7 Akamana di Angra

Happiness, confusion and burning pleasure, as her thick and supple ass cheeks tightened on the anal beads, a torrent of blissful sensations swept through Cassandra, bringing her to cloud nine and causing the matriarch to bite her tongue to restrain another series of moans. 

Not paying attention to the cum still trickling down her thighs or the beads stuck in her ass, Cassandra turned 180, facing Mithras with mixed feelings. Sensing an opportunity, the Human Aphrodisiac crossed his hands over his chest, bowing at Cassandra.

"My lady—no…godmother…please save my sister!" Mithras said directly, causing Cassandra's smiling face to twist into a frown. 

Ishtar was beautiful. Too beautiful. So beautiful that in the past, Cassandra felt threatened, fearing that if he spent too much time with her, Mithras would eventually fall in love with his sister. Her fears weren't unfounded. Beyond the family ties that united them, Mithras and Ishtar…were indeed in love with one another. However, neither one dared to admit it to the other, keeping those forbidden feelings locked deep inside their hearts. 

It couldn't be helped. Beyond the slimthick curves and flexible body, there was just something about Ishtar that made her look out of this world—as if any random look at her could drive the most pious men into all-consuming sexual urges. Mithras only managed to resist his big sister's sex appeal for so long because of the threat of Cassandra's rage. 

Now he no longer had these considerations, and after tasting the pleasures of the flesh with Cassandra, he couldn't wait to explore these same pleasures with Ishtar. Cassandra didn't know this, but she did notice some of the changes that Mithras had gone through. The Human Aphrodisiac had always been much more attractive than the likes of Arian. But following his rebirth, his looks had undergone a shocking transformation, bringing his attractiveness to divine levels. 

One look at the current him would be enough for noble and high-ranking matriarchs to forget their wedding vows and indulge in adultery. Could the young Ishtar resist her brother's charms, and could Mithras his big sister? Cassandra didn't want to take the risk, and torn between the fear of alienating Mithras and seeing him get more attached to his sister, the Astalon matriarch floundered. 

The shocking Ero Guru talent that Mithras displayed didn't help her choice. 

"My lady…although you've decided to take me as your godson, the truth is that right now, I'm still just your servant—not a relative or a lover—just a servant. I wish to serve you with all my heart. But how can I accomplish that when you're holding my last blood relative captive? How can we be true to one another, when the foundation of our bond is the power you hold over me? 

My lady…if you do not free my sister, I can still serve you. But I will never…how can I ever…love you? Godmother…please help me love you." Mithras said, causing Cassandra to shake violently. 

'Yes…how can I expect him to love me when I'm holding his last relative captive? Do I want his loyalty…or his unconditional love? I…have to make a choice.' Cassandra's thoughts trailed off. But even before her brain reached a conclusion, as she stared at Mithras' pleading eyes, the Astalon matriarch already knew what she would do. 

"Stop…please. I can't bear you…looking at me like this. It makes me feel…like a monster," Cassandra said and dropped to her knees. 

"Mithras…I'm sorry. I didn't want to lose you. I didn't want to take a chance! So, I used despicable means to keep you by my side! I'm so…sorry!" As her hair returned to their original dark color, the Astalon matriarch poured her heart out. 

At first, Mithras was seduced by the words and tears. But then his mind returned to the past, and his heart went cold.

On the surface, Cassandra's words made some sense. But in truth, she'd only started falling in love with Mithras about two to three years ago. So, what excuse did she have for the six previous years that she held Ishtar captive? What excuse did she have for making Mithras murder hundreds of enemies and innocents alike to take control of their factions and plunder their resources? 

None! It was all about power! 

Even the treasures that helped Cassandra improve her battle prowess and train the elite Shadow Guard that carried out her dark bidding were accumulated through massive sacrifices from Mithras and Mithras alone!

For the sake of her growth. For the sake of power…Cassandra didn't hesitate to manipulate Mithras' feelings and destroy his family. He…would never forget that. But at the moment, he couldn't show the slightest hint of displeasure. Thankfully, House Astalon had trained him well, enabling him to hide all the emotions he didn't want to show. 

"Godmother…it's fine. My only hope is that moving forward…we can take care of one another…like a true family," Mithras said, and moved by the words, Cassandra threw herself into her godson's arms, holding him tight against her massive rack. 

A moment of silence followed, after which Cassandra stood up, getting dressed in the blink of an eye. "Follow me. I've already had Ishtar sent back to a secure hideout," Cassandra said, then turned 180, leading Mithras to an unknown location. 

Inwardly, Cassandra still feared Ishtar's outrageous sex appeal. But convinced that she wouldn't have a hard time keeping an eye on the orphaned siblings, the Astalon matriarch opted for a generous move. 

"By the way…why did your eyes become violet?" The Astalon matriarch asked following a moment of silence, causing Mithras' face to twist into a frown.

"My eyes are violet?"


"Mhm…good question. I guess it's to better violate you!"


And so together, the godmother-godson pair crossed concealed hallways, stepping into an underground hideout. There, a dark maze-like structure stretched out, guaranteeing that anyone that didn't know the way in would get lost in minutes. Cassandra had no such trouble, effortlessly leading Mithras past the maze as she brought him towards a dim suite. Recognizing some of these walls, the Human Aphrodisiac held his breath, his heart racing in his chest. 

Finally…finally! He was about to get reunited with his sister! The emotion got to Mithras' head—his eyes turning red in anticipation. Together with Cassandra, the Human Aphrodisiac reached the end of a corridor—stopping at a tall bronze gate. There, the Astalon matriarch stepped forward, opening the gate and enabling her godson to rush in—which he did without delay. 

"Big sister!" Anticipating the dark-haired goddess supposed to be waiting inside, the Human Aphrodisiac blurted out. But barely had Mithras walked into the suite…that he noticed that no Ishtar awaited inside.

The suite was empty—with used furniture and food plates serving as the only reminder that someone used to live here. 

Confused, Mithras blanked out, sweeping the room with insistence as he chased his sister's trails. Cassandra stepped in as well, her face twisting into a frown. 

"What…is the meaning of this?" The Elektra matriarch asked out loud. Needless to say, she didn't bring Mithras here to present him with an absent sister. Arian didn't have the means to access this suite. Only Cassandra and her most trusted servants could open it—and in the case of her servants, they had to get the keys from her first, then return it after they'd completed their task. 

The door didn't show any hint of having been forced open. Yet…Cassandra could sense that not long ago, unauthorized personnel had entered the suite. 

Worse, a familiar energy signature pervaded the scene. And as the memory of a horrifying figure flashed in Cassandra's mind, she noticed a paper note stuck to Ishtar's bed. 

"Akamana di Angra, Grand Priestess of the Angra Theocracy, thanks House Astalon for offering this young prodigy. I pledge to take care of Ishtar as my own daughter and raise her into a legend of the Purple Dawn Continent," the note said. 

In that instant, Mithras realized that he had made a terrible mistake. From the moment that he awoke his Sid Flame, he should have endeavored to take over or exterminate House Astalon. 

He wasn't ruthless enough. And because of that…his sister was gone.

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