63 Break the Dam! (R-18)

The moment Mithras' tongue pushed into her walls, Akamana looked towards the sky, refusing to give the Human Aphrodisiac the satisfaction of watching her jaw drop in a back-blowing orgasm. 

But so what if she hid the O-shape her mouth had taken? Or the lewd desires burning in her eyes? Her throat didn't resist, letting out moan after moan as Mithras' tongue rotated the Grand Priestess' delicious walls. Her love juice squirted nonstop, pumping the Human Aphrodisiac with so much energy that the dragon horns and tail he kept hidden till now popped out on their own, shining in the same violet flames that coiled up Mithras' frame. 

Mithras didn't care, picking up the pace and rotating his tongue at maximum speed. 


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