Nine Demons Book

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Nine Demons


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Nathaniel Torres, former FBI agent, is the last survivor and victor of a brutal game between Gods known as the Divine Tournament. Gifted with powers from the competing Gods, humans called Angels struggle to fight billions of Undead. This Tournament has repeated itself countless of times, repeating only when the last survivor and victor is declared. However this time things will be different. Nathaniel’s memories from the previous Divine Tournament have been preserved - allowing him to regress to the day the apocalypse began. Armed with his knowledge of the future and hard-earned skills, Nathaniel desperately hopes to change the future and prevent humanity’s grim death. To do this he searches for the infamous Nine Demons - nine of the strongest humans who defy the will of the Gods. So, welcome to the Apocalypse where the Dead can walk, Gods can die and (some) people can fly. All art by Tithi Laudthong aka Grandfailure Prompt; Most post-apocalyptic stories focus on young or middle aged people, but what about the elderly?

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