14 Progress to Plot

It's been a few weeks since our visit to Vermont. We stayed there for a couple of days to convince Jordan to come with us as well as making a connection with the Addams family. Either way our objectives were pleasantly fulfilled, so we didn't mind playing with Pugsley as Wednesday kept watching us.

Jordan was officially discharged from the hospital and officially joined the ranks of retired veteran. So immediately I set him up with a prepared house in Beacon Hills for him and his grandmother. Originally I was prepared to set him up at the station, but Braeden managed to talk me out of it.

According to her ideas, since she's put her chips on me she's going all in. She set up a private consultation office and pulled Jordan in as staff. Great benefits plus knowing his boss is 'In the know' made him unable to refuse. With his affairs settled, the pack was able to focus on setting up our base of operations.

The mansion was a home, yes however it didn't give our pack roots in town. So we sent Carrie to the hospital, with Braeden and Jordan being our legal guns, not to mention Marin renting me out one of her safehouses which I immediately started transforming into a night club. Erica and Malia have been spending time learning from each other, academics for Malia and Supernatural for Erica.

Even the twins have put in work as Marin's muscles, as she's been renovating the mansions gates and borders with some special plants and the like that hopefully she'll explain later. Everything was going good and in the right direction.

Especially with Malia gaining full control of herself, she still needs a full moon to turn full coyote, but everything else has been learnt. Which makes us able to technically turn another beta but we're still going to wait a bit longer. The school year was beginning which meant Laura would be returning soon, and the story will start to flow.

The Argents won't be moving here until around December so I have about 3 months before they show up, which is plenty of time before anything serious happens. However my main concern right now is

"I hope you're ready because I am ready to shop-why aren't you dressed yet?" The redhead who just burst into my room asked.

"Ugh, who let you in?" I say as I pull a pillow over my face. Half the mansion was drunk last night when Marin told us about a special flower that you add to alcohol to get supernatural drunk. Only side effect is twice the hangover.

"Marin" Lydia says completely ignoring my reaction as she made her way to my closet. Yea that's the most troublesome thing, somehow Lydia and I started dating.

After our vacation, I came back to Erica and Lydia in the process of turning an entire bedroom into a walk in fashion closet. They set up mannequins, the whole room covered in mirrors in every angle, an entire wall full of various makeups, foundations, glosses, and polishes. It was insane, and it didn't end there because she felt the need to personally 'touch up' my wardrobe.

On the downside I had to get used to new clothes, on the bright side I do look good. However despite her making herself comfortable I really don't mind because Lydia is actually an extremely good girlfriend. I myself know my flaws, I'm very indulgent of my pack and close ones and Lydia compliments that. She ended up becoming the abrasive side of my sponge. Even though we're rich she still went and put all of our finances together in an afternoon.

Not to mention in a week she brought Malia from a 5th grade to a 9th grade basic education. She keeps bases with Carrie and Erica, the twins fall in line from her, and even my druid has nothing but praise for her saying if she wasn't a banshee already she'd take her as an apprentice.

Now you may be thinking, so what the bad side? It's really just the fact I haven't told her we're supernatural, she's already figured out we're not just friends but she can't put a finger on why our group works, but she's getting closer and I wanted to wait a bit before bringing her in so now I'm on a timer.

Finally getting up I ask the question "What do we have planned today? I already said I'm not going to the first semester of school, Lydia."

"No no, I've given up on that temporarily. Today I want to take you somewhere. No spoilers, so hurry up and get dressed!"

She semi threw an outfit my way, Black Nike track pants and a long-sleeved white Nike top with two black lines, looking at her outfit I notice it's the same except pink instead of black. I roll my eyes as I get out of bed to do my morning routine. Shower, brush, dressed and out the door with Lydia.

Everyone had plans today except Malia who has Lydia homework, so no one disturbed Lydia and I leaving the property. I took my spot in passenger as she sat behind the wheel and took off deep into Hale territory, so the middle of nowhere. I had hoped she would take us downtown but I guess woods is cool too.

She drove for 15 minutes as we enjoyed the trip listening to some Gaga, until Lydia pulled up and parked at the Beacon Hills Cross Country Trail. She stepped out the car and did some light stretching, and I realized we were running the rest of the way. So I waited for her and she took off to the left.

As the man who chased down Malia, Lydia was no issue keeping up with. We ran and chatted before Lydia deviated from the path. I kept up with her until eventually we ended up outside of a cave. She didn't hesitate to run inside and make her way to a smaller crevice and disappearing into it.

I hesitate, not out of fear, but out of pure awe and shock. Yo, this girl has zero sense of danger? How the hell did this random ass Crack even be discovered and what the hell made her go in it?


Seeing as to how she's still alive I plunge in the crevice after her and due to being bigger than her it took a bit of effort to reach the other end. In front of us was a wide open spaced cavern with various crystals growing around.

"Pretty cool huh? My grandma used to bring me here as a kid. The crystals have this unique function where they amplify voices when you speak close to them."

I understood it immediately as a banshee inheritance but couldn't really tell her that the play place is supposed to be a protected space. "Its really beautiful Lydia, I'm truly amazed."

"Do you like it?" She asked with a coyote smile as she approached wrapping her arms around my neck as she pushed her body against mine. "I've wanted to come her for a while but it felt different without grandma, but this time you're here and it still feels different... but i like this different."

She placed a kissed on my lips, which I immediately retaliated. Hearing her words I knew she was taking a step to show off more of the real her. The Lydia I met and the Lydia I got to know where two different women, however the real her is obviously way better than the fake prep queen.

So as the kissed finished I made a choice, telling her later or sooner only affected the speed of her growth. I looked Lydia in the eye as I spoke.

"Lydia, I need to tell you something."

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