No one will ever hurt you again I promise Book

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No one will ever hurt you again I promise


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For each of us things, events present themselves differently, we cannot afford to be envious of the happiness of others. Happiness comes in different forms, we just need to be attentive and know our needs to seize the opportunity when it arises. Do we know what it's like to love and be loved when we are young? Are our choices considered? we will never know if we never do it, and love does not wait for age, it falls on you. And fate? Does that mean anything to you? So no matter how hard you try to change it, it remained unchanged, what is written cannot be undone. In Woodhill, a private high school, located in the heart of New York where the elites of this society come together to receive the best academic training of all time. All these teenagers are descendants of responsible and prosperous families. But as it is written when there are rules enacted somewhere, there are always exceptions. Among this rotten-spoiled petty-bourgeois, there are some children of the people of small society who are little geniuses. The only thing they have in common with these future leaders of New York City. They all have brilliant brains. Again, there are a few exceptions among those who can afford academic training worthy of their social rank, do not have the required level. But as we say between friends, we support each other. Money makes the law. Of course, you can be smart but you can't afford to enter Woodhill. On the other hand, if you are part of this bourgeois elite, you are unlikely to be denied access. Among this category, which is intelligent and does not have sufficient means, there is a boy with a most interesting personality. Some say that he is bipolar, other than he is schizophrenic, so much story circulates about him but no one really knows who he is in reality. Howie is the name of this mysterious boy who is being chatted in Woodhill. A god-sand-beautiful, intelligent and talented boy who unfortunately is poor and disturbed. Some see him as a waste because such beauty is so bitter to digest. Howie is Howie and what he has to do he does it without worrying about the opinions of others and their views on him. He crossed paths with the Morgensterns, a pair of real twins. These twins give you a hard time because you can't get your hands on who is who, these types of twins are a perfect replica of the other Aike and Ayke. Even their name is meant to drive you crazy. Aike and Ayke are at the top of the list of petty-bourgeois in the high school, the billionaires of the sideboard. Two little soldiers who were educated for the sole purpose of becoming the perfect heirs of their family businesses. Their grandparents before them received the same education. Despite the money that flows freely in the family, happiness is not a word that is part of their vocabulary. With a mother who is a control maniac, they lived in hell despite their young age so they created their own world for themselves. The two of them have access to it and only they both know who they are not even their parents can find out who Aike or Ayke is. at least no one can steal it from them until that famous day Howie made them understand that he saw clearly in their little crazy game. The least sociable person in Woodhill broke through their secret. How they don't know it, but it doesn't stop there. Stung with curiosity they somehow develop a certain interest in becoming friends with the crazy high school boy This is how a new friendship will be created. But would they be able to meet the demands of their two worlds knowing that their economic situation puts them in a position far too high to attend small classes? Is Howie ready to be Woodhill's laughing stock and are the twins ready to face their parents for a hopeless friendship? What will happen if this friendship turns into something more intimate and secure?

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