Netori Wizard Adventure Book

novel - Fantasy

Netori Wizard Adventure


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  • 250 Chs

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A captivating turn of events occurs when a charming new character, the wizard Shinji, becomes entwined with the destinies of Alvin, the brave young swordsman, Milis, the enchanting priestess, and Renka, the sultry ranger. Together, they forge a bond that transcends mere camaraderie, evolving into the epitome of a flawless team. Yet, hidden from Alvin's unsuspecting gaze, a scintillating secret simmers beneath the surface. Behind closed doors, Shinji, Milis, and Renka succumb to the intoxicating dance of passion, plunging into a world of unbridled pleasure. All the while, Alvin remains blissfully unaware of the forbidden desires that play out behind the curtain of their shared adventures.