2 Chapter 2

"Please, sit." Cedric commanded.

Camilla and Ian obeyed. At that Cedric grinned.

"I'm still the same person."

"Y-y-you're the heir of Reyes Group?" Ian managed to stutter out.

"Yes. And I would prefer no one in Mor Co. figured it out. If I know Marco's efficiency by the time we get back to the office my appointment as an assistant to the President of Mor Co. will be announced. At the same time, all business registrations of Mor Co. will be moved to my name. All the directors will be informed of this but no one else."

Camilla and Ian nodded in understanding.

"For now Ian, please set a meeting for tomorrow morning with all of the directors. Ask them to prepare a report on the current status of their department as well as how far they are from hitting their targets this year. I expect this meeting to last the whole morning." Ian quickly jotted down notes.

"Camilla, I want the sales and marketing departments to create a detailed report on our standing vs. our competitors as well as details on our biggest competitors. Ask them to suggest other opportunities as well in order for us to expand. I plan to make Mor Co. the largest phone manufacturer in the country in the future." 

Cedric's instructions were clear and easy to follow. Camilla and Ian were recognized as top talents even among other employees at Reyes Group, it came to a surprise to everyone when three years ago both were moved from the main company to a subsidiary. 

From the start, Camilla and Ian knew they were being groomed to become assistants to the future President of the Reyes Group.

"Let's head back." Cedric said as he stood.

"Ced- I mean Sir Cedric, we arranged for a car to take us back," Ian said.

"Alright. Tell the driver to drop us off a block away from the office so no one sees us."

"Should we arrive together sir?" Camilla asked.

"Yeah. We could say that we were bonding as new teammates." Cedric suggested.

"Sir, we weren't sure about your taste in decorations or set up so we still need to discuss your office's layout." Camilla explained.

"Let's discuss it tomorrow afternoon after the morning meeting. For now the current setup will do."

While Cedric and his assistants were meeting, Marco had already completed transferring Mor Co.'s majority shares to Cedric. 

80% were in his name while the balance was distributed within the Reyes family. At the same time all the directors had been informed that Cedric was the heir to Reyes Group and that they were to keep their mouth sealed on the matter.

On the ride back to Mor Co. Cedric's phone began to ring, it was his mother.

"Mom?" Cedric asked.

"You had lunch with your father and didn't tell me?" Cedric's mom was furious.

"Mom, I missed you." Cedric said in the sweetest voice he could.

"That won't work. Anyway, your father said you'll celebrate your birthday with us this year! That's great. Will you be bringing your wife?" Priscilla Reyes always went straight to the point with her questions never minding to sugar coat anything with her children.

"Not yet mom. I'm not yet ready." Cedric confessed.

"Alright. I was looking forward to meeting her." Priscilla said in a sad tone.

"Let's talk next time, mom. I'm almost at the office." Cedric said bidding his mother goodbye.

At Mor Co. news spread fast. His co-employees were quick to congratulate Cedric on his promotion to Assistant to the President. 

Ian helped him tidy up his desk and bring his things to his fake desk at the president's office at the top floor.

Upon arriving he was greeted by the directors and the former president of Mor Co., Mattias Gram. 

"Mr. Reyes, it's an honor to work for you. Who knew that such an excellent young man was working in our ranks for the past five years." Mattias greeted him, Mattias was actually slightly worried that he might have mistreated Cedric Reyes in the past.

"Mattias, I know you've been doing your best for the company all these years, where has my father decided to move you?" Cedric asked.

"Your father has offered me a generous position in the mother company. Sir please feel free to contact me if you need any help with Mor Co."

The rest of the directors proceeded to greet him. By the time their small reception was over Cedric realized he had ended up staying late, Adrianna's mom would be furious.

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