1 The Beginning of the End

Power is everything in this world...


Jon's day started off as any normal day would, he entered his prestigious academy known as Prestige Academy started his final exam. It was too easy for him, he didn't care for such useless things. After he finished the test in seconds, he watched the daily news on his XPhone. Another terrorist attack happens nearby at the Giovanna Bank, there were many bloody dismembered bodies scattered across the exploded floors of the bank, splattered brain matter and blood was seen all over the vaults of the bank. He watched the whole uncensored video on a Dark Web site that he hacked into with his simulation phone which is an advanced phone that could display imagines in a 360-degree simulation mode.

"Tch. Fucking bastards they need to be all slaughtered. They abuse their power," Jon angrily gritted his teeth and turns off his phone. He was angered about the injustice in this world and how terrorist took many lives with their *hidden abilities*. Jon was an average looking boy with long dark brown hair that reached his shoulders and dark hazel eyes. His psychic was muscular but not too muscular rather toned instead of buff, he mostly did boxing and trained in MMA.

"Hey Jon! How is my best buddy doing!" Silver confidently walks over with his other friend called Hyssei . Next to the two boy students was a girl with long gorgeous flowing scarlet hair and bright alluring sapphire eyes, her name was Rias and everything about her was perfect and flawless.

Silver, of course, had beaming silver eyes and dark silver hair, he was perhaps the most popular boy in school. He excelled at every everything; Sports, bodybuilding, academics, politics, social hierarchy, he even had a handsome godly face with a flawless pearly white smile that was as bright as the sun. On top of that, his abilities were unmatchable, he could literally blast mountains into bits and vaporize everything in his path if he wanted too. He was a God thanks to his God System called "Apex System" which grants him a number of level abilities and powers. His Apex System was a legendary class system, which was the second-highest tier system in Earth. No one in Prestige Academy has ever gotten the highest tier system.

"I'm doing alright. What the hell do you want?" Jon coldly asked as he strapped on his backpack over his shoulders. Add more detail

"I just wanted to say hey that is all. You don't have to be so uptight," Silver starts ruffling Jon's dark brown hair into a mess in a disrespectful manner.

"Fucking stop it!" Jon's slaps away his hands and walks towards the door to leave the math class. He was pissed off by his friend's demeaning behavior.

"Oh come on! I was just playing around! By the way, there is this huge festival today are you going with anyone?" Silver asked as he placed one hand inside of his flashy jean pockets and the other one top of Jon's shoulders.

"Not really." Jon checks the time on his phone, he was annoyed of hearing Silver's bullshit, but it was more of a friendly way of thinking. Jon was just pissed off that he was the only one who hadn't gained a System as every other human had. From low tier systems to high tier systems which Silver had, every human was given a God System when they were born with. Each Tier had a rank number. Silver's rank tier was a 9. The highest tier is a 10. A pretty simple scale of 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, however it all comes down to how you use your System. Jon and Silver were both sophomores in high school, both of them had a friendly rival on who was the strongest student in Prestige Academy. The origin of everyone gaining a System was still a mystery, however, everyone gave many names to this event, they called it the Great Awakening or Great Eclipse due to a solar eclipse encasing the whole world in darkness for a day and strange spiral of energy burst out from the skies and struck everyone. Of course it was just a myth. In short everyone in this modern world all had special abilities.

"Well I got to get going see you later," As Jon leaves the classroom door Rias was in front of him and she is twirling her scarlet hair in a shy fashion, she had the face of an illuminating maiden"Uh-um... I was wondering if you want to go to the festival together?" She cutely muttered, her massive breasts jiggle up and down wildly in her tight white school dress shirt.

"OI! Why is Rias talking to that loser!?" Shouts one male upperclassman who had piercings on his right ear and spikey black hair, he was wearing a black leather jacket that had a gang symbol on it.

"Yeah! Why would she ask Jon the jackass to the festival! He's the loser who has no System! Haha! What a weakling!" Says handsome and buff looking jock that had gelled back blonde hair, he looked like an All-Star football player.

