88 The One!

[Ding! Ding! Ding!]

[System Upgrade…Completed!]

[Lifeform State…updated!]

[Hidden Quest...Defeat Is Not Cultured...completed!]

[Hidden Quest…Nothing Beats a Momma's Milk…completed!] 

[Hidden Quest: Bending the Grand Priestess…completed!]

[Hidden Quest: Claiming a Matriarch…completed!]

[Hidden Quest: Fend for Yourself…completed!]

[Hidden Quest: The Lord Loves Me to Death…completed!]

[Hidden Quest: King of Monsters…completed!]

[Completed! Completed! Completed!]


<Name: Mithras> 

<Age: 18>

<Gender: Male>

<Race: Imperfect (forbidden race)>

<Charm: Divine>

<System Title: Netori Novice<>Ero Sage<>One-Man Brothel<>King of Monsters>

<Templar rank: 5th level of Inner Accumulation> 

<Sid Level: 10,000 units>

<Gene: Great Smelting Hammer (saint class)>

<Mutation: Adamantine Dragon King (divine class)>


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