1 You Are Sad

by @dreamworld_121

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Arc 1: The Trial of Akai Tsuki Island


Chapter 1, You Are Sad:

It is night time, faded beams of moonlight lit up an abandoned dark alley.

A street fight is taking place, a young thug fires a swift heavy right punch directed at a mysterious individual dressed in black formal clothing.


"Fool… When do you plan on giving up..?" The mysterious person asks with a dead expression. He blocks the attack and bends the thug's arm backward, he then uses his right leg to trip the thug and smash him into the floor.

"GO TO HELL, VIPER!!!" Several thugs come rushing at him, ready to attack, the mysterious individual dodges the assault and brings each one down with a single strike.

"YOU FUCKER, DIE!!" Another thug pulls a firearm, he aims at the shadowy figure and begins the onslaught, the individual uses some thugs as a shield, he then hides behind a big metal trash bin, when the thug runs out of ammunition, he storms at him and thrashes him.

Afterward, a beaten gang is all that remains.

"Hello, what's your emergency?" The voice of a woman is heard on the other side of the phone.

"Yes, uhh… It seems that some sort of bloody fight took place, there's a bunch of dudes laying on the ground, bleeding and stuff..." He casually informs the woman.

"Okay, help is on the way, thank you for calling!"

"Yeah.. sure…" He hangs up, "Now then, time to go home."

The person in black walks toward the light away from the darkness, the street light reveals his face, pale-skin with dark eyes that reflect no light and black silky hair that reaches his neck, he walks towards the edge of the sidewalk where a 2016 BMW 5-Series awaits, he boards it and gets on his way.

After a few minutes of driving through the city under its lights, he realizes, "Hmmm… Now that I think about it, today is my birthday, guess I'm 21 now…"

After some more minutes, he arrives at his home, he parks the car and gets down. He walks under the moon toward the door of his house. "Hmm..? Why are all the lights off?"

He stands in front of the door, tries to listen. "Guess everyone's already in bed." He opens the door, and turns on the lights.

"Happy birthday, Akira!!!" A large and cheerful group of people welcome the home comer, Akira Takahashi.

Akira steps back, "What- what the hell…?"

A beautiful young lady appears before the surprised birthday boy, "Happy birthday, Akira!!" She happily greets her boyfriend who after a bloody fight, had no stains in his clothes.

"Emilia-?!" Akira pulls Emilia to the side. He speaks to her in a low voice, "Emilia! What the hell's this?!"

"Hmm..? A surprise birthday party…?" Emilia answers him.

"I know that! I want to know WHY though!" Akira demands.

"Hmm? Because you deserve it!" Emilia happily responds.

"Forget it…" Akira sighs in frustration.

"But come on! Everyone wants to see you!" Emilia drags Akira back inside. "Alright everyone, again, one… two… three!" Emilia shouts.

Everyone happily welcomes Akira once again, "Happy birthday, Akira!!!"

[Ugh…] Akira is not pleased at all.

"Happy birthday, Akira, my boy!" A middle aged-woman excitedly hugs and congratulates her son.

"Thank you, mom…" Akira responds forcefully.

"Come on in and enjoy yourself! Emilia prepared this whole party just for you!" She invites her son in.

"..." Akira does not respond.

A group of girls approach the annoyed birthday boy, "Happy birthday, Akira! Here, we got you some presents!"

Akira is not pleased, [Why are there so MANY people…?] He quickly switches his demeanor, "Oh, thank you very much!"

A girl suddenly pops out of nowhere, with light-purple eyes adorned by curly gray hair, "Wait, Akira! Open my first!" She demands.

"Hmm..? Who're you?" Akira inquires.

"Ugh… That's somewhat cruel for our second meeting… My name is Crystal! We met the other day at the grocery store! Remember?" The pushy and entitled girl demands Akira's attention.

"Nope." Akira answers back.

"Ugh… Anyways, just open the present, will you…?" Crystal gives up.

Akira opens the present to find a box filled with lovely chocolates, "What's this?" He asks.

"Hehe! I heard that's your favorite type of chocolate!" Crystal winks at him.

