiful women, or rather, to take advantage of them.

Due to economic and work pressure, many men are not willing to formalize romantic relationships as having a family is too expensive, but many men do not like being with prostitutes, so they look for vulnerable women to vent their frustrations.

Well, I used to do the same thing so I'm not mad I'll just have someone take care of the suicide of these assholes. The advantage of having labor slaves is that I can enjoy my vacation while they work.

It makes no sense to listen to the stupidities of brainless drunkards. The only relevant thing is that one of them was too insistent on getting close to Mafuyu even though I kindly asked him to leave us alone, and I'm not being sarcastic, I'm really being a reasonable person.

I stood up in front of Mafuyu. My stance is not hostile towards the man, but rather protective towards Mafuyu.

This is important as I am showing that I am not a psychopath who only knows violence to fix problems, but that I am a reasonable person who is not afraid of fights in order to protect someone I value.

The idiot got angry seeing my attitude. Although he is a grown man, his rationality is affected by drinking, so he reacted like a child throwing a tantrum would.

The idiot had a beer mug in his hand. Totally stupid and childish, the idiot spilled the beer in my face.

For a moment there was silence in the place.

Ogata's father was about to explode in anger to hit the idiot who was causing trouble in his shop, plus I'm a classmate of his daughter, so this may affect his daughter indirectly.

Instead of getting angry, I sighed in annoyance as if I was facing an idiot child and not an adult.

I grabbed a napkin from the table and wiped my face, then looked at the idiot without showing anger, just tired. – "Fine, you've got it off your chest, now please don't bother my teachers"

"Hey Listen! SIMP bitch! An alpha wouldn't let a beta bitch put him down like that! Now you kill that asshole while you impregnate his wife and daughter!"

The idiot has a wedding ring so Navi's stupidity makes sense. Meh, whatever, I'll only do it if the mother and daughter are beautiful.

Bully idiots get angry when someone insults them, but they get even angrier when they are treated with indifference as they are losers who lack family and social acceptance.

My calm demeanor made him mad because now everyone looks at him like a jerk since he's wanting to fight a teenager even though he was an adult.

The jerk's coworkers quickly grabbed the jerk's arms to get him away from my table. It will be bad if the jerk does something more stupid.

The idiot recovered a bit of lucidity, so he didn't resist and allowed his friends to take him away from us.

The three teachers all looked at the jerk angrily and were worried about me. This scene caused them some thoughts about my attitude, but it was not enough.

I'm on vacation so I don't want to use too many supernatural skills, but using my martial arts isn't a problem.

Tibetan monks have singing techniques that allow them to transmit their voices over long distances. Something similar is one of the techniques used by Hayato Furinji in Kenichi's world.

I concentrated my voice in such a way that only the jerk could hear me. – "You are such a coward that you disgust your family and your wife is unfaithful to you, you are a pathetic castrated eunuch"

The idiot thought I said that out loud which made him enraged to the point of losing all rationality.

I don't know if his wife is unfaithful or his family situation, but this kind of jerk lacks family stability, so maybe I'm right.

I turned around to look at the teachers and gave a wry smile.

My stance rendered my back helpless just in time for the jerk to turn around and grab his heavy beer mug. Even if the jar was empty, it was made of thick glass so it could be used as a blunt weapon.

The angle I'm at is just right for the glass mug to break against my head without the glass shards hurting the women. I am quite considerate.

I opened my mouth to speak to the women, but at that moment, the jerk rushed over to hit my head.

Everyone in the restaurant screamed in horror as the thick glass beer mug slammed into my head.

The idiot really wanted to kill me since the anger mixed with alcohol prevented him from measuring the consequences of his actions. That's why it's bad to take in excess.

The jar shattered causing glass to spill onto the floor as my blood spilled out.

To a normal human, that blow could kill him or cause a stroke that could lead to a coma. I insist, it is not good to drink in excess if you are stupid.

I turned around without showing anger. My face was expressionless as blood flowed from the top of my head causing lines of blood to form across my face.

The jerk froze when he noticed what he did, but he didn't have time to regret it as my hand grabbed his face and I forcefully threw him out of the restaurant.

My actions didn't seem excessive and were still in the self-defense standard, but in the two seconds that I held his face in my hands, I used my fingers to apply acupuncture to his head to cause degenerative neural damage.

The jerk will develop schizophrenia and degenerative Alzheimer's. He will start going insane in two days, lose all his sanity in a week, and kill himself in ten days. The autopsy will say that he developed degenerative neuronal disorders due to excessive alcohol and stress.

I will not kill him because I am on vacation, suicide is not murder.

I didn't have time to say anything as four women rushed to help me.

"Call an ambulance!" – Hiratsuka yelled in panic as she and the other three women forced me to sit down.

Mafuyu took off her jacket and used it as a rag to press it on my head. She seems to know first aid, though she has no knowledge of advanced medicine so she doesn't know that using too much force can worsen brain damage.

Well, I'm not hurt so it doesn't matter.