Jon clenched his fist at the upperclassmans scolding words and loud laughs. Even nearby cute girl students were laughing at him. "Wow what a weirdo! Why would Rias ask him out!? Fufu!" One of them snobbishly chuckles.

'Fuck off,' Was what Jon wanted to say to them, but he didn't care about that right now. All that was on his mind was Rias.

No mortal would ever turn down such an amazing offer to go on a date with the scarlet goddess of Prestige Academy. The most beautiful and popular girl in school. Jon thought about it, 'What else do I have I to lose.? This is the only chance I get to be with one of the most beautiful girls in school.' He had nothing to lose, his life was already shit. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

"W-will you go?" Rias asked again as her cheeks turn a rosy red color and she puts back a strand of her scarlet hair that was blocking her adorable sapphire eyes. It was the first time she had ever asked anyone on a date! Many guy students were jealous of Jon.

"Sure, whatever," Jon just said as gives her his phone number and then leaves the school grounds. Silver begins laughing with Hyssei and Rias in the background as they talk about the usual teenage 'stuff'. The bell rings and everyone leaves the academy. Jon walks outside with his cooly backpack over his shoulders and his other hand on his pocket.

"Hey wait up! Did you forget about your own sister!?" Asura huffs out as she stomps down her feet on the snow(she was wearing brown snow boots), her long sakura hair flows the snowy wind outside of the academy. Her alluring aqua eyes glistened with the sun rays above.

"Where you talking to Rias?! She is not good news! Why were you talking to her!?" Asura shouts with worry in her eyes as she angrily tugs at her brother's biker jacket. Her sisterly instincts were kicking in, she didn't want Jon to get hurt by Rias if she rejected him. Asura knew that he had already been through enough in his life. That his dark past was something she understands, but not fully, she loved her brother and only wanted the best for him.

"Its none of your damn business! Just shut up and get on!" Jon snaps back with a rageful aggressive face, it looked like he was growling like a wild wolf. He was tired of everyone looking down on him.

Sera a girl student with bright pink hair and emerald eyes says, "You should really be nicer to your sister," She gives him a fierce stare down. Sera was a prodigy in Prestige Academy, her grades were all above excelling and she mastered her System/Abilities which was just as powerful as Silver's System. Sera was in all ways and shape the perfect girl. Miss Perfect.

"Tch like you both care. You are just both jealous. Now get on Asura I don't have time to waste," Jon jumps on top of his Honda Motorcycle. "Humph! We are going to have a long talk when get home!" Asura jumps on the back seat of the motorcycle and wraps her slender arms over Jon's slim stomach.

Jon drives away into the bustling highway towards his house.

Sera looks at Silver and his friends walking out of the academy she then turns to Jon driving away and sighs, 'You really don't remember me do you...This world truly is cruel...'

3 Hours pass... It is now nightfall...

Jon meets up with Rias and they go on there date. She was wearing a tight buttoned white dress shirt that showed off her toned stomach and busty boobs. She also wore compressed jean shorts that displayed her thick shiny thighs and plump butt.

'Wow, she looks so beautiful. I have to be dreaming,' Jon almost blushes by looking at her, he never showed his emotions to anyone, but right now he was slowly changing and breaking out of his shell.

"First let's go to the Farris wheel!" She gleefully shouts out as she jumps up and down, then snags Jon's hands so that he could follow her into the Ferris wheel, her buxom breasts squeeze and grind around his arms. Jon smirked, this was his first time ever feeling the warmth of a girl.

Jon and Rias had a lot of fun riding the Ferris wheel, sharing cotton candy, and eating every delicious fair food as much as possible. They even looked at fireworks shooting up the starry night skies above.

"I am having so much fun! How about you?" Rias asked with a big adorable smile as she goes to take a selfie with Jon

"I guess I am too," He slightly smirks, she suddenly touches the top of his hands and they both blush. He thought about kissing her, but he had only know Rias for only a year in his Academy but she actually knew about him when they were young and he didn't even know it. This whole moment felt so unreal for Jon. Why would a gorgeous girl like Rias go out with a someone who didn't have a System? But right now it didn't matter to him, he was enjoying his time with her. He started to realize that Silver wasn't so bad and so weren't other humans who had Systems. Silver was his best friend and Jon felt that he was being a little too cold and distant to him because he didn't have a System. He was lashing out against his own best friend.

