1 Eternal Peace.

Standing on the terrace of a tall building, I could feel the breeze passing through my hair. If I jump down from here, my suffering will end, going to the place of... Eternal peace.

But is it worth it? I am going to die anyway, can't I just wait so the disease can take me away?

"Don't think that's a nice idea" said a voice, maybe referring to me. Turning back I looked at the stranger, he looked like some old grumpy man, tired of life... I guess.

"What do you mean?" I asked, looking at him. I didn't really understand his words... To be honest; I didn't want to.

"Have you heard of hell?" he asked, looking at me. Showing me some weird smile.

Don't know what sort of question is that... Don't think there is anyone on Earth who doesn't know about that.

"I guess you have heard of it from your expressions," he said, showing me his incomplete teeth.

He seems crazy, maybe he's some sort of motivational speaker... Working on reducing suicide.

"No need to preach your ethics to me, I changed my mind," I said, walking past him to get close to the door.

"Are you sure you don't want to listen?" he said, turning to face me still with that weird smile on his face.

If I move on from here; it will become disrespectful, though he looks insane giving him some face won't hurt.

"Yes old man; I'm about to die, won't mind listening to your story," I said, moving toward the wall.

"That's a good boy, I can assure you; this will be very helpful to your life," he said, looking at me like some kid who found a new toy.

"In the vast universe, there exist different planets, in other words... Worlds filled with different creatures and strange things," he said, using his hand to demonstrate.

Like his hands weren't enough, he had to go ahead and pick up some round-shaped toys which resembled planets in a sense.

Taking out what seemed to be a map from his bag, he placed it on the ground. It had shining dots on it like stars, and even though it was paper, it looked... Really fancy.

Gently placing the round toys on the map, timing them to fit perfectly in whatever position he placed them.

"This is a vast universe with a lot of worlds, so tell me which one you like?" he said, raising his head to look at me.

Though annoying I guess I would have to make a choice, scanning through the toys, there was one that caught my attention.

Beautiful, and big, it looked brilliant, making it my first choice. Pointing straight to it. I looked at him to see his reaction.

"Hahaha good! You're a smart kid," he said laughing, patting me like a kid who just passed his exams.

"Really, what do I gain from it?" I asked, trying to understand his ideology. 

"Don't worry, you'll see soon," he said, smiling sheepishly.

"But remember! Don't ever believe in hell!... If you want to make it out!" he said seriously, it looked like something was wrong with that. Not like I believed in hell anyway, but I think I should take his words seriously.

"Yes!" I said, not wanting to annoy him when I'd come this far.

"Okay, leave now and don't look back, no matter what!" he said, looking me in the eye.

"Thanks for the advice," maybe he's a crazy old man, but seeing someone with the same ideology as you is not bad. Not wanting to break any of his rules, I kept moving forward, passing through the door.

"Now it's up to you; if you pass or not," said the old man under his breath.

Walking into the building, I could see people moving around in a rush. With many of them dressed in uniforms... mainly white.

A hospital is a busy place, always having to attend to many people. Sometimes, I wonder what the world would be like without one.

"Where is Mr. Liam?" asked a nurse to her colleague, she sounded frightened. She really cares for this Liam guy... Don't she?

"Don't know how he got through our surveillance," said the other, seeming to look through footage on her device.

"Don't worry, I'm over here!" I said, waving my hand at them. I'm currently one of the most troublesome patients, always leaving my sick bed and taking off all drips and essential equipment attached to me.

Looking at me I could feel their anger, having someone who troubles you, without contributing much to your life is not a good experience.

"Are you alright?" said the first nurse, walking towards me, with a pained expression. She seemed to genuinely care about my health, so I will exempt her from my hater list.

"Nurse Grace, you don't have to worry about me! I will be fine," I said, putting my hand on her shoulders, to calm her down.

*Cough cough* coughing heavily I fell to the ground holding my chest. Don't know why it had to start now of all times, maybe it was due to... Stress.

I could feel an ionic taste on my tongue, even my nose could perceive it, taking out the hands I used to cover my mouth.

