20 Chapter 20:- [Bonus chapter 1] Damaged Soul


The door was loudly kicked open by Joseph, William's father. After hearing what has happened to his son, the royal incubus nearly had a heart attack. After barging in, the enraged father looked at his son who was lying on the bed, unconscious with bandages wrapped around his body.

Everyone in the room glanced at Joseph. No one was in the mood to scold him for kicking the door. It was not just Joseph who was devastated by the news, everyone in the family was heartbroken and very sad. William's mother, Olivia fainted the moment she heard the news. The shock was too much for her to handle.

"Laura, can you please tell us what happened to him? The former queen, Rosie was sitting next to her daughter and patting her daughter's back. Her eyes were red and her voice was choked up. Even though she didn't spend that time much time with William, because of him that she was able to escape death. Rosie had unknowingly developed some feelings for William. Like everyone, she was also devastated.

"Yes, it was the Fae Lord." Even though Laura didn't cry in front of others, everyone could see the sadness that she tried to hide with a layer of coldness. Right now Laura's voice was colder than frost itself. Her coldness was making it difficult for people to approach her. Jessica and others felt that the Empress had turned into a different person.

"Why did that bastard attack my son?" Joseph nearly roared. His body was slightly shaking because of anger. The man had 4 wives and 4 children. William was born after having three daughters. It was no surprise that William had a special place in Joseph's heart.

Joseph looked so angry that William's stepmothers were starting to feel afraid of even approaching their husband. It was not just Joseph, William's three stepmothers were equally sad as his real mother. Together they had raised William from childhood. Deep down, they considered William as their real son and loved him that way.

"With a fortunate counter, William became the new ruler." Laura's words were like bombs. Joseph and others couldn't help but glance at the 14 years old young boy who was lying on the bed with a pale face. Everyone had gotten the message of a new ruler being born. They never expected William to be that person.

"What I am going to say next must remain in this word. If the words get out, I will personally butcher that person." Even angry Joseph shivered a little under Laura's cold threat.

"William became the Night Monarch and the new Ruler of Night. But Fae Lord found out about this and confronted us."

Laura looked at William with sadness and regret. "His spiritual attack was too strong. Even my strongest barrier couldn't stop his attack." Laura then took out the damaged black sword that she had given to William. "If not for this Epic tier black sword he would have died."

Laura purposely did not tell Will about the rank of his sword. It was this Epic tier sword that managed to block most of the attack.

"William is very lucky. If the black sword had not blocked most of the most, his entire soul would have been destroyed." Everyone glanced at Succubus Doctor who works for the royal family and the Empress.

Her name was Rose. She was a half-royal Succubus. Rose has been working as the doctor of the royal family and the Empress for 10 decades now. Despite her young looks, she was actually over [140+] years old.

"When will William wake up?" Laura coldly asked.

Rose had a voluptuous body. Wide and seductive hip and big breasts. Rose was still single. Because of her love and passion for her profession, she never really settled down with anyone. From time to time she would sleep with Incubus to satisfy her sexual needs.

"Because of the legend grade healing potion, you feed him, all of his physical wounds are almost healed. But...."

"His soul is still injured." Olivia completely the rest of the sentence. Everyone found Olivia had woken up. She was barely holding back her tears.

"Yes. I am not sure how exactly how much of William's soul has been damaged. Normally even if one percent of the soul is damaged, the user will lose a huge chunk of his powers. Just to heal that one percent damaged soul, it will take from 8 to 10 years."


"In William's case, the percentage is high. I am not fully sure but what I can tell from experience is that at least 10 percent of William's soul has been damaged or maybe even more than that."

"In your estimation how long will it take for my son to wake up?" Joseph had now calmed down a little. But his eyes were still red from anger.

"He might not even wake up if the damage is too big. If the soul damage is only 10 percent or around that number, you can expect William to regain his consciousness after 40 to 50 years. But don't worry, even though he is in a coma, his body will still continue to develop and grow with time."

"Your Highness, Fae Lord should have received punishment for attacking a level zero being" Laura coldly nodded her head.

"He has lost his authority as the Ruler of Frost and his level also has dropped." Everyone knew what Joseph was thinking. This mad man was going to hunt for the Fae Lord.

"Before coming here, I already have dispatched an army of 10,000 to find the Fae Lord's location. Now that his level has dropped, I am sure that bastard is going to hide in some cave."

"Alright, I will be taking my leave. If my changes happen to William, please let me know about it." Rose then grabbed her medical bag and exited the room.

After she left the whole room descended into silence. No one what to do anymore. Olivia walked up to William and silently hugged him. The pain of losing her son was unbearable.

"I will be taking my leave. I have work to do." Laura coldly said as she walked out of the room. No one can see even a trace of emotion on her cold face.

"Sister, I won't bother you either. I will be going. Please do not tell anyone about my recovery." Maria, William's grandmother wiped the tears from her cheeks and nodded her head. After that Rosie left with her daughter.



One week passed,

In that week time, everyone in the royal family came to see William. Everyone shed tears of sadness. William's three sisters who were studying far away from the Sithen Empire returned after hearing the news. The House of Portsley lost its shine, joy, and glory without William. Everyone was drowned in sadness and the atmosphere was gloomy. No one in the house had the appetite to have food or do anything.

The same thing happened to the Empress and her mother. Both Laura and Rosie felt as if their entire life has been changed. Laura and Rosie were used to William's presence. His presence in the royal palace kept things fun, and joyous but now their source of happiness was lost.

With William's disappearance, Laura started getting more and more colder as the days passed. She spent most of her time on her throne. It was as if she was trying to distract her mind by busying herself with work.

"Report, we have found the location of the mountain bandit group."

"Good. Bring the heads of those Bandits." Everyone individual before the Empress's presence trembled hearing her cold voice. After William stopped coming to the royal palace, it was as if the Empress had lost her emotions. She started becoming cold and more ruthless with each passing day.

"Your highness, the Lion Heart Merchant group has shown their interest to purchase oil from us. They asked if the Empress to have a meeting with them."


"Who does he think he is?"

"I am Empress. Why should I go to meet him?" Everyone once again shivered hearing the Empress's cold tone.

"Tell Lion Heart Merchant group that from now on the Sithen Empire won't do any business with their group. If I see them in the Empire after one week, this Empress shall personally kill them."

"But your Majesty, don't you feel that this is too much? I mean there is no need to force the Lion Heart Merchant group out of our Empire."

"You dare to question my words?" Seeing those cold eyes that contained endless killing intent, the royal advisor immediately kneeled on the floor and rapidly shook his head. "No, NO. This lowly servant doesn't. Please forgive me for overstepping my boundaries."

Rosie who has been observing her daughter from the corner sighed as she walked back to her room. Laura has been getting colder and more ruthless with the passing days. If anyone dared to disobey or even question her decision, she would have that person killed without any hesitation.

A drop of tear fall on the ground. One big incident changed everything. It impacted the lives of hundreds and indirectly impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands.


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