"Hey Jon do you mind if I stay over your place for the night?" Rias said as she gently tugged on his crimson and black leather biker jacket. She looked like a cute puppy dog as she begged him for her to stay over.

"I don't mind it. Come on let's go," He grinned and grabbed her by her slender toned waist to take her out of the Farris wheel wagon, her big shiny boobs bounced in a sexy lustful motion and her thick milky thighs shinned with the moonlight. Jon was ready to make the next big move. It was about time he had sex. No more being a forsaken virgin. This was fucking it!

At Jon's House...

Jon opened his house door and walks in Rias who gingerly takes off her high heels so that she could walk more freely in oak wood floors. His sister Asura who was a year younger than him was cooking her brother dinner.

'Where the hell is Jon? I thought he would be back home by now? He told he went out to work out at the gym, but he hasn't answered my text or come back home!' Asura gritted her teeth, she felt like her brother was pushing her away from him.

Jon quietly goes to his room while holding Rias soft and smooth pale hands. He didn't want to wake up his crazy sister who was infatuated with him. Each step he took made his heart beat faster. He was horny and alert at the same time like a sex ninja. Finally, he made it to his room with Rias. His lust was rising by the second.

"YAwwwwhhhhhn." Rias cutely yawns as she seductively jumps on top of Jon's medium-sized bed, her perfect melons jiggled and bounce in a lustful motion, her boobs were just too perfect. "I am so tired. What's the matter you are no getting in with me?" She sexily asked with her eyebrows furrowed. Her bright sapphire eyes pierced Jon's very soul. The eyes of a true goddess.

Jon was thinking about the repercussions of sleeping with the most popular girl in his school in the same bed! But this lucky chance was too good to pass up on. He was one lucky bastard.

Rias starts to seductively take off her white school dress shirt, her buxom boobs jiggle in the most perfect motion ever. She looked hot as fuck in her skin-tight black-laced corset bra and schoolgirl stockings.

'Fuck. This is going to be awesome,' Jon grins as he takes off his jacket and goes in the bed with her. Rias actually makes the first move and pushes down Jon on his bed and spreads her creamy vanilla thighs over his own legs, her virgin pussy was literally right on top of his now erect cock. A bulge was seen on Jon's black jeans. Rias's tight crimson lingerie panties were forming a wet-spot, her pussy was getting wet as Jon's boner was pressing hard against her red corset panties and wet pussy lips.

Jon quickly kisses Rias in the mouth, her pillowy pink lips press up against his lips. They both passionately kiss each other while touching each other's young bodies. Sticky viscous salvia is exchanged between the teenager's mouths and tounges as they hornily kiss and grind up against each other. Rias goes to un-click off her black bra off from her massive Double - D breasts. Her breasts were the stuff of legends! Jon's hands could barely fit around them!

"Are you ready?" Rias seductively whispers into Jon's ear, her warm breath make his cock even more hard and throbbing, she tingled his whole body. 'What the fuck? Why do I feel so tired!?'Before Jon could say a word his vision gets blurry and he slowly loses conscious. Rias's massive melons go down on his face and everything around him blacks-out.

Outside Jon's room door Asura walks over to hear what is going on.

*Slurp!Slurp!* Slurping and sucking noises echoed across Jon's room.

*Pa! Pa! Pa! Squish! Squish!* Wet noises of flesh colliding against each other echoes across Jon's room. Loud steamy moans were also heard.

"Ah! Ah! Ahhhhhn! Oh yes!" Sexily moans out Rias, her voice rattled the room around her.

'No it can't be...It can't be...how dare you brother!' Tears start to form on Asura's shaking eyes and she angrily bites her lips. She could hear Rias hot horny moans echo loud as fuck. Her brother was now committing an unholy act with his sister nearby in the house!

The illuminating moon outside the window turns a darker shade of grey...

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