1 Death

Regret was her biggest fear. It was something that would eat at your soul. Never-ending. It was unique in that aspect. She did not regret. She forced herself not to. It was the only thing that kept her going.

Walking to work, she did not regret saving that child. She was sad for the life she lost, the people who would miss her, but she made that decision. She just did not expect the myth about truck-kun to be real. Luckily it did not hurt… much.

Now she was floating, at peace. Well, for a while anyway, until she heard a voice.


At a loss, she looked around but saw nothing.

[We have yet to gain corporeal form, my dear, we cannot see eachother]

In response, a random thought struck her, "well there goes my pretty privilege", and soon laughter encompassed her.

[For that, I will give you a reward, it has been a while since I have laughed. Onto my proposition my dear, you know what systems are, tasked to provide you with incentives to complete your mission, are you interested?]

"Of course" she responded, assuming she could just think it.

[Marvelous, I am the betrayal system, it is your job to gain someone's heart and then crush it to pieces] the voice explained enthusiastically.

"Morbid but at least not literal" she replied as she was still intrigued.

[I will provide you with a love gauge, and any skills you may need, however, I cannot impact the world itself]

"So you can influence me, as I am your host, but cannot do anything physical involving the real world. Will, you perhaps alert something to your presence if you do so?" she questioned.

[Correct, another prize for you, I will tell you the target, the protagonist of the world, and give you the plots of the worlds we will enter. You can refuse and we will choose another, though you would lose the chance to see your family again] the voice said, centrifuge deep in its tone.

"Can I cash in my two prices?" she questioned. At his affirmative, she continued, "I want to retain my appearance overall and I don't want to remember".

[The appearance I understand, but "remember" what do you mean?]

"Both are for my mental wellbeing, my conscious will not be able to stand gaining someone's heart, spending time with them, and then betraying them brutally. I do not want to be conscious for that part, and I don't want to remember what I agreed to" she explained.

[Interesting, are you sure?]


"But I will be"

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