No Money to Build a Mech? No Worries, I Will Help

"Shocking! Rising superstar Zhou Chuchu was spotted having a secret meeting with a suspected scammer at a villa. Is this true or not? We hope the two goddesses can respond." In just a few minutes, this super eye-catching hot topic quickly pushed aside other trending topics and made its way to the top ten headlines, causing a heated discussion among netizens. Netizens speculated about what kind of scumbag could deceive two A-list national goddesses, not only swindling their fortunes but also exposing their secret meetings. Zhou Chuchu: Xiao Yuyao, I'm sorry. I don't have much money left. This is all I can give you. I hope you won't be disappointed. Yang Mimi: You really are a gold digger. You spent all the money from my last pay so quickly. Well, all my money is here. Take it. Suddenly, Xiao Yuyao had a thought, and a cold light flashed. A dark-colored hilt appeared in his hand, with a faint blue light shining at the center of the hilt, seemingly an energy cube for storing power. Buzz. The hilt made a buzzing sound, and a bright white energy beam formed at the front end, condensing into a sword-like shape under everyone's gaze. The unstable slight fluctuations of the beam quickly stabilized, forming a unique lightsaber with a freely adjustable form. It was about one meter long with a 10-centimeter-wide blade of light, and its power was yet to be determined. Xiao Yuyao tilted his head to look at the lightsaber, something extremely cool that only appeared in science fiction movies and was possessed by the protagonist. He lightly swung it, a smirk appearing on his lips. A cold voice resounded from above: "Energy storage remaining: 99%. Stability: 80%."

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I Have Money to Make It

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Xiao Yuyao couldn't think of anything else that could burn money more than scientific research. From the experimental equipment to the simulation site and computer calculators, the sum of it all was an astronomical figure. Not to mention the laboratory itself!

Compared to the common technology in the world, the technology in science fiction was a money-sucking machine.

Xiao Yuyao was a poor man who had nothing to his name. It was no different from daydreaming if he wanted to build a mecha. The helmet alone was a huge sum, not to mention the materials needed to build the body.

If someone else had told Yang Mimi and Zhou Chuchu they wanted to build a mecha that would cost a few hundred million, they would have definitely called the police.

However, since Xiao Yuyao was the one who spoke, they willingly emptied their wallets without a single thought.

The alloy material of the mecha would cost at least tens of millions. This did not include the price of the internal parts and instruments; just the main and auxiliary engines and the nerve sensors were almost enough to empty a bank!

Xiao Yuyao stared at the mecha that he had just made. He couldn't just leave it here, but he didn't want to stop his research either. However, he didn't have enough funds right now to continue.

He dialed Yang Mimi's number.

"I need more funds."

On the other side of the phone, Yang Mimi replied with a sigh. "That was quick, you're like a money-shredding machine."

Soon, a sum of money was transferred to his account.

Xiao Yuyao decisively abandoned Yang Mimi and turned around to focus on his research.

"Yu Lun, come and help me create the materials and instruments."


The first generation of smart mechas will only be created by Xiao Yuyao.

After Xiao Yuyao came here, he first developed an AI that could work alongside him. According to his understanding of the technology in this place, the AI created back then was not as good as the one he had.

In the future, AI will shine in various industries. Their role in scientific research could not be replaced. They could do trivial and complicated work. Without them, Xiao Yuyao would have to hire unreliable scientists instead.

Without AI, it would feel like working without arms. After Xiao Yuyao created the AI he preferred, he couldn't help but diss this modern world's technology.

From smart motherboards to processors to chips to hard drives… All of the backward hardware facilities limited Yu Lun's performance. Even so, he did what he could with Yu Lun. Yu Lun was a highly intelligent AI that could shock even the smartest scientists to their core.

Yu Lun greatly improved Xiao Yuyao's work efficiency.

With the assistance of Yu Lun and the support of funds, the mech was completely perfected in just a week. After Xiao Yuyao created the instructions manual, he opened his arms and said, "Yu Lun, help me put on the mecha."


The black special combat suit clung to his body. The various parts of the mech were put on by the mechanical arms that hung around the laboratory. Everything was slowly pieced from the leg armor to the back armor. Finally, the heavy helmet and the energy block on the back were attached.

Xiao Yuyao frowned under the weight of the energy block. He tilted his head slightly and looked back.

He had to think of a way to modify the size of the energy block. Otherwise, it would be a weakness that the enemy team would seize.

Yu Lun's voice sounded. "The components have been attached and are being tested. The nervous system is normal. Data is normal. Stability is normal. The engine and other instruments are normal. We are ready to activate the main AI board. Just give the order and we're ready to go."

The poor relied on mutation, while the rich relied on technology.

This exoskeleton mecha covered his whole body. In principle, it was somewhat similar to the suit Iron Man had in the movie, but there were many adjustments and changes in the details to suit his style.

Xiao Yuyao's mech was designed to adjust its explosive power, endurance, attack, and defense. It was about three meters tall, and its exterior was black. It was forged from a unique metal. The main and auxiliary engines were installed on the back and thighs respectively to improve his explosive power and endurance.

The energy block was buried under the engine, which could fully protect the energy block and extend the endurance time.

The helmet shut, and the holographic display was activated. The field of vision inside was very clear, and the data shown could be moved to various places at his will.

"Please raise your left hand and left leg and shake your head slightly."

"Please jump, bend over, and swing your legs."

"Physical test is complete. Please start the combat simulation."

With each prompt, Xiao Yuyao made all kinds of silly movements, testing the sensitivity of the mech.

Yu Lun recorded the simulated data and generated his basic behavior habits into the system while he followed the orders. After calibrating all the functions to his preferences, Yuyao finally sighed a breath of relief. With the assistance of the control program, Xiao Yuyao's speed would improve when fighting and fleeing. 

Xiao Yuyao looked serious. He took advantage of the darkness to come to the forest behind the villa with a lake. He raised his hands and said, "Yu Lun, note down the sensitivity of my jump."

"On it."

Xiao Yuyao jumped up and grabbed the tree trunk with both hands. He then climbed up like a monkey. After reaching a certain height, he jumped off and did a backflip, landing firmly on the ground.


Soon after, he tested the mecha's flight.

How could a perfectly qualified mecha not know how to fly?

Xiao Yuyao pursed his lips as he listened to the countdown. After the last beep sounded, the engine on his back pushed him upward, lifting his feet off the ground.

"Activating flight mode…

"Recording the speed data…

"You've reached an altitude of five hundred meters…

"Remaining energy is seventy percent!"

Xiao Yuyao's eardrums rang as he heard the signals. He adjusted the volume and signaled for Yu Lun to land. Then, he slowed down and landed safely.

He shook his head. "Looks like I'll have to implement some protective measures for the audio. Otherwise, I might lose my hearing."

Xiao Yuyao noticed the lake and jumped into it.

"Water detected…

"Diving underwater…

"Carrying out a waterproof test…

"Waterproof test failed."

The lake water poured in and quickly drowned Xiao Yuyao inside the mecha. He didn't have time to hold his breath. He let out a gurgling sound and floated up under Yu Lun's calm voice.

The outstanding scientist of the Ice Empire had fallen in a single day. Reason for death? Drowning. If this were to spread, it would give the citizens a good laugh. He would not allow that to happen!

With the last bit of energy left in him, he doggy paddled to the surface of the water. Xiao Yuyao waddled to the shore and spat out a mouthful of water. He lifted his helmet slightly, and the remaining water leaked out.