Nindō: Dominion

When talking in infinites, unlikely is just certainty waiting its turn. In a paradoxical dimension where space and time are non-existent, infinite possibilities are right around the corner. Including turning back time to fix the mistakes he made. ... Some clarification, it's a regression story, yes. No, it isn't going to start from the beginning of Naruto's story. It's going to be from the new era. Also, the main character is adult Naruto. One of the comments mentioned that they thought the story was about his son. PS. I've only read the manga and haven't seen the anime. So, some of the characters that I write might end up somewhat different than portrayed. ============================================= I'm open to criticism so lay it on me if you have any genuine problem. Join my discord, you can give me suggestions and communicate with me regularly to get updates. https://discord.gg/c3kCBE32vn Check out my Patreon for some extra content. I have 20 advanced chapters of this story there along with some exclusive R-18 scenes. Check it out! www.patreon.com/addyctive ============================================= Also, the cover art isn't mine. I got it from NeoArtCore. This is purely a work of fan fiction. Please support the official release and know I claim no ownership or credit regarding the characters.

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Nindō 0033: Takeover

Naruto appeared in another dimension, still trapped in Kinshiki's arm lock as he attempted to escape but to no avail.

Momoshiki gestured to a huge yet withered tree trunk before Kinshiki approached it with Naruto in tow.

"Your resistance was meaningless as you might have realized. Once we have your chakra, the tree will finally be able to blossom with its chakra fruit," Momoshiki said with desire and arrogance.

"No, you are wrong, Momoshiki," Naruto said, his struggles disappearing as an apathetic expression took over his previously struggling one. "I merely allowed you to bring me to this dimension because —" Naruto's words were interrupted by a punch to his gut as the slender alien snapped.

"How dare a lower being utter this venerable one's name?" Momoshiki clawed Naruto's stomach, initiating Kurama's extraction process.

Naruto didn't react beyond the initial flinch as his lips hardened from the abrupt attack. "I already hurt your ego?" He smiled as Momoshiki's expression turned for the worse.

"What's going on?" The alien looked at Kinshiki. "Why am I unable to pull the fox out of him?" The servant shrugged, not knowing what was going on either. Almost an entire hour passed as the alien used all sorts of methods and techniques to extract Kurama's chakra out of Naruto but failed at every turn.

Not getting even a sliver of the fox's chakra after an hour of effort had infuriated Momoshiki to no end.

"Keep going, Momoshiki. You may yet break through my absolute chakra control. Don't count on it though," Naruto said tauntingly. "Try using those kekkei mōra chakra rods that you Ōtsutsuki seem to love using so much. Maybe they will suppress me enough to allow your weak ass to suck out my chakra."

Momoshiki reacted as Naruto had expected, flaring with anger, the alien created multiple chakra rods using his Rinnegan and shot them all at Naruto. The anger on his face was instantly replaced by astonishment.

Instead of hitting Naruto, the rods all went around him, stabbing Kinshiki in multiple spots and weakening the Ōtsutsuki servant.

"Appreciate the support," Naruto's chakra cloak appeared once again, allowing him to stay airborne to face Momoshiki.

"What did you do?" Momoshiki could tell that something was wrong. He had shot those chakra rods at point-blank range. If they hit something else, it was because he aimed somewhere else.

"That's the sapling of your Divine Tree, right?" Naruto asked, crossing his arms while turning to look at the tree. "Once you feed Kurama to it, the next thing to do should be for that servant of yours to sacrifice himself."

"Answer my question, fox," Momoshiki lost his composure and lashed out, throwing a kick at Naruto.

It missed.

Naruto smiled viciously before punching Momoshiki across the face, sending the Ōtsutsuki flying.

[What do you think about getting that sister for you, eh Kurama?]

[I'd rather you just bring back my actual siblings instead of creating a new one from the amalgamation of their chakra.]

[Ah … My bad. I forgot that they'd already collected the other eight bijū before coming to us. I wonder why.]

[I saw in your memories that they came for us directly after dealing with Gyūki. Something must have changed for them to have changed their course of action.]

[We will find out eventually.]

Naruto concluded the conversation before turning to Momoshiki who ended up freeing Kinshiki instead of attacking him once again.

"What do you know, you do have some brains," Naruto taunted, descending and kicking Momoshiki across the chest. The hand that was raised to block the approaching attack was instead blocking his head.

"What have you done to Lord Momoshiki?" Kinshiki asked, attacking Naruto with his axe. Momoshiki's unnaturalness was clear for anyone to see.

Naruto merely smiled as he moved to dodge the swing and touched his palm on Kinshiki's chest for a moment. A blast of fire sent the alien flying, sending him to collide with the base of the chakra tree.

Momoshiki staggered up, looking at Naruto with a hateful expression, "I now understand why we were to get the other tailed beasts' chakra before yours."

