30 First Kill

Edmond and Ajax went to the east, whereas others went North.

Soon, Ajax and Edmond got themselves surrounded by many green-furred wolves.

"Tsk, these wolves are very cunning, they waited until we got separated and then started showing surrounding us", Edmond said with an irritated expression as he took out his sword from the space ring.

Ajax also took out a sword which is light in weight.

Without wasting any time, Edmond rushed like a cheetah swinging his sword at the wolves.

"Woahh..", Ajax never saw anyone cutting a spirit beast like tofu.

Soon Edmond killed more than a dozen wolves without using any techniques.

All wolves were completely focused on Edmond, leaving Ajax alone. But he soon found a wolf, which looked weak when compared to others.

"I choose you", with that he hit the weak-looking wolf with a rock.

It enraged when someone threw a stone at it and jumped at Ajax.

Ajax dodged its attacks with a bend and punched in its abdomen which blasted it more than 5 meters away with impact.

it's completely enraged, and its eyes turned blood red, which gave a fright for Ajax.

"It's just a weak beast, it's just a weak beast", Ajax repeats the sentence just to remind himself that it's a weak wolf.

Again it used the same attack but this time it's quicker and Ajax didn't have time to dodge.

" I guess I will use my hands to catch it", Ajax also didn't use his complete strength earlier.

Although He caught the beast it bit his shoulder. Gritting his teeth, he gave a lower abdominal kick at the same place as the previous punch, but with full force now, which made the wolf fly in the air for some time and fell on the ground without moving.


Successfully Killed a medium grade rank 1 Spirit beast, Green furred wolf

10 units of the essence of nature absorbed.

As soon as the wolf fell on the ground, Ajax got a system notification.

"ho, killing them gives me the essence of nature??, it's a good thing", Although Ajax's shoulder hurt, he said with a happy face.

" This is my first time fighting and killing a spirit beast, I felt like my blood was boiling when fighting it earlier ", Ajax liked the feeling of his blood boiling.

He looks at Edmond, who is still killing wolves easily with his sword, all the wolves just jumping at their deaths.

Soon Ajax found another weak wolf and attracted it with the same technique of throwing a stone.

He killed it soon using his total body force.


Successfully Killed a medium grade rank 1 Spirit beast, Green furred wolf

10 units of the essence of nature absorbed.

"If I can summon the elemental spirits and kill more wolves, I can absorb more essence of nature but it will surely shock Edmond, so he just rejected that thought.

Ajax continued with his strategy and killed 10 more wolves gaining him 100 units of the essence of nature.

Ajax got tired with all the non-stop killing, and completely covered in wounds but when he looked at Edmond who was swinging his sword at wolves he noticed, "captain Edmond, is also somewhat tired, I think I should think of something soon ".

With that, he looked around and found a huge boulder nearby.

He took the huge boulder as a cover and summoned all three elemental spirits.

All three spirits greeted him with a bow as usual.

"Volcanis and Necros, As soon as I attract some wolves, kill them, as, for you, Spirus drain the wolves fighting them and heal me.got it", Ajax quickly ordered all three elemental spirits and threw two stones at the wolves.

Soon two wolves turned their attention from. Edmond to Ajax and came near the boulder.

As soon as they came behind the boulder, Spirus used its skill, Absorb and drain on them, draining their life, and healing Ajax.

Wolves got frightened when their energy is escaping from their body and tried to escape but necros already used confuse ray on them when made them run towards Volcanis.

After seeing Ajax healed completely, Volcanis used his fireblast, instantly exploding them.


Successfully Killed a medium grade rank 1 Spirit beast, Green furred wolf

10 units of the essence of nature absorbed.


Successfully Killed a medium grade rank 1 Spirit beast, Green furred wolf

10 units of the essence of nature absorbed.

Soon Ajax got the usual system notification.

"Phew ...", Ajax heaved a sigh of relief when all his wounds were healed.

" By the way, how many times can you use your skills??? ", Ajax asked thinking there will be a limit for skills.

" At my cultivation level, I can use fireblast 5 times a day", Volcanis said first.



The next two elemental spirits also replied the same.

"I think, I should use this tactic to kill more wolves", thinking this, he turned his head to look at Edmond from behind the boulder.

" What???, he killed all of them", Ajax was shocked to see Edmond who is Visibly tired killed all the wolves.

(Author's note:- Experience is changed into the essence of nature. Killing beasts gives the essence of nature instead of experience) .

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