29 Amused by His Daughters!

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Wang Wenyang walked in front of Lin Xuan and bowed respectfully.

"Consort, can you tell me in detail what is the Mystic Sky Flying Dragon?"

The Mystic Sect he controlled had existed for more than 12,000 years.

Ever since he became the sect master, he had more or less mastered the knowledge and skills left behind by his ancestor.

The only thing was that he didn't know what a Mystic Sky Flying Dragon


Lin Xuan's words and actions made Wang Wenyang certain that the North Mystic Heaven's Consort was definitely more knowledgeable than he had imagined.

Lin Xuan said calmly, "The so-called Mystic Sky Flying Dragon is just a Feng Shui formation."

"Mystic refers to time, while sky refers to space, and flying dragon represents slaughter!"

"This formation was created by Feilong Zhenren thirty-six thousand years ago."

Wang Wenyang and the others revealed shocked expressions.

"No wonder this light shield looks so powerful. It's an ancient array formation!"

"The Consort is indeed knowledgeable. You can even describe such a formation in such detail!"

"You've really broadened my horizons!"

Wang Wenyang shook his head and sighed. "No wonder my Yuan Opening Compass is useless. This formation is too powerful!"

Lin Xuan smiled playfully. "Who said that the Yuan Opening Compass is useless?"

"Huh?" Wang Wenyang was first shocked, then he revealed a look of understanding. "As expected, Consort, you already have a way to break through it!"

Bai Fengxin and the others nodded silently.

How could the Consort not know the method to crack the Mystic Sky Flying Dragon?

When they thought about how the 'Mystic Sky Flying Dragon' was an ancient grade formation, everyone's admiration and awe for Lin Xuan grew even more.

"Then, Consort, how should I use this Yuan Opening Compass?" Wang Wenyang hurriedly asked for instructions.

Lin Xuan pointed at the huge golden shield in front of him.

"Use the Yuan Opening Compass to locate it. The Connate River Diagram will show the four and nine o'clock positions, and the Hindcasting Rosette will be at the six and eight o'clock positions!"

There were ten phalanxes. Even if it was a formation with a long history like the Mystic Sky Flying Dragon,

to Lin Xuan, it was just a piece of cake.

It was to the extent where he only had to give some pointers.

"Yes, I'll go right now!" Wang Wenyang's eyes were filled with awe and veneration.

The Connate River Diagram, the Hindcasting Rosette.

They were the two most mysterious and profound classics in Fengshui.

However, Lin Xuan could casually say two of their directions.

Such ability made Wang Wenyang feel like he had met a peerless expert.

At this moment, his impression of Lin Xuan kept improving.

Bai Fengxin and the others present were also full of praise.

Lin Xuan's words were profound and difficult to understand. The more it was like this, the more people felt that he was impressive.

Wang Wenyang had already arrived in front of the enormous golden shield.

He revolved the true essence in his body with all his strength and merged it with the Yuan Opening Compass in his hand. He controlled the needle to point at the directions Lin Xuan told him.

Hu ~ Hu ~

Where the pointer was pointing, two balls of red light immediately appeared on the huge light shield.

Lin Xuan said calmly, "These two places are the critical points of this formation. You can just break them with your true energy."


Wang Wenyang put away the Yuan Opening Compass and simultaneously aimed his hands at the two balls of red light.


With a loud bang, the entire light shield shattered like a mirror.

After the golden light disappeared, the dark space became much brighter.

"We've finally returned the mystic realm to its original state!"

"Impressive! Impressive!"

"North Mystic Heaven is really lucky to have the Consort!"

When cracking the Mystic Sky Flying Dragon, Wang Wenyang was just a puppet. Lin Xuan was the true hero.

At this moment, everyone's reverence for Lin Xuan reached a peak.

"Father, bring us in quickly!"

Xuan Zhu and the others could not wait any longer. They pulled Lin Xuan into the depths of the mystic realm.

Bai Fengxin and the others looked at each other before dispersing with their teams.

Ling Rong, on the other hand, stared at Lin Xuan's back and clenched her fists.

"Consort, I will definitely succeed!"

"Ling Rong will definitely repay your kindness!"

It was only when Lin Xuan's figure disappeared that she hurried towards the depths of the mystic realm.

Lin Xuan had already walked a mile with his daughters.

The atmosphere around him gradually became tense. Lin Xuan opened his spiritual sense and sensed that there were many demon beasts lurking around.

However, they were all low-level demon beasts and were not worth worrying about.

Roar ~

With a roar, three pairs of green eyes suddenly lit up in the grass surrounded by spiritual mist.

Three brownish-black wild wolves bared their teeth at Lin Xuan and the children.

"It's a rank 0 demon beast!"

Xuan Zhu looked up and asked Lin Xuan, "Father, can you let us deal with them?"

Lin Xuan smiled dotingly. "Of course."

Under the cover of his spiritual sense, the children would not face any danger.

Xuan Zhu looked at her three sisters. "Let's attack together!"


Xuan Xi, Xuan Han, and Xuan You all raised their swords.

Lin Xuan sighed ruefully. These four girls had really inherited Donghuang Ziyou's character perfectly.

When it was time to make a move, they were quick.

Then, he saw Xuan Zhu and the others charge at the three-headed wolf monster.

The rank 0 wolf monster almost had no intelligence. Its entire body was filled with the most primitive bloodthirsty and violent aura.

Seeing the little girls charge over, they, who had been provoked, rushed over without hesitation.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

However, they had clearly underestimated the four girls in front of them.

Xuan Zhu and the others had obtained the dual teachings of Lin Xuan and Donghuang Ziyou. Every slash was incomparably fierce.

In just one exchange, the three wild wolf monsters were completely killed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The wild wolf monster fell heavily to the ground and let out a tragic wail.

"Yay!" Xuan Zhu and the others felt much more confident, and they raised their swords again before charging forward.

The wild wolf monsters cried out in shock and hurriedly got up from the ground. They dragged their wounds and fled into the grass.

"We can't let these baddies escape!"

Xuan Zhu and the others immediately rushed into the grass.

In the blink of an eye,

the grass moved and the four little girls turned around and ran out.

"Wow, what a big wild wolf monster!"

"Father, a big baddie is chasing us!"

"Father, save me!"

"Run, run, or it will bite our buttocks!"

The daughters who were full of fighting spirit just now were filled with horror in the blink of an eye.

All of them carried swords and ran with their short legs. They wished they could fly to Lin Xuan's side immediately.

Lin Xuan saw a huge wild wolf monster rushing out from the grass. There were four halos in its pupils.

Clearly, this Tier 4 wild wolf monster was not something the little girls could deal with.

Lin Xuan was amused when he saw his daughters' terrified and adorable expressions.

He casually sucked up a stone and flicked it out with his finger.


The cannonball-like stone pierced through the head of the fourth-stage wild wolf monster and sent its body flying.

"Alright, the big baddie has been chased away!" Lin Xuan hugged his daughters.

"Phew! That's good!"

"Fortunately, Father is here!"

Xuan Zhu and the others all had expressions of relief.


At this moment, the system's mechanical voice suddenly sounded in Lin Xuan's mind.

"You have completed the first training with your daughters. Reward: Grandmaster-level beast-taming talent!"

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