1 Prologue 1- Lu Xion

"Do you really not intend to move on all your life?"

The man in question held his silence for some time. He switched the phone to the other side before the heat fries his brain. They had been talking over the topic for the last thirty minutes, but as always she had failed to convince him.

Stubborn? They both are stubborn.

She wouldn't stop making efforts, and he wouldn't stop saying no.

Mentor, best-friend, siblings, business partners.... people gave names to their relationship, but they never did because that's what it is.....

..... a nameless relationship. And that's its beauty.

"Are you listening to me or am I just barking at the phone?"

He gave a short laugh, only she can dare to talk to him like this. He'd do anything for her but this..... Never.

Matters related to the heart can't be forced.

"How many times do you want me to repeat?" He asked, hearing a sigh from her. This must be the handiwork of those two obnoxious, cunning, and ancient coots sitting at home. Every time he rejects their candidate for marriage, his grandfathers would wail in front of Xiu Mei. Predictable.

Xiu Mei, the only person he cares about most in this world. Why not? After all, she's the only one that's making him feel connected to his fiancee.

His fiancee, who was no longer in this world but through her donated eyes she let life springs from death, sorrow turns to hope and a terrible loss becomes a gift. A gift for Xiu Mei and him.

Yeah, life's cruel and unfair, but you have to find the beauty in it. Why not? It's precious! Worth trying.

"HELLO, HELLO, is Mr. X still there or went on a tour to Mars? COME BACK TO EARTH PLEASE,"

Lu Xion flinched at the ear-piercing noise that shook his brain cells, reflexively pushing the phone away, "Little Tomato--" some shuffles and whispers piqued his interest and he pulled the phone closer.

"Behave, I'm talking to X."

"How can you talk to that devil when we both are in the middle of love--"

"Shh.... I'll kill you,"

"Are you not doing that already? I'm hanging in the middle for the last fifty minutes. First, it was those oldies, and now this devil. Have some mercy on me, wifey,"

"Shhh.... HEY--"

"Give the phone to me."

The sound of two people bickering and fighting over the phone was loud and clear. No need to guess what those two were busy with. "Hey, can you please keep your ancient turtles in check? Better lock them and throw the keys into the ocean. How on earth those old geezers always call when I'm busy?" A male voice sounded.

"Yeah, busy taking your lovely Wifey on a long drive and the oldies disturbed you when you had just started the engine--"

"ARGH, SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU." Xiu Mei's voice was enough to zip their mouths, and not talk double meaning. Shameless! "X, say anymore, and I'll prohibit you from seeing my girls. And Jianyu, you will sleep in the guest room and eat bitter gourd for one month. Now continue...."

What continue? Her threats couldn't be taken lightly. They wouldn't dare.

Lu Xion thoughtfully held back, making a mental note to teach Jianyu a lesson in private.

Undoubtedly, Xiu Mei wasn't biased in giving punishments. She knew the weakness of both men and sentenced the punishment accordingly.

Her three-year-old twin daughters were Xion's weakness. He was practically wrapped around their pinky fingers. Whereas, her husband Feng Jianyu was head over heels in love for her. The clingy man can't stay away from her for a single day, a week's punishment would be like a death sentence.

"Lord, the barrier had been set." It was Lu Xion's right-hand man Wu Zixin, who instantly left getting a nod.

"You guys continue. I've to go now."

"Hm, be careful. Take care." Xiu Mei said.

Lu Xion shoved the phone back into his pocket, his eyes shifted to the beautiful sunrise behind the waves, spreading its orange hues waking up from the night's slumber.

He took off his pristine white shirt and opened his arms wide, the ocean breeze coat his skin with salt mist, and blew strands of hair behind.

The soft fragrance of the sea, broken sandcastles, and waves kissing his feet with white foam- it's the perfect calm required to keep the mind in present and forget worries. Yet when he closed his eyes, it was a time wrap where he could see his beloved teasing him and then running from him. Her giggles still rung in the air when he fell face down on the sandcastle they built.

These hearty memories and peals of laughter are all that's left to him.

And they stung....

Holding the sunrise in the depth of his blue eyes, he inhaled, "Happy anniversary, Ying."

