38 Forgetting Your Mother Since You Have a Father!

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"Rewarding the Chaos Sacred Body after helping Xuan Zi remember one word? This system was really generous!"

Lin Xuan was delighted when he saw the reward given by the system.

The Chaos Sacred Body was an extremely rare Innate Divine Body.

Currently, it was ranked first on the Divine Body rankings in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm!

With this Sacred Body, one could draw endless Dao power from the illusory center of the chaos in the Universe.

It could continue until his fleshly body reached the great circle of the Paragon Realm, and he was invincible.

It could be said that this was a type of lazy person constitution that didn't require cultivation.

However, this did not stop it from being abnormally powerful.

It would be a lie if Lin Xuan said that he was unhappy!


"Do you want to extract the rewards?"


"You have successfully extracted the Chaos Sacred Body!"

In that instant, Lin Xuan felt a drastic change in his body.

All the bones, meridians, flesh, and blood vessels were broken and recombined with particles.

It was as if the interior of his body had instantly shattered into a universe with billions of planets, and it was arranging and assembling according to a new rule.

In just a few seconds, this arrangement was completed.

Lin Xuan felt that every cell of his seemed to resonate with the center of the endless chaos.

Even if he did not move, he could absorb the Dao force into his body through the void.

"As expected of a top-notch divine body. It's really too powerful!"

After Lin Xuan carefully felt it, he couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

"Daddy, did I not sing well?" Xuan Xi saw Lin Xuan in a daze, and her heart instantly tightened.

Lin Xuan hurriedly came back to his senses and shook his head with a smile. "Of course not! Xuan Xi sang very well!"

His good daughter learning a new word allowed Lin Xuan to obtain the divine body. Lin Xuan really loved her to death!

"Heehee!" Xuan Xi chuckled happily, revealing her adorable dimples.

As long as she remembered this children's song, she was unafraid of not remembering that word anymore.

Xuan Zhu, Xuan Han, and Xuan You walked over at this moment.

They had heard Xuan Xi sing just now and found it very interesting.

"Xuan Xi, what were you singing just now?" Xuan Zhu asked.

Xuan Xi smiled. "Father taught me this. Let's sing it together!"

"Alright!" Xuan Han clapped her hands happily.

Xuan You also had an expectant look on her face. This little demoness not only loved to be mischievous, but she also loved to sing.

The four sisters then sang and danced in the yard while looking extremely cheerful.

At this moment, a charming voice sounded. "Babies, what song are you singing?"

Donghuang Ziyou wore a violet-golden long robe and walked in gracefully.

The four little girls quickly surrounded her.

"Mother, it's a children's song that Father taught us. It's so pleasant!"

With that, the little girls sang the song together.

"How pleasant!" Donghuang Ziyou revealed a delighted expression and glanced at Lin Xuan.

She did not expect him to have such talent.

When he saw Donghuang Ziyou bringing the children over, Lin Xuan casually asked, "Are you not busy with court affairs today and have time to see the children?"

"Yes." Donghuang Ziyou nodded. "After I received the help of a benefactor, the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom's matter has been settled very smoothly. I have to accompany my children for a day."

"Oh." Lin Xuan had a nonchalant expression. He naturally knew that the person she was referring to was him.

Donghuang Ziyou shook her head silently.

If another person heard her words, he would definitely ask her who that benefactor was.

However, Lin Xuan had a nonchalant expression.

In the end, he was not interested in these things at all. His ambition did not lie in those matters.

After she restrained her thoughts, Donghuang Ziyou smiled lightly and asked Xuan Zhu and the others, "You guys didn't slack off during the past few days, right?"


"With Father around, we will all work hard!"

Hearing the children's words, Donghuang Ziyou's smile grew wider.

No matter what, it was still worth it for Lin Xuan to take care of the children.

With him watching them, the children's homework and martial arts progress should be guaranteed.

Apart from her homework, Donghuang Ziyou was most concerned about the children's martial arts cultivation.

She secretly decided that in another year, after the children completely mastered the "Skylight Sword Technique", she would teach them higher-level sword techniques.

"Alright. While Mother is free today, where do you guys want to go?" Donghuang Ziyou looked at the children dotingly.

The four girls immediately racked their brains and discussed for a long time before deciding to go to Saint View Mountain.

They had heard that it was spring all year round. It was the only place in North Mystic Heaven where spring scenary could be seen.

"Alright, let's go to the Saint View Mountain." Donghuang Ziyou waved her hand and the sky behind her flashed with golden light.

The nine dragons pulled the Mystic Ice Jade Carriage down from the clouds and stopped in the yard.

"Let's go." Donghuang Ziyou spoke to Lin Xuan.

Lin Xuan followed her and brought the children up the Mystic Ice Jade Carriage.

As expected of the most prestigious carriage in the North Mystic Heaven. The luxuriousness of the Mystic Ice Jade Carriage was beyond imagination.

Compared to it, the jade carriage of the Azure-Winged Flying Bird was simply at the level of a commoner.

Within the jade carriage, there were two rows of seats facing each other. They were both carved with divine phoenixes, and they were luxurious and beautiful.

After Lin Xuan and Donghuang Ziyou sat down opposite each other, the four little girls immediately pounced into Lin Xuan's arms.

Donghuang Ziyou couldn't help but open her mouth when she saw this, and she felt jealous.

"These girl really… forget their mother after having a father!"

Seeing the four little girls in Lin Xuan's arms, Donghuang Ziyou felt amused and helpless.

Not long after, Xuan Zhu turned around and came before Donghuang Ziyou.

"Baby, you're here to accompany Mother…" Donghuang Ziyou was delighted. Her eldest daughter, Xuanzhu, doted on her mother the most.

However, before she could finish speaking, her fair hand was grabbed by Xuan Zhu.

Xuan Zhu said, "Mother, sit on Father's legs with us too!"

Donghuang Ziyou's face flushed.

"Mother can't sit on your father's lap!" She quickly shook her head.

"Why?" Not only Xuan Zhu, but the other three girls also turned their heads with puzzled expressions.

Donghuang Ziyou suppressed her shyness. "Because Mother is an adult and will crush your father's legs."

"Oh!" Xuan Zhu and the others didn't think much of it, because their mother's words had always been very reasonable.

"But Mother, it's so strange sitting opposite us!" Xuan Han shook her head.

A family should sit together.

"Sit over." Lin Xuan naturally understood his daughters' mindset.

Donghuang Ziyou thought about it and nodded before sitting in Lin Xuan's row.

Between the two of them, there were four girls. They looked like a family of six.

However, Donghuang Ziyou's face blushed slightly while her heart raced.

This was the first time in four years that she had been so close to Lin Xuan.

Fortunately, Lin Xuan's indifferent expression resolved the awkward atmosphere. On the way, Donghuang Ziyou's mood was rather relaxed.

When they reached Saint View Mountain, they saw that it was indeed spring all year round here.

It was filled with flowers and greenery.

After playing with the children for a long time,

Donghuang Ziyou stood at the side and looked at Lin Xuan and the children with gentle eyes.

Although Lin Xuan was different from other men and did not have ambition,

these sort of days were also very cozy and wonderful.

She was the North Mystic Heaven's empress, an Emperor Realm powerhouse. Sometimes, she felt immense pressure.

She shouldn't have asked Lin Xuan to share the burden with her.

In that case, she would let it continue.

She would bear the pressure alone.

Donghuang Ziyou thought to herself. Her gaze was determined, and she seemed to have made a major decision.

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