6 Elastic Beads of Paradise (***)

There were times when people let emotions and desires get to their head, leading them to commit actions that went against their inner wishes. Cassandra was in one such position, and as she welcomed Mithras' seed inside of her, the Astalon matriarch became a mix of bliss and pain.

Bliss because the Mithras that she'd been fantasizing about for years was now unloading jet after jet of spunk inside her delicious cunt, and pain because she noticed her Gene's release, and feared—no, dreaded—that her Mithras would fail to resist the Burning Land Gene—turning into ashes. 

Had Cassandra been her normal self, she would have stopped before things got to the jackhammering session. But her normal self, she wasn't. Thankfully, Mithras possessed the Saint-class Adamantine Dragon Horse Gene, Wrathful God Fire, and Human Aphrodisiac Talent. Thanks to those three cheat codes, the youth possessed a peerless Ero Guru constitution, enabling him to absorb the flames of Cassandra's Burning Land Gene without fear.

At the same time, he could progress through sex without an Ero Meditation skill, obtaining results equivalent to an upper Saint-class technique. 

The matriarch's hair turned into a fiery red, with a couple of purple strands here and there. Cassandra's eyes also took a scarlet shade—and each time Mithras pumped his milk inside her, pink hearts flashed in the Astalon matriarch's eyes, causing waves of blissful energies to spread throughout her body. 

One and a half hours passed in a flash. Cassandra now lay on her stomach, her butt raised high, with thick liters of spunk oozing from her cunt. The accumulation of Human Aphrodisiac spunk caused noticeable changes in the Astalon matriarch's facial features—giving her already striking beauty a massive boost.

If before, Cassandra could be considered a stunning woman, she now reached the divine level—just like Mithras. Meanwhile, the serpent youth sat crossed-legged, holding a set of lilac anal beads while studying the system's rewards. 

<Ero Points: 25,950>

'I got 100 points for fornication. 100 for adultery, 100 for sex in the open, 50 for sex, 300 times 8 because Luther is three realms above me, and 200 times 16 because Cassandra is four realms above me. Then the system gave me a 20,000 points bonus for the hidden quest. That adds up to 25,950…the count is right.' Mithras thought, then stared at the anal beads' description:

<Elastic 10 Beads of Paradise (King-class): A set anal beads that can be inserted in a female partner's ass to prepare it for backdoor fun. The carry the host's pheromones, meaning more time woman spends with those her ass, intoxicated and attached she becomes host. Their sensitivity also increases tenfold.> 

After reading the anal beads' description, Mithras nodded in approval. The Lord was indeed a man of culture—so cultured that the system he produced could anticipate Mithras' needs and reward him accordingly. Without hesitation, Mithras walked towards Cassandra, rubbing the Elastic Beads of Paradise in her cum-drenched cunt, before inserting them inside her ass. 

"Godmother…this gift is a show of filial piety to nurture our mother and son bonds. You must take care of it or you will break my sweet and innocent heart," Mithras said as he pushed the milk-soaked beads inside Cassandra's cunt. 

"Ooof…" But still dazed by sex, Cassandra couldn't answer, trembling as the beads spread her ass open and plugged her backdoor. Afterward, Mithras stood up, browsing the system's shop. 

'Third-class items all cost over 1,000 Ero Points. Second-class items alone are in the tens of thousands. Even Arian's first-class Blueflame Hawk Gene costs 150,000 Ero Points in the system. At first glance, these 25,950 points might look like a nice haul, but in the grand scheme of things, they don't even count as a drop in the bucket.' Mithras scratched his head. 

The system was an overwhelmingly powerful tool, but the cost of exploiting it fully was nothing short of alarming. At this rate, when would Mithras be able to purchase Saint-class items and above? 

Initially, the Human Aphrodisiac wanted to spend his points on a proper meditation skill, hoping to use it to start his Inner Flame Meditation journey and improve his battle prowess.

However, considering that the Human Aphrodisiac talent combined with the Adamantine Dragon Horse Gene already gave him supreme Ero Guru skills, anything lower than a Saint-class technique didn't make practical sense…at least not for a meditation technique. 

As for why Mithras' templar rank only improved by three levels, the reason was simple: he was too gifted. 

The first stage of the Templar path, Mortal Essence, enabled aspiring templars to temper their flesh and muscles through a variety of means, preparing their bodies for Flame Refinement. But as Mortal Essence warriors didn't yet have the ability to temper themselves in Sid Flames, they relied on herbs, elixirs, ritual baths, blood trials and Ero meditation rituals to temper themselves and lay down the foundation of Flame Refinement. 

Anyone, regardless of Gene or talent, could reach the first level of Mortal Essence. But only individuals with Genes or Mutations could progress past that, reach the 12th level of Mortal Essence, and move on to the Flame Refinement rank. Unless they could reach the peak of Mortal Essence, over time, the warrior's templar rank would regress, which is the reason why no one bothered investing in people who didn't possess Sid Genes in the first place. 

Sadly, the higher the Gene's grade, the more resources Mortal Essence required—forcing houses and sects to focus their resources on gifted templars only. Mithras possessed the Saint-class Adamantine Dragon Horse Mutation, supplemented by the Human Aphrodisiac talent. This made his innate talent so high that the energy requirements for Mortal Essence reached obscene levels. But now that he completed his foundation and was only a step away from Flame Refinement, things would get easier. 

'System, for my starter pack, I will select the Green Emperor Seal.' Aware that he had to deal with Arian in order to keep his sister safe, Mithras chose the Green Emperor Seal. But though the Wisdom of the Slithering Emperor guided him to that choice, the human part of Mithras still had a hard time adjusting to the path this seal would lead him to. But then he remembered the inhumane slaughter that Arian put him through, and all sympathy vanished from his heart. 

On the contrary, he was looking forward to his revenge!

<Green Emperor Seal…selected>

<Host will now receive the starter pack>

<King-class Spatial Ring…added>

<Green Emperor Seal…added to the Spatial Ring>

<Immolation Curse…added to the Spatial Ring>

<Upper king-class Ebony Dagger…added to Spatial Ring> 

Following a succession of system prompts, a dark-blue spatial ring appeared on Mithras' left index. The Green Emperor Seal took shape inside the ring, followed by an ebony dagger and a batch of golden runes that rushed out of the spatial ring and poured into Mithras' soul. Right afterward, a detailed mantra took shape in Mithras' mind--unlocking the Immolation Curse. 

<Immolation Curse (Forbidden Mantra): A rare meditation technique, the Immolation enables host to transform lifeforce into pure streams of Sid—tempering body and soul at same time. The can sacrifice his own life force or put Marks on defenseless victims later use them as sacrificial lambs—absorbing their convenience.> 

The description for the Immolation Curse appeared in the system, making Mithras scratch his head in helplessness. 

'I thought the Lord was meant to be a neutral entity. So why does all the stuff that comes from him make you a generational villain?

It's almost like he wants me to become public enemy number one!' Mithras sighed. At that time, Cassandra snapped out of her groggy state—rising from the ground. 

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