Ninja System Within A New World

Hunters! 'Oh Shit! I'm in a new world' Cesaire shouted. On his birthday, he received a weird Anime Box as a present from his best friend. On his way home, he tried to escape from bad luck only for it to meet him face to face in his house. Cesaire met Kasha, the God Of Luck who reincarnated him to another world as a punishment for trying to escape his luck influence but not without sending the Anime Box to gift Cesaire a Ninja System. Cesaire now in the body of Jeremy Jr. Styles in a new world were people with superpowers exists. These people were called Hunters. They had the power to destroy mountains with a punch, call forth flames from the skies, transform into mythical creatures and move the world with their will. It was a whole new experience for Jae and he had decided. With the Ninja System(that doesnt seem like a Ninja System), he strived to be the best Hunter in existence. =====•=====

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Ch~One: Anime // Kasha’s Punishment!


Is this how life ends?....

I didn't even see the so called -life flashed over my eyes-....

Why Truck-Kun? Why did you do it at this important time of my life?....


*Deep Tired Sigh*


Cesaire was a regular high school student with almost next to no hobbies in his life. He is the type of guy where you talk about A and he says B. He only go to school, go home where he lives alone and does nothing else. He was an orphan, no relatives, no accomplice but he never complained. He just lived his life as he deemed fit.

Fortunately, he had a friend that bonded with him along the way. It was a girl and her name was Celia. She was also a regular girl but she loves anime too much. Her love for Naruto was especially powerful and as a result of her obsession with anime, she also doesn't have many friends and she bonded quite well with Cesaire.

Today, they got a group assignment to research on a topic and report it to school. Cesaire and Celia formed a group of themselves and agreed to assemble at Celia's house in the evening.

Cesaire arrived at Celia's house, he entered and greeted her parents, then he went to her room and and found Celia equipped with a headphone watching the Naruto Series on her laptop while exclaiming in excitement. Sometimes she would just start making some weird hand signs or hand seals as she calls it.

He had gotten used to this scene a lot and didn't bother with it. Honestly, he also liked the show and knows a little knowledge about it but he didn't consider himself as a fan.

"Hey Cee, come watch with me! You gonna love this episode! Naruto and Sasuke are gonna have their final showdown in the Valley Of The End and you don't wanna miss this!" Her voice got louder the more she talks. Celia's eyes didn't shift away from the screen of her laptop even though she was talking to him.

Taking a deep breath, Cesaire looked at his lost friend, lost in anime, he continued preparing for the things that were needed to complete the assignment. "You know, you are very beautiful and smart. But do you really wanna go Full Otaku than you already are?"

Confused, Celia raised her eyebrows "what do you mean?" Her eyes never left the screen.

"*Sigh* I think you should stop watching anime for a second"

"What! No way I'm ever gonna do that!"

"Why? I mean I don't see a reason a person could be so addicted to anime"

"Hmm, wait a sec" Celia excused herself before she opened her closet and took out a box from inside.

"Here, I was gonna wait until your birthday surprise coming in the next two hours with my parents but I think it's time to give you. I won't tell you what's inside but it's related to the Naruto Anime." Celia shut down her laptop and then, started to work on the assignment. She didn't allow Cesaire to open it, only until he was alone.

'Oh so that's why her parents were acting strange. *Sigh* Being sixteen is not bad'


'What was that all about? Is there something deeper about anime?' Cesaire thought as he walked home.

He took out the box from his pocket and he was still amazed by the graphical designs on its surface. It has the images of the famous anime characters.

While walking home, he didn't pay attention to his surroundings and before he did, it was too late.

Cesaire watched as a black cat crossed his path home. Although he doesn't watch Naruto, thinking of a certain someone in his head, he didn't wanna take any chances. He tried to change his path home by going the long way.

He finally reached his street and saw his familiar neighbors who didn't give any damn about him. He was used to it though. He live alone in a small apartment. It has anything a single living person would need. No Stress.

