10 Global Update Part 1

On the planet of Destina, hundreds of billions of people were building up cities.

Everyone, from elves to orcs, had something special about their city. From design to landscape.

People also ruled differently. Some like tyrants, who never listened to their citizens, and some like brothers, who found companionship between themselves and their citizens.

Every action has a consequence in this world, and one wrong move could lead to death. It was a fantasy world after all. Great dragons flew around the world, and if you even slighted them, you were dead.

Trent, a 19-year-old, thought he was in luck when he got a 3-star role. Even with the 3 stars, he found abundant resources and even rolled his previous species, human.

He found a ruin which held countless secrets about the world. He started practising its secrets and found he could use magic!

Realising he was certainly the protagonist, he looked down on his citizens, who were just regular people.

He had never worked hard to build his city and had only made a few houses. I say he; he ordered his citizens to build it. He placed his citizen pole in a "perfect" position 2 days after he spawned, leading to a miss of the greater reward, but he probably would not care.

He was the protagonist, after all.

A day later, when a dragon flew overhead, he thought it was finally time for his next big event. This dragon would obviously be impressed by his magical prowess and take him in as a disciple. Now was his chance.

He shot his most powerful fireball at the majestic creature.

He and all of his citizens burned to death 4 seconds later.

Nirvana was an elf before his planet died.

He was now a repulsive human. He hated his human body and disliked the citizens' attitude. They all did not treat nature with enough respect.

They had to do nasty things like reproduce and expel what they ate. Elves were born from the mother tree and only ate nature's essence.

He rolled a 2-star starting position and spawned in the grasslands. Here, he and his hateful citizens build their home.

He wanted to do well and put away his hatred for his citizens, but they started complaining about work.

He snapped and called them lazy and useless. He was stronger than them, as he had had formal training for war and thus beat his citizens to submission.

They now worked with no complaints, and their city was growing at an amazing rate.

Nirvana did well in his 3 days and was preparing for war with a neighbour he had recently found.

He wanted to complete that hard mission and get that reward.

He wanted to win, and nothing was getting in his way.

Innocent or not,

Roy was a naïve child.

He was brought up to be thankful for nature and to give his money to the poor. He was a good child who hated injustice and wanted to do good in the world.

Later, he became a cop to rid the world of evil criminals. Yet, all he found were the mentally ill and the desperate.

He learned that not much crime was as shown in dramas, and it was much more saddening.

Then even the world ended.

He was depressed. All he wanted was to do good, and yet the world seemed to not want that.

Now he had a chance. He's got elves and a 1-star roll.

He spawned next to a famous minor world tree that would give him an extra 5 citizens a day. He practised hard on his nature and found he had a great aptitude.

He loved his people, and they loved him. He was a kind and caring lord and did not even force them to train.

The elves, on the other hand, were full of honour, and while they smiled at Roy because he was their superior, every other race was trash in their eyes.

Their ideology was spreading to Roy, and he was starting to dislike other races, seeing them as evil creatures that must be destroyed.

He found a brutish orc neighbour and was preparing for elimination. He must not let that brute corrupt the holy god of nature.

He must die, for the good of everyone.

Drew was lucky. He got a 1-star position. How could it get any better? He was an elf, which was odd, but he found it great as he could have an elf haram.

Yes, Drew was a degenerate.

He forced himself on the elven woman when they spawned. He found himself to be a protagonist who would have everything given to him. He rolled a 1, so obviously he was lucky.

Reinforcing his opinion, he found a sword called "Holy Sword, Splendida", which made him as strong as a bear and his swordsmanship improved to 3 stars.

(Swordsmanship goes from 1 to 7 stars, and each increase in star means you are 10 times as good as the previous star. An average swordsman is 1 star, so Drew here is 100x as good as an average swordsman.

After this, he further abused his citizens, who were already bordering on rebellion.

He died in his sleep a day later.

Finally, Novanna.

Novanna was a good lord who helped her community grow. She was a human previously, but changed to a dwarf.

She held a distaste for dwarfs but, after a while, grew to like her short stature.

Getting a 3-star state position meant she got a decent start; she was in a cave, a dwarf's favourite habitat, and with the help of her citizens, grew the city quite a bit in 3 days.

She found a blueprint of a forge in a chest yesterday and was preparing her entire efforts towards making it.

She wanted to rule the underground and had enough ambition to get her there.

Will her three-star starting position be enough to get her there?

She was a good example of Alex's future competition. He would have to work hard to win in this realm.

Many in the grasslands had already completed the hard mission and were gaining helpful tips on how to grow stronger quicker.

Some were already dead, and some were given rewards just because they had gotten a 1 star starting position.

He was right in thinking he would have to work hard to reduce the gap between starting positions.

Alex was a long way away from being the winner yet.

The organisers were happy with this batch because they seemed extra dumb. No comradery and no arduous work led to at least a 10% drop in the overall population of Destina. There were some good picks, though, that might even make it further.

It had only been 3 days though; he would come back to check on it after a year. to see how they were doing.

They moved their galactical bodies and moved away from the planet they had just made.

They needed to check on another past competition. What was it in between again?

Ah, yes. Minotaurs, Drakes, and Hydras.

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