I sighed. - "I'm fine…"

"We can take him to the hospital in my car!" – An unknown woman yelled as she held my arm as if she was afraid I was going to faint.

Who is she? No idea, but she has nice breasts.

On the other hand, Sayu stood completely still while her face was totally pale. Seems like seeing the blood pouring out of my head caused the worst trauma of hers to wake up, so she's on the verge of a panic attack.

I can use [Reader's Perspective] to get the full context of her trauma, but that wouldn't be fun. I prefer to get to know her slowly.

On the other hand, I know how unpleasant it is to have a panic attack, so I'll give her some comfort.

I sighed and smiled at Sayu. – "I am fine, I have received worse injuries… in fact, I do not need to go to the hospital, I can do the stitches on my own"

"Don't be so careless with your health!" – Mafuyu is normally professional, serious, and even expressionless, but this time she is extremely anxious and a little angry. – "You are going to the hospital and I will stay with you until the doctor says you are okay!"

I smiled wryly. – "I can hear you, you don't need to shout"

Mafuyu continued to be angry, but she was more focused on preventing my bleeding from getting worse.

The unknown woman left the restaurant and quickly returned with her car. The four adult women forced me into the car, but before I got in I took Sayu's hand and made her sit next to me.

Sayu was very scared and her body trembled. To the other women it seemed that the girl was afraid of blood, but the reality is that she seems to be trapped in a traumatic memory.

I gently held Sayu's hand and managed to make her calm down.

We quickly headed to the hospital, so I mentally contacted Monika. – "Tell Tsubaki I'll be back late, I left food in the fridge in case you want something"

"Okay~" – Monika replied happily. – "Should I do something with the piece of trash that dared to hurt my adorable and innocent husband?"

This girl controls the security cameras of the entire city, including cell phones, so it's normal for her to know about this even if she's not by my side at all times. The great power of the internet.

"Oh, I think it won't be necessary" – Monika spoke happily.

I smiled internally when Ortro appeared in my mind.

When the drama started, she disappeared and no one noticed. Now she was sleeping happily inside my mind as she chewed on a human soul that screamed in suffering.

"Monika, make sure this doesn't have negative consequences for the Ogata family" – I wanted to smile when I saw how anxious the women were while they took me to the hospital.

"Don't worry dear, I've already taken care of it~" – Monika spoke affectionately. She is a wonderful wife.

So, I was forced to see the doctor to see if something had happened to me.

The hospital staff recognized me as Seiji's right-hand man, so they rushed to provide me with top-quality service.

The five women were too worried to think about how strange the doctors' favoritism was, but when things calm down, they may ask me a lot of questions.

I stayed away from the women when the doctor took me for an MRI, but I actually talked calmly with the doctor.

The staff of this hospital are normal people with no affiliation to the supernatural world, but the hospital director has connections with some health deities, so he knows the true identity of the Hero of Harmony.

The hospital director chatted with me for a while, then filled out a report to pretend I received treatment so I can be discharged tonight.

To make the lie a bit more realistic, I spent four hours chatting with the doctor while the women waited for me.

They had been very worried, but they relaxed upon hearing that I am fine and it was only a superficial blow, although they insisted on staying until I am discharged.

Now that I think about it, I understand that the teachers and Sayu are so worried about me, but it doesn't make sense that the big-breasted woman is so worried about me.

Well, she seems like a nice and nosy woman, so she's worried about seeing a hurt teenager and not helping. Apparently, the good person complex is normal among the heroines within Gaia. I'll talk about this with Shiki later.

I have a rough idea of why the woman seems attracted to me, but to clear my doubts I used [Character Token] on the woman.

[Name: Airi Gotou

Origin: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway

Categories: Woman. Waifu. Secondary heroine. Virgin. Cow breasts. Clerk. Onee-san (?). Manipulative. Indecisive. Gentle. Material for doujin. Eh, I don't know, only her breasts matter]


Shitty author, stop giving personalities to my damn skills…

Anyway. So that woman belongs to the same story as Sayu… Well, two for one, it was a productive night.

Anyway. It's nice to find a big-breasted woman who suits my superficial tastes, but now I have a problem.

"You will stay here to rest" – Hiratsuka looked at me seriously without giving me space to refuse. – "I will pay the expenses of your stay here, but you will stay here tonight, it will be terrible if you have any problems while you sleep"

Although I can't sleep if it's not in Auriel's arms...

I sighed. – "Thank you for your concern, but if you continue to be so stubborn, I will have to marry you, sensei"

"..." – Hiratsuka kept looking at me seriously. – "Stop playing, now just rest"

I am currently sitting in a hospital bed. This is a VIP room for patients with a lot of money, so there are several comfortable seats where women can rest.

Sayu is sitting next to me and she fell asleep as she puts her head next to my legs, but she refuses to let go of my hand. It seems that remembering her trauma affected her too much and now just holding my hand can help her not to have nightmares.