As he got home, he kept the anime box on his bed, he showered and after that, he tried to open the box.

You see, sometimes life could be a bitch to you. Real bitch and you won't even have the strength to care any longer.

As he took the box to open, he saw something moving from the corner of his eyes. A black thing moving and then climbing his bed.

For a split second, the eyes of Cesaire and the black cat met and the next second, Cesaire was shocked as he didn't know how the black cat entered. He was sure he locked every lockable breach in his house.

Before he could do anything else, he felt like time has slowed down. What he's experiencing felt so surreal to him.

'It's the first time someone has tried to escape from my influence in so many years and to top it all, its a nobody like you'

Cesaire suddenly heard a voice in his head. He thought he was hallucinating but everything felt so real. He didn't even know why he was in this situation.

He looked at the black cat on his bed that has a shining emerald eyes and a cute smirk on its face.

'You Can Talk?!!!'

'Why? Yes I can and actually, I like talking telepathically' the black cat said.

'Alright Blackie! Who are you? Can you tell me what's going on?' Cesaire demanded while still trying to comprehend the phenomenon that was happening.

At this moment, the cat was smirk less by the name 'Did you just call me Blackie? I guess I need to make you get it.

My name is Kasha and you tried to escape my influence on you. That was the reason why I followed you.

You are the first person in many years to have tried escaping from me and that made me amused'

'Ok, so what's this influence you talk about?' Cesaire asked

'Bad Luck.... except from a certain someone who keep using me as an excuse for his lateness who I haven't yet settle the score with, I don't see why you should be exempted from my influence and you must be punished for that' Kasha said.

With an uncertain thoughtful look on his face, Cesaire said 'Are you talking about Kakashi?'

'Whatever his name is, your worries should be the punishment you get!' Kasha finally snapped at the mention of Kakashi's name. The hate in his eyes could not be concealed.

'What punishment!' Cesaire pretended not to notice the look on kasha's face.

'Reincarnation! You are going to be reincarnated with a system!' Kasha said with an evil smirk.

Cesaire: "..."

'Awesome! Reincarnation! How is that a bad thing?'

'Oh boy, you are going to be reincarnated with a faulty system into a mysterious world! Your horrors had just begun'

'Wait a sec! Don't send me off now. I need to open that box and tell Celia goodbye'

Kasha looked at the box beside it and said 'Too late Cee... enjoy your journey.. oh and Happy Birthday Cee. Do your job, Truck-Kun!'

'Wait wh....'


Cesaire suddenly found himself teleported from his house to a busy road filled with speedy vehicles. Before he could react to his environment, he saw a big truck heading towards him and then, he got hit. Hard!

"Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!" A terrible and painful scream echoed through the area.



Cesaire felt numbed with pain. His vision kept blurring with vague signs of people running around and ambulance staffs rushing towards him before putting him on a stretcher.

The police came to secure the area while the ambulance sped away with Cesaire in it. The last thing he saw was a black cat having a cute smirk on it's face.

Kasha looked at Cesaire 'Don't worry, I'll have something accompany you on your way. Bye bye now *Chuckles*'

Cesaire didn't even hear the last thing the bad luck influencing cat said as his vision has long been blacked.

[Flashback Ends]

'They were so many things I wanna do, especially with Celia. It's so sad I didn't even get the chance to open the box'

Cesaire's thoughts just kept flowing out until finally, everything was calm and quiet.

'Huh? What's that? Is that... The Anime Box?' Cesaire's thought suddenly rejuvenated.

Indeed, an anime graphical characters box appeared in his view. The box suddenly started spinning until it opened and what popped out was the symbol of a famous anime—- Naruto Anime

After that display, the box closed by itself and disappeared but Cesaire could still feel its presence around.

«Congratulations for awakening the system»

<[Ninja God System]>






'Oh Shit!' Cesaire was mind blown at this moment. He didn't believe he was really going to be reincarnated and to top it all, he is getting a system. A Naruto System.

'I think I'm liking where this is going! Lemme see my new world Kasha!'