"You can't do much in terms of jutsu without absorbing my own chakra first, can you Momoshiki?" Naruto asked. "I expected you to be stronger than Kaguya, but you are merely … disappointing."

The expression on Momoshiki's face made Naruto laugh, "That wench from the branch family couldn't even complete her task, daring to eat the chakra fruit. And you compare me to her? HER?" The disbelieving tone of his voice seemed genuine but Naruto seemed to be more interested in infuriating the Ōtsutsuki instead of taking the opportunity to attack him.

Momoshiki was quick to attack Naruto once again as Kinshiki came in from the back. The punch that was supposed to hit Naruto hit Kinshiki instead and Naruto kicked Momoshiki away from himself.

"That's what happens when you rely on instant and effortless power, Ōtsutsuki," Naruto taunted. "You don't seem to know how to fight people without those eye powers that you all have. Aren't you supposed to be immortal gods-like beings with an unrivaled battle experience? I don't really see that here."

"What the hell is going on?!" Momoshiki screamed before attacking Naruto once again. His movements were erratic and furious but not a single punch or kick touched Naruto, who didn't even bother to step back or move from his spot. "I'm going to destroy you and everything you love fox! Kinshiki!" Momoshiki's scream was followed by him extending his arm in Kinshiki's direction.

Naruto knew what was about to happen and he let it happen, crossing his arms and standing with a light smile on his face. The arrogance of the so-called mortal was clearly visible to Momoshiki, who only got angrier. Naruto patiently waited for Kinshiki to be pulled in by Momoshiki's Rinnegan and turned into a chakra fruit directly. The slender alien burst out with immense power that eclipsed either of the duo's previous presence.

"I'm going to destroy you," Naruto heard the voice beside his ear and smiled, blocking the punch that was thrown at him. The force was so immense that he was still thrown off of his feet, skidding some distance away.

"Finally!" Momoshiki said gleefully as he approached Naruto once again.

"Finally indeed," Naruto smirked as he ducked under Momoshiki's attack and punched him in the gut while also throwing a kunai at Momoshiki. The alien didn't even flinch from the attack and tilted his body just enough to allow the kunai to pass by him.

"What?!" In that instant, he felt another presence behind himself. "That black cloak!" Momoshiki raised his arm in the air, pulling multiple wooden dragons up from the ground. Sasuke's sword easily sliced through the impediments, but the small delay gave Momoshiki enough time to step away from the path of the slash.

Sasuke landed beside Naruto. "Took you long enough," Naruto said.

"You seemed to be doing well enough without any help," Sasuke said. "Who's this guy?"

"The slender guy converted the fat guy into a fruit and ate him," Naruto explained in brief, leaving Sasuke speechless.

"Bring anyone else?" Naruto asked.

"No," Sasuke shook his head, making Naruto narrow his eyes.

"Tiresome," Momoshiki spoke deeply and with annoyance, raising both hands up in the air as formless energy filled the entire dimension, shaking its foundation itself.


Huge glowing white snakes emerged from the ground, pulling upon the foundation of the dimension itself as they approached Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto responded by exploding with Kurama's chakra, creating similarly sized arms that seized almost all of the snakes, blocking them.

Sasuke jumped above one of them and slashed his sword at another. The Chidori-enhanced slash cut straight through the snake as Sasuke set a third on fire with his Kagutsuchi Amaterasu. The black fire took the form of spikes to impale the snake.

As Naruto took on his Tailed Beast Mode, he caught Sasuke who was about to be attacked by another snake.

Momoshiki, seeing the huge beast in front of himself grunted and pulled out magma from the foundation of the dimension itself, covering himself in a huge golem that was the same size as Naruto's form.

Naruto's maw opened and he threw a barrage of tailed beast balls at the huge construct, stopping it from fully forming and destroying it.

"Sasuke." He spoke and his rival formed the Susano armor over Naruto's cloak. The sword appeared in Naruto's hand which he stabbed right downward, into Momoshiki's unprepared form. What followed was a huge explosion of magma from the stabbing point as the Ōtsutsuki destroyed the foundation of the dimension to hold the attack back.

Naruto met Sasuke's eyes and gestured toward Momoshiki. Sasuke nodded, understanding what Naruto wanted. Despite all that was going on, his Rinnegan was able to focus on Momoshiki's form without any issue. Moments later, Sasuke disappeared, and in his place, Momoshiki appeared.

Reacting quickly, he attempted to attack Naruto.

The attack missed its target by a wide margin.

"NO!" The alien screamed as the dread of his situation finally started creeping upon him.

"Suppress." A deep bestial voice escaped Naruto's throat, freezing Momoshiki in his tracks. The alien could do nothing more than twitch. No matter how hard he tried to move, his figure was completely frozen in place as Naruto unfolded a scroll and put some blood on it before sealing Momoshiki inside.


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