Acquiring a new Star technique

Translator: 549690339

Fire Soul Star bead (gold quality)

Star techniques:

1. Path of flames: flowers of flames will bloom on the ground you step on, with a slight burn effect. Within a certain distance, when someone approached the flame flower, the spell caster would also receive information about the target's location. It had a certain detection effect. (Silver quality, upgradeable)

2. Rejection of flames: condenses star power and creates a rapidly expanding Ring of Fire with the user as the center. It will burn the enemy and push the enemy away. (Silver quality, upgradeable)

3. Flame shield: consume a large amount of star power to summon a translucent flame shield to cover you and block most of the damage. (Gold quality, upgradeable)

Do you wish to absorb them together?"

Jiang Xiao licked his lips and thought to himself, it's really an auxiliary STAR technique from the Fire series. Look at the three star techniques-detection, distance, and shield.