Nine Fates and One EXTRA in cultivation game

A normal guy in his late twenties dies and gets reincarnated in a game as an extra who dies in the backstory , he played the game for years , knows the complete plot , side quests , hidden treasures that can make him over powered , determined to live a happy life again for the second time starts smiling and walk towards the protagonists to change their plot to what he likes daily one chapter none of the 9 protagonists will be " a guy who starts out small , gets a harem , becomes invincible etc " all nine of them will be of different age groups and none will have a harem and mc will also not have one ( there will be romance but no harem ) , it's my first novel so if I make any mistakes please comment, if it's going too slow please tell me thank you

ThePenitentHunter · Eastern
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16 Chs

Don't hurt my ego

I know her clan estate adress and lol it's too easy to find , they have huge board sign " Rao 's estate " on top of a huge gate , their estate is much bigger than my "Roy " family estate

Well meghana's grandfather is the teacher for the current emperor and he was also the adviser and general for the previous emperor , my family has nurtured many ministers from the beginning of the empire so we're really rich and powerfull as well but we rank as the fourth strongest clan after the royal family

Anyway as I enter the estate the guard noticed me but stayed silent ( im the son in law of the house ) but I don't know where meghana lives so instead of asking others and looking suspicious I just kept walking on the paved path observing every building and guess what to my luck ,I can hear someone training and I'm pretty sure it's my wifey , so I jumped onto the wall to check and bingo it's her

She's dressed in tight clothing which just shows off her curves , " I don't think I can stop myself until she's 19 " i thought , people in this world consider 14 year old to be matured and eligible for marriage but I don't , she will look more beautiful in two years after gaining the inheritance but her best look was in the epilogue before she was about to die so I will wait five years

" Until then bj's will be enough I guess , let's go get it "

As I jumped down the wall she noticed me and obviously she was surprised but then asked a weird question" you woke up soo early? , is sun rising from there west ?" With a smirk she looked at the sky and then at me

" Actually my dear wife I couldn't sleep last night because of a problem " I said while moving towards her , her eyes widened and she asked me " is everything alright?, are you hurt ? , did you cultivate wrong ?, do you have inner demon ? " As she kept listing problems which I didn't even know existed , i approached her and with a swift hand I put a finger on her mouth and said with a sad expression " my problem is you seducing me soo much and not letting me touch you wifey , i kept thinking and imagining you the whole night , you are eating me inside out darling " i said while playing with her lips

After seeing her flustered and shy I know my bs worked well , usually i would be happy that it worked but this whole scene would have looked soo good and romantic if I was taller than her , now because I'm shorter than the girl I'm hitting on , I can only imagine this scene being a comedy

" We shouldn't do anything until our marriage ceremony " meghana replied as she composed herself and yes I expected this answer , " I know that , but you are seducing me too much , even now look at you , how can I keep my hands off of you , I feel like I'm going to burst and end up doing something bad to you and I fear that outcome more , I fear the thought of hurting you wifey " i faked a few tears as well this time and hugged her tightly

" Then what should we do ? , should I cancel this marriage or should I ask aunty ana to knock you out again ? " She hugged me even tighter

" Dammit i failed " as I was thinking , she kept squeezing me like a lemon , that's when i realised she's a stage stronger and unfortunately taller than me

" What happened darling ? Are you running out of tricks already" she said that and lifted me , im only few centimetres short but she lifted me , absolutely no f-ing way , I have to take back my dignity here , I used my right hand to pull her head closer for a kiss and bit her lips , she was taken by surprise but I didn't stop , I used my left hand to slap her butt as hard as I can she released me out of pain,i fell to the ground " i hate my height " I said that out loud and looked at her

Meghana was angry , I can see her fire element rising but I was too irritated to care about that , I stood up with sheer anger , maybe because it's a teenagers body but I was barely controlling my anger and I looked in her feiry eye's and said with anger and irritation etched in my voice " if you ever lift me like that again , ever again , you will face me as an enemy you wouldn't wish upon anyone in this world, just because I love you deeply doesn't mean you can hurt my pride girl "

I was angry , I was furious , never in my 29 years of life did I get bullied by a girl, sure I was scolded , shouted at by a dumb class representative who thinks she owns the class, women who just started shouting at me for not being a vegan in a restaurant, I dealt with a fair share of nonsense but being lifted by girl? This hurts my ego on whole other level

I walked away from her and towards the wall I jumped from and I heard meghana crying "I'm sorry I didn't know you were so sensitive about your height, I won't do it again "

I turned around , I can see her crying which melted my heart but that line she just said

" I'm sensitive about my height? , oh my god why did I not die before hearing this ..... Right i actually died before hearing this " i thought in my head

"I guess I can't stay angry at you even for a full minute, stop crying and go get ready we'll go to academy and then I'll take you out for a ride anywhere you wish to go " as soon as I said that her face had a bright glow and she ran inside to get ready