I could see blood splattering on the floor, staining the white tiles with a dark red substance.

Looking up, I could see the shocked, and worried expression on Grace's face, rushing towards me.

"Bring the carrier!" she yelled, trying to get me up with an injection in her hands. I could tell that she planned to use it on me, maybe some kind of painkiller or whatever drugs can help this situation.

"Don't worry! I guess it's my time," I said, stopping her from continuing the administration.

"What's wrong with you? It's not too late!" she yelled, with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Don't know why she's crying, but can't say I hate it; who wouldn't want to be missed?

"I will be fine, it's my time to move on!" I said, with a tear drop coming from my eyes.

"To a better place," I continued, placing my palms on her cheeks.

'I don't want to die' I thought, with the number of stored tears increasing, threatening to fall out.

But I have to be strong, and I can't let her see me crying. Life has always been that way, you start missing it at your end... Wishing you had lived better.

"Can you promise to live on? For yourself and me?" I asked, looking deep into her tear-filled eyes. A very hypocritical sentence to make, but... I don't want her to live in guilt, for no reason.

"You can still live... Just hold on!" she said, struggling to get her hands out of my grip. Don't know why they were just looking at us like statues, maybe my life was just... A joke.

"I said call the carrier!" yelled Grace, glaring at all the people present. As if being brought to life, they started moving, separating to different locations.

Too late; I could tell it was my end, time for my eternal rest. Looking at Grace one last time; I closed my eyes, ready to go toward the end.

"Please... don't..... me... I..... ....u" her words became blurry, and her cry intensified.

"Live on for me pl..e..a..se," I said, forcing those last words out of my mouth; before giving in to the dark side.

      A cliche' end… Indeed.


*Huff puff Huff puff* in a dimly lit room, breathing sounds could be heard, in a rhythmical pattern.

"Where am I?" said a figure, in a tired tone, taking a little look around. From the voice, it seemed to be a male and... A young one at that.

"Is this what *Eternal rest* looks like?" said the figure, struggling to get up from his position.

"Guess being chained up is a part of the rest. Maybe to stop you from moving, when you are supposed to rest?" he said, sounding sarcastic.

"Dying is really a hard task, even my voice seems different," he said, just noticing the fact that his voice sounds like that of a kid.

*Creak* with the sound of a door opening, light entered the room, through the small space between the door. Closing his eyes briefly, so they could adjust to the sudden lightning that hit his face.

'Ohh fuck, what kind of resting place is this' he thought, not daring to say it out loud. As someone with brains, he knew better than challenging things he didn't have a general idea of.

"Is the kid still alive?" came a voice, it was heavy and metallic, giving one the impression that the speaker is a middle-aged male.

"Not sure my lord, he was suffering from a high fever," said another, this time his voice seemed pretty small compared to the first male.


"Then check you bastard!" yelled the first speaker, with a resounding slap echoing through the dark room.

'Fuck, is this hell' thought the kid, crying out imaginary tears.

'That old bastard; what has he done? I always knew he was a bad omen' thought the kid, getting resigned to his fate.

*Clomp clomp* walking in through the door was a bulky man, with muscles that seemed to defy the laws of physique.

'Yup, this is hell' thought the kid, with a teardrop rolling down his cheeks.

'I should have listened to those preachers, maybe I would have been in heaven' he thought, regretting his choice.

"Hey kid, you are still strong and healthy? 'Ya," said the bulky man, grinning wildly.

"Ahhhh! Are we sure it's not his spirit of vengeance?" said his companion, hiding behind his back.

"Hey fool, I don't care if it's a spirit or not," said the bulky man, moving closer to the kid.

"Then how did he survive? Though he looks skinny, he still has a vibrant glow," said the other, still hiding.

'Now I'm a ghost, is that not what everyone is known as in hell' yelled the kid in his mind.

"Don't worry kid, we got big shots to sell you to *hahahahaha*" said the bulky man, hitting his tummy while laughing hysterically.

       'I guess this is the end for me'.

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