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No More Pain For This Villain.


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just dont drop it has everything i want so plz dont drop i recommend everyone to read it once or give it a try i am sure it wouldnt dissapoint you .....................................................................................................................................................

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One of the most appealing aspects of this novel is its unique blend of genres. It seamlessly combines elements of romance and action, creating a truly engaging and dynamic plot. The romantic undertones create an emotional depth that draws readers in, while the intense action scenes keep the adrenaline pumping. The author's writing allows the genres to shine, creating a balanced and satisfying reading experience.Final Thoughts: I highly recommend this novel, and it's definitely one of my favorites in the genre. The author does a good job of giving each character their own unique details, which makes the reading experience smoother. The interactions between the characters is great


In simple terms, this is a GREAT NOVEL, and needs more recognition.Now let's ddep dive...Pros:The world-building is pretty spot-on – not too complicated, not too simple.I love the MC's personality unpredictable yet intriguing.Side characters are well-fleshed out.I didn't spot any grammatical mistakes.The pacing is Just right!Cons:Occasionally, the descriptions of scenes are excessively lengthy.In very few cases MC's decisions/actions seem confusing and sudden(**spoiler **like how he killed Freya and the prostitute and Tiga) although that seems to be part of his personality but I hope they make sense down the line.My expectations:Mary, second most explored side character in terms of screen time, needs significant character development. The current Ren couldn't care less about the pain she caused the previous Ren. She's basically worth zilch to him as long as she's not in his way. Currently, she's just a hypocritical and narrow-minded character. But, if her character stays the same till the end, it's gonna feel like a waste of time. She'll end up as a brain-dead character not worth the time invested. Let's hope that doesn't happen! Her character arc should logically conclude, regardless of her eventual romantic choices.Whether this novel goes harem or not, it's cool either way. But every girl involved should get some solid character development, showing off what makes them unique and strong. Ren's relationships shouldn't just be for show.That's all for now...Great work author and ... DON'T DARE DROP


Great novel... It would have been very popular, if not for locking it in such early chapters...


Just a tip to the author. If you lock the chapters super early, no one will pay because no one will be invested in the characters. It also makes people not want to support your work because you make it seem like the only reason you write is for money.


Like finding novels like this ...story heading in a good direction unless author adds harem that'll derail the plot and realistic mc


story is good. every character is interesting and have depth in them. I love to see chemistry between Ren, Mary and Marylin. And i want Ren to beat sheet out of the other chosen ones specially Adam.


I've read 80 chapters and the story so far is pretty good. There are a few times when the MC fumbles and makes some novice errors that are out of character based on the MCs past so the author sometimes forces events to his/her desire instead of letting them develop based on the characters knowledge, skills, and personality but it hasn't been too bad even though it is irksome and a little jarring when it happens. The reason I am dropping is because the MC is a psychopathic maniac with a murder addiction. I am unable to identify with or like or respect the MC. I am aware that there are many who like and/or admire this sort of character because they wish they could be that unbridled, tyrannical, and uncontrolled. I just don't find criminally insane to be a desirable personality trait for an MC. If you like or can tolerate this kind of MC then you will probably really like this novel. The story itself is good so far but the MC is just not to my taste.


I really loved this story and got a little upset when I caught up with it, this novel has everything I love and I need more of it. Please author don't ever think of dropping this and I am egarly waiting for the new chapters.


excited to see where this story goes! please keep up the good work .


writing quality is a step above a lot of other novels on this app but it still can be improved, for example it is hard to tell weather his thoughts are voiced or spoken internally causing confusion occasionally. not bad. but can be improved the story takes a few common tropes and trys moderately successfully to mesh them together into something coherent. teenager scarring and murdering hundreds of hardened criminals and dieing to be tranmigrated into a game he used to play when he was younger. apparently avidly. the type of game seems reminicent of dating sims where different combinations of interations cause new outcomes in the endings. it also grabbed the trope of unremarkable side character/villan being the one reincarnated as. consequently the characters are 2 dimensional at the start of the story. what you get at first is probably what youll get later on as well. i recommend but the first few chapters are forced and a bit cringe at times.


"A LOT & LOTS OF POTENTIAL" is how I will describe this novel, great novel_ top tier 'WRITING QUALITY'- my favourite part is - ' his PERSONALITY '


I love this novel, every character is well written and I am in love with Marylin.


nice. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... ..


It's pretty bland at the beginning with a few info dumps and some grammatic errors but that's pretty much understandable.It starts to shine at the later part of the story, around here, you will notice on how much the author improved.Comparing the writing quality from CH1 to the later chapters is like comparing heaven an earth ( i'm not overestimating it! ). It's like every sentences are imbued with elegance, even the MC's inner monologue is not ignored.The pace of the story is just right, if -100 is slow and 100 is fast then it's around 0. Ren's backstory... i'm not gonna talk about it.The characters in the story are on my passing rate since i didn't found any problem with them, the same goes for the world background. I'm expecting the author to improve around this parts- no!, i'm confident that you will improve since there's still a lot of place unexplored in the story.


Really like this story.. Characters are consistent, story is moving smoothly. Just a bit of Romance will be good (NO HAREM).Just wish author would publish 2 chap a day


I like the story and the way it is improving, the further development But for me i could not understand why is the author making reading more complex, like he could have just said I am always thinking about him instead he goes on explaining poetically, becoz of it, it is only making harder to understand I don't know whether it is to increase the word cound odr whatever it may be but that is the only thing which I don't like about it


So far everything is great imo. A bit of foreshadowing here and there and some chapters that make me wanna go inside and slap somebody. 😐 The only thing that's giving me anxiety is the fact that I don't know if it's a harem novel or not. Personally, I'd rather it not be one. But that's my opinion. You do you author-san!


This is one of my favorite stories on here mainly because of rens character & just the potential of the story but it’s very disappointing to see the minimal amount of updates this story gets & has got for awhile:(


The writing quality at the start is very janky but it improves a lot in the later chapters and the drama in this novel is SPICY. Really like it. Although the update schedule is bad and it's most likely because author works on 4 novels simultaneously. I have seen some authors do 2 novels at once but this author does FOUR!!