The woman named Airi Gotou left because she has to go to work tomorrow, but she forced me to give her my number and she will call me tomorrow to hear how my health is. An overly nosy woman, perhaps she has an existential void and has a constant need to help others to prove that her life has meaning, although she is also being affected by the plot armor, so it is a matter of time before I have her big breasts between my hands.

Kyoko and Mafuyu went home to change their clothes since they plan to return to the hospital to stay with me. The two of them and Hiratsuka are going to spend the night here and tomorrow they will accompany me to school.

Hiratsuka stayed with me while the other two teachers went to get clean clothes. She insisted that it is not good to leave me alone, especially since I no longer have guardians to take care of me.

My father disappeared over a month ago and my mother disappeared a few days ago. In public eyes, I'm an abandoned child, but well, I would like an orphan.

Despite Hiratsuka's violent attitude, I can't deny that she is a wonderful woman and the man who marries her will be very lucky. Yes, I will be lucky.

I sighed. – "Sensei, can I borrow her cell phone?"

Hiratsuka raised an eyebrow and smirked. – "Are you going to call one of your girlfriends?"

I shook my head. – "I will tell my sister that I will not return tonight"

"..." – Hiratsuka's expression became complicated.

Now that my parents are missing, it wouldn't be strange if I decide to quit school to work since I have to take care of my younger sister.

Hiratsuka sighed and lent me her cell phone.

I called Umaru and told her that I wouldn't come home today, but she still had to go to bed early since she has to go to class tomorrow or I'll punish her for a month without internet. Besides, if she missed school, Ina would be grounded too.

Before closing the call, the last thing I heard was the despairing cry of a system user and a Great Old One.

Hiratsuka's expression improved after hearing my conversation with Umaru. Now the teacher saw me with more kindness when noticing the way I take care of my problematic sister.

"Sensei, are you really going to stay the whole night?" – I sighed as I returned the cell phone to her.

Hiratsuka put away her cell phone and gave me a menacing smile. - "Do you have any problem? Am I interrupting your fun with that girl?"

I smiled wryly. – "You sound like a gangster… And no, I'm just worried that you can't sleep comfortably, you need to rest so you can maintain your good appearance"

"…" – Hiratsuka rolled her eyes. – "Stop talking like a playboy or I will hit you when you recover"

"Oh, wonderful, at this rate I'll be going in and out of the hospital" - I smiled bitterly.

"Then stop causing trouble" – Hiratsuka frowned, but then she sighed and looked at me softly. – "By the way, it was not necessary for you to defend us, you are a student and we are your teachers, we are the ones who should help you"

I raised an eyebrow as if I had expected such a kind response, then shook my head. – "That is impossible, my lovely teachers were in trouble so as a man it is my duty to help them"

Hiratsuka smirked. – "Child, do not try to act like an adult"

"I'm already an adult" - I smiled smugly. – "In various ways"

Hiratsuka sighed heavily as if she was both too worried and upset. – "I know the leader of the Ichijo family, so I know a little about the type of life you have… I know you have your personal situations, but please, try to have a more normal life, I know you are an intelligent boy with a lot of potential, it would be terrible if you wasted your talent on a life of crime"

She knows Mr. Ichijo a bit, but they aren't exactly friends, it's just that the Hiratsuka family had a good relationship with Mr. Ichijo's wife.

Hiratsuka doesn't know about the supernatural world, she doesn't know I'm Seiji either, she just thinks I'm an illegal immigrant who was recruited by the yakuza and now I'm a disposable pawn.

Although Hiratsuka wanted to deepen this conversation, she was very tired and drunk, so she started to yawn.

I smiled softly showing sincere appreciation. – "Go to sleep, then we will talk about this, you need to rest so you do not lose your beauty"

"…." – Hiratsuka yawned deeply and settled on the sofa bed. – "Brat, stop acting like a playboy or I will believe your nonsense…"

Before she fell asleep, I spoke softly as if I were talking to myself, but I used enough volume for her to hear me. – "It is not nonsense, you really are beautiful…"

Hiratsuka fell asleep as my words echoed through her mind. She had a strange smile while she slept.

Fine, now I just have to do something similar with Mafuyu and Kyoko when they get back.

Come to think of it, Kyoko had called her boyfriend's phone to tell him that she would go to his house to pick up clothes and then go to the hospital, but her boyfriend told her that she should stay home and not go out so late, which caused for the two of them to argue while she left the hospital.

Well. The dysfunctional relationship of a beautiful woman is my natural habitat. By tomorrow I will be able to make the three beautiful teachers stop seeing me as a student and start seeing me as a man.

On the other hand…

I looked at Sayu who seemed to be having a nightmare. Apparently, it's something to do with her best friend, although it seems that girl died or committed suicide.

I smiled and stroked Sayu's hair until she could calm down.

This girl is cute when she sleeps peacefully.

I internally sighed with satisfaction. The holidays are nice.




Author's Note:

My health is as unstable as the dollar. In the last few days, sometimes I'm very well and other days I can't get out of bed.

If depression doesn't kill me, stress will...

Anyway, my existential problems are the same as always, but here I will continue.

A warm hug <3

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