"Happy anniversary," A soft whisper breathed near his ear, coaxing Lu Xion to open his eyes and welcome the beautiful smile that forever rules his heart. He reached to touch her beautiful face, but as always she sticks her tongue out and ran away from him.

She stopped in her tracks, turned, and gave him a smile before disappearing into the white smoke smudge, leaving her presence and invisible foot-prints.

"Started at forever, ending it never." He said dryly, shifting to look at the two most adorable creatures running towards him with open arms. The floral bikini makes these three-year-old baby girls look as cute as Pixi fairies.

"Uncky X,"

"Yuyu, Lan," he crouched down, spreading his arms like a jellyfish and in no time the two jumped on him as if hugging their favorite teddy. They were as light as feather, but he let himself fell back and hugged them in his muscular arms.

The countless giggles and laughter took over the place.....


"Don't cross the round barrier when we are in. Stay by my side. Are you two listening to me?" They were just three years old, notorious, and had started to learn swimming just three months back. Apart from letting them have fun, he had to keep them safe as well.

"Oooofff! Uncky X, this is the sixteenth time we heard this since last night." Trapped under puddle jumper, Yuyu waved her hand clumsily. "Why do adults worry so much? We are not kids anymore." despite her unclear words and pronunciation, Xion understood everything.

"Yeah. Everyone's treating us like little babies when we are not. Off I go~~" the naughty Lan danced her way into the water, leaving baby footprints on the shore. "The last comer will be a loser and share his ice-cream with me."

Whoosh! Xion and Yuyu raced to avoid being called a loser.

"It was Yuyu!"

"Liar liar your tongue is on fire, it was you, Uncky X!"

"Nothing is on fire, I came before you."

"No. I was faster--"

Amidst Lan's giggles, splashes of water broke their bickering, "It was you both! Don't forget to share your ice-creams with me tonight. LOSERS!" she sticks her tongue out.

Yuyu and Xion glanced and gave a nod. "ATTACK!"

"Ah, nooooo..."


"Now you are the loser."


Seconds turned into minutes, minutes into hours..... After Meiying's death, it was only through the beauty of these moments Xion was cushioning his soul.

"Our Lord is a different person with these kids."

"Earlier it was shocking, but now I'm used to."

"He was the same with Madam as well. This island was madam's favorite, but after her death, Lord never came here again until now.

At Lu Xion's private island, the guards remained vigilant, keeping their Lord and his treasured fairies safe, but they couldn't stop taking a peek at the three playing in the water. It was one of the rarest moments when they could see a smile on their boss's frosty face. He looks less dangerous and more approachable.

Suddenly the giggles were suppressed by the ear-piercing wailing of an emergency siren. More armed guards rushed to the shore, and those already guarding rose their weapons in defense.

Lu Xion collected the girls in his arms, looking questionably at the direction of his assistant Wu Zixin who nodded while coordinating with the security chief over the walkie-talkie.

"What happened?"

"Something touched the barrier we created. It's trying to get through." The person replied from the control room. They have installed a steel net barrier within two km of the radius of the beach to prevent dangerous sea creatures lurk near the shore. Kids were naughty and combining it with the Xion's special identity, the barrier was necessary.

"Send a team." Lu Xion ushered the girls out of the water and stuff them into the arms of one of his trusted men. "Take them inside. Don't leave them alone." he snatched the binoculars and took over the situation.


..... a few miles away there was an enormous explosion as though an enormous bubble of orange flames forced its way out of the ocean. A terrible sensation passed beneath everyone's foot as the gush of dark smoky rings mushroomed in the air.

The man holding Yuyu and Lan crouched down, covering them with their body. Thousands of pieces of glass, wood, and steel cut through the air as good as any blade and showered all over.

The guards lay on the ground, some in a fetal position with hands at their ears.

"Yuyu, Lan," Xion made his way to the scared girls, his eyes searching for any bruise or injury on their soft skin. "You okay?" He breathed in relief seeing them fine and ushered his men to take them inside before something else happens.

"Unky X," The girls called, peering at Xion from the arms of the man carrying them. Their tear-stained eyes locked on him until he was no longer visible. "Be fine. Come back soon."