1 Coming To The Battlefield At The Age Of 8, Konoha's High-Level Officials Are Shameless!

Hokage Konoha Village, dark night.

In the Uchiha clan, the Uchiha clan is all there, and the formation is neat.

Uchiha Fugaku, who was the head of the Uchiha clan at the time, was standing on the high platform giving a pre-war speech for the Uchiha clan.

That's right, the reason why all the members of the Uchiha clan are here at the moment is because the Uchiha clan has just received an order from the senior officials of Konoha——

From now on, the entire Uchiha family has been assigned to the battlefield to support the Konoha army and strive to win the third ninja war that has swept the five countries!

On the eve of going to the battlefield, Uchiha Fugaku deliberately convened all the clansmen for pre-war mobilization and speeches to motivate the clan members.

"It seems that I really underestimated the shamelessness of the top management of Konoha."

Among the Uchiha clan team at this time, Feiyun, who was only 8 years old, looked around and found that almost all the Uchiha clan members were there.

In addition to the adults, children as young as 3, 4, and 5 were also in the team.

Apparently, these young children, who could almost be called children, were also included among those who went to war.

Children who are only a few years old and can only use the most basic Three Body Technique and throw kunai are also sent to cruel battlefields, and how many of these children can survive can be imagined.

These are the hopes for the future of the Uchiha family.

It can only be said that the high-level Konoha used a knife to kill people and played beautifully.

The obvious thing is that Uchiha Fugaku, who was the patriarch at the time, only had an argument with the senior officials of Konoha, and was suppressed by the senior officials of Konoha on the grounds that the Uchiha family did not obey orders.

It can only be said that the patriarch Uchiha Fugaku does not have the courage to break the boat.

It was related to the night of the genocide that Uchiha Fugaku owned Mangekyō Sharingan but completely gave up resistance and allowed the filial son Uchiha Itachi to cut off his own head. It would be eight lifetimes of blood and mold for such a patriarch, the Uchiha family.

However, although Feiyun has the intention to revive the Uchiha family, he is unable to Revolving Heaven. After all, he is only an 8-year-old child. Although he is a transmigrator, the system has not been awakened.

That's right, Feiyun is a transmigrator who has been in the Hokage world for nearly two years, and his identity is the only grandson of the chief elder of the Uchiha family.

Having lived with the Uchiha people for nearly 2 years, Feiyun gradually developed strong feelings for the Uchiha family.

To outsiders, the Uchiha family is arrogant, inhumane, and even mentally ill, but as a member of Uchiha, Feiyun can feel the warmth between the Uchiha people.

Unity, brave, and strong, they really want to integrate into the village, but because of the high-level fears of Konoha, they have to endure the misunderstandings of the villagers and other families for a long time, so that the Uchiha family can only live in a corner and gather together for warmth.

Feiyun also secretly made up his mind that he must revive the Uchiha clan to avoid the tragedy of genocide in the original book.

Saying so, but two years later, Feiyun has no intention of awakening the system.

Fortunately, with a good bloodline and the resources given by his grandfather, the elder Uchiha, Feiyun has already started a sharingan at the age of 8.

At the age of 8, Feiyun can be regarded as a genius of the Uchiha family.

However, with just one gouyu Sharingan, it is a fool's dream to revive the Uchiha family. At least one must have Mangekyō or even the eternal Mangekyō to revive the Uchiha family.

Even if there is no system, Feiyun wants to rely on his own efforts to become stronger step by step, and wait until the time is right to realize the dream of the revival of the Uchiha family.

But now it seems that he has far underestimated the shamelessness of Konoha's senior management.

With this order, the future hope of the Uchiha family will probably be lost by half.

Even the transmigrator himself cannot guarantee that he will survive the next battle.

It's so dark.

Feiyun can even imagine the smug look on Third Hokage and Shimura Danzō when they gave the order.

at this time.

[Ding ~ system detected]

[Ding~The system is being generated]

[Ding~Congratulations to Host, the system was successfully generated! ]

Hearing the long-lost voice, Feiyun let out a long breath.

Feiyun, who was a fan of online literature in his previous life, knew very well what the system meant, and his Cheat was finally here.

It seems that the system also understands that if it does not appear again, I am afraid that I will die under the conspiracy of the Konoha high-level.

"System, what is your function?" Feiyun asked impatiently.

[This system is called a god-level copy system, and the host can copy everything he sees, including the amount of Chakra, the limit of blood, talent, ninjutsu, ninja tools, etc.! ]


[Name: Uchiha Feiyun]

[Age: 8 years old]

[Chakra Volume: Elite Genin]

[Ninjutsu: Three Body Technique, Fire Style Great Fireball Technique, Fire Style; Dragon Fire Technique, Fire Style Great Fire Dragon Technique, Rasengan....]

[Illusion: Sharingan Illusion]

[Physical Technique: Uchiha Fluid Technique]

[Boundary of Blood Successor: A Gouyu Sharingan. ]

[Special ability: Copy everything. ]

[Note: Host can only copy the amount of Chakra or the blood limit that is one level higher than his current level. ]

[Example: The Host is currently the One Gouyu Sharingan, and can only copy the Two Gouyu Sharingan. After you have the Two Gouyu Sharingan, you can copy the Three Tomoe Sharingan! ]


"Copy everything?" Feiyun's eyes lit up when he saw this.

At the same time, the pre-war mobilization of Uchiha Fugaku on stage just arrived at the high court, and the emotional Uchiha Fugaku directly opened the Three Tomoe Sharingan.

Some excited Uchiha tribesmen also followed the patriarch Uchiha Fugaku to open the Sharingan. At this time, Feiyun also opened his own Sharingan.

Immediately, Feiyun felt the meaning of copying everything in the system's mouth.

[Ding~Congratulations to the Host for successfully replicating Ergouyu Sharingan! ]

[Ding~Congratulations to Host successfully copying Three Tomoe Sharingan! ]

In an instant, Feiyun felt the sudden increase in pupil power, a comfortable force was constantly washing his pupils, his eyes became clearer and brighter, and the visual distance became farther and farther.

After a while, Feiyun found that at the system panel, his Sharingan level had become a three-goal jade!

Not only that.

[Ding~Congratulations to Host for successfully replicating Chūnin quality Chakra and combat experience! ]

[Ding~Congratulations to Host for successfully replicating Elite Chunin quality Chakra and combat experience! ]

[Ding~Congratulations to Host for successfully replicating Jōnin quality Chakra volume and combat experience! ]

[Ding~Congratulations to Host for successfully replicating Elite Jōnin quality Chakra and combat experience! ]

Feeling the crazy surge of Chakra in his body, Feiyun found out that his system panel has been completely new!

[Name: Uchiha Feiyun]

[Age: 8 years old]

[The amount of Chakra: Elite Jōnin! ]

[Ninjutsu: Three Body Technique, Fire Style Great Fireball Technique, Fire Style; Dragon Fire Technique.......]

[Illusion: Sharingan Illusion]

[Physical Technique: Uchiha Fluid Technique]

[Blood follower limit: Three Tomoe Sharingan! ]

[Special ability: Copy everything. ]

[Note: Host can only copy the amount of Chakra or the blood limit that is one level higher than his current level. ]

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