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Cedric Reyes has a secret, he is the heir and eldest son of the rich and powerful Reyes clan. As tradition all heirs of their family have to go through a form of poverty training at the age of fifteen. They are left to fend for themselves with no contact and barely any money. Since leaving, he's gotten married to Adrianna Herandez, the Treasure of the Hernandez clan. Adrianna's family had always looked down at him due to his humble origins, but Adrianna has always stuck by him. Treated badly by his classmates in the past, and his in law in the present. They are about to encounter the shock of their lives. The Reyes Heir rules the country with his friends, the four princes, who are each from powerful and well respected families. Join my discord server: https://discord.gg/PXnT6AcQWH Follow me: @wounded_warriorauthor on Instagram

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Chapter 29

Mor Co. had booked the largest and most luxurious hall in the Maharlika Hotel. Aside from the employees Mor Co. management also invited many famous personalities as well as the press. As an unknown subsidiary of Reyes Group the highest ranking employees of the group were also invited.

The employees of Mor Co. were very excited, this was their chance to see their mysterious president.

"I can't believe that we will see the president today, I spoke to my cousin from the marketing department and she said he was as handsome as Eric Chan! They did a photoshoot for the contract signing and they managed to sneak a photo and it trended all over social media!" An employee said, as they waited for the event to start.

"Do you think he is single? I hope he is! I want to get a chance to be like my favorite heroines." Another girl told her companion.

Soon all the employees and press had arrived. They were surprised when the executives of the Reyes and Clarin Groups arrived.

"Sir, sir, why are you here?" A member of the press asked as the executives passed.

"We're here to support our boss." One replied.

Suddenly everyone within earshot was shocked, since when was Mor Co. purchased by the Reyes Group, was this the reason for the relaunch and the change in president. Little did they know that in a few moments they would be even more shocked.

The executives, instead of seating in the place of honor, sat with the directors of Mor Co. Who were the bigshots that would sit there?

Suddenly a group of good looking men and women arrived. It was the 4 princes, their siblings and parents. With them as well were the members of the Reyes family. Ayanna entered with her arm locked with Adrianna.

"What are they doing there!" Everyone started to snap photos, phone and camera flashes illuminated the room.

"Wait, does this mean that the president of Mor Co. is actually the heir of Reyes Group?" A journalist assumed.

Only someone as powerful as the heir of Reyes Group could bring these people to the same venue.

"I need to call my boss, this needs to be the headline for tomorrow's paper!" Another reporter told his companion.

The employees of Mor Co. on the other hand were shocked. Did this mean that they were actually working for the Reyes Group? A company known to have high demands and high expectations of its employees?

Everyone was confused at what was happening. No one expected news like this at the relaunch of a small company. Many people who had second thoughts on going were suddenly glad that they had come. Imagine missing out on news as big as this!

"Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats as we will begin momentarily." The host announced in an attempt to calm down the audience.

The photos snapped had already begun to circulate on social media. People were suddenly aware that all the 4 princes and their families had shown up to the event.

In the Hernandez family house.

"Dad! Dad! Look!" John said, handing his phone over to his father. Fredrik had immediately noticed Adrianna entering the event alongside Ayanna Reyes.

"How does she know the Reyes family?" Fredrik asked.

"Maybe they met when she went to R Tower?" John suggested.

"No, the employees never mentioned meeting Ayanna Reyes. Could it be? That useless husband of hers is a member of the Reyes clan?" Fredrik asked himself.

"Dad that's impossible! Cedric Reyes is a useless man that only relies on his wife! How could he be a member of such a powerful family?" John refused to believe his father's theory.

"You're right. Maybe she met her somewhere else. Didn't Adrianna say she received an invitation to the event since Cedric works there? Maybe she's there as a companion for Miss Reyes." Fredrik said, coming up with a theory that was closer to what they believed to be more probable.

"Asia is going to throw a fit when she sees this!" John said, shaking his head.

Sure enough Asia came stomping into her father's home office.

"Why is she there?" She asked angrily.

"Relax Asia, her husband works at Mor Co. It's only natural that she's there. Also she got an invite to attend, she's actually there on behalf of Island's Inc." Fredrik tried to calm his fuming daughter down.

"I'm supposed to be the most celebrated daughter of this family! Why is Adrianna getting all the attention! I will marry a better man! My position in the company is higher! My father is the president! Then why is Adrianna there with Ayanna Reyes of Reyes Group!" Asia shouted. Her anger was loud enough to wake up the whole household.

At Maharlika Hotel.

Cedric stood at the center of the stage, he had a mask covering his face, glasses that he didn't normally wear outside the office, and he was wearing clothes way too fashionable of the ordinary version of himself. If you knew Cedric, you would say that it was definitely not him.

"Today, marks a new beginning for Mor Co. with a stronger partnership with Mr. Eric Chan, we will also be changing the image of our office building. This building will be redesigned by the famous architect & interior designer Veronica." Cedric invited Veronica to stand from her seat. She did as asked and smiled at the audience. She was aware that tomorrow her new building would be the talk of the design and business world.

Adrianna sat at her seat, staring at the man on the stage. His built was the same as Cedric's, his hair the same color and length, his voice was exactly the same, but this man was still different from her husband. Cedric would never wear such a fancy suit, he would never have such a powerful aura, and most of all Cedric was not the heir to Reyes Group.

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