Akira is very disappointed in her, "It's not Valentine's, you know?"

"Ugh… Just accept it…" Crystal responds, upset.

Akira notices someone else, "Hmm? Nana? What's wrong?"

A kid-girl in a big hoodie with dark hair that reached her hips stood looking up at him, "Has dad called you?" She asks him.

"Nope, hopefully he doesn't come home though, I don't want to deal with him." Akira responds.

"'Kay, that's good…" The girl walks away.

"Who's that?" Crystal wonders.

"My little sister. Though I really don't like her to be honest." Akira says, bluntly.

"Why is that the first thing you say about your sibling when first introducing them?" Crystal asks.

Akira sighs in annoyance, "Anyways, let's go sit somewhere, Emilia."

"Then why don't you guys come to sit with us-" Crystal is about to suggest before being interrupted.

"That's no good, Akira. First, we need to greet everyone! Come on, let's say hello to our guests!" Emilia reprimands her boyfriend.

Akira sighs, "Okay.."

"Then why don't I come with you guys-" Crystal could not finish her sentence before Emilia and Akira started going around greeting everyone and shaking hands, ignoring Crystal.

"Stop ignoring me!" Crystal demands.

"Hmm..? What's up with you? You're disrupting the party, y'know? Come on, shoo, go away." Akira demands too, angered at Crystal.

Crystal, pissed off, responds back angrily, "Fine! I'll go away!" She walks away.

"Haha! Congratulations on your 21st birthday, Akira!" An elderly man in his 50s happily congratulates his nephew.

"Thank you, Uncle Sebastian!" Akira follows the flow.

"My you've grown so big, Akira!" An elderly woman accompanying Uncle Sebastian compliments Akira.

"Truly, time does pass quickly, Aunt Abigail!" Akira adds.

"And your girlfriend became even prettier!" Aunt Abigail takes a look at Emilia.

"Right?" Akira agrees.

"Hehe..." Emilia acts embarrassed.

Crystal turns to see Akira and Emilia continuing to greet everyone, totally forgetting about her.

[They ain't just ignoring me, they're not even acknowledging my existence…] Crystal notes sadly in her mind.

After Akira and Emilia finished greeting the guests, the annoyed birthday boy dragged his girlfriend and got away from all the people like a slippery snake. Akira found a table away from the party, in a shaded departed space. "Man, that was exhausting!" Akira dramatically sits down from exhaustion.

"Oh yeah, Emilia!" Akira calls out to his girlfriend.

"Yes!" Emilia responds.

"Would you mind explaining yourself now? What's all this party about?" Akira asks.

"What do you mean? Don't people throw big parties when it's someone's birthday??" Emilia wonders.

Akira sighs, "I get the point of celebrating a birthday but, why did you invite THIS many people?"

"The more, the merrier! Right?" Emilia says.

"We could have just made something small and simple, just the two of us." Akira complains.

"..." Emilia is silent.

"So?" Akira presses her.

"There's something I believe I haven't told you yet…" Emilia admits.

"Hm?" Akira wonders.

"It's kind of embarrassing to say…" Emilia plays around with her long dark hair.

"Oh come on, you're afraid that I might laugh at you?" Akira asks her.

"... Well, I trust that you won't but still… It's hard to say…" Emilia is clearly nervous.

"It's okay, just say it, I'll hear you out…" Akira is willing to listen.

Emilia blushes in embarrassment, "... Well the thing is… I… I…"

"Yes…?" Akira gestures his hand forward.

"I-I want to make friends!" Emilia finally lets out.

"Friends..?" Akira asks.

Crystal and the other girls appear out of nowhere behind Emilia, "Oh my! You want to make friends, Emilia? We can be your friends!"

The girls caught Akira by surprise. [Ugh… It's THESE girls…] Akira complains in his mind.

"Huh? Wait, you guys…" Emilia was caught by surprise too.

"Yes? Did we hear you correctly? You said you wanted friends, right? We can be your friends!" A girl, Daisy, is being nice to her.

Emilia is excited, "Ah! Really?! Like for real?!"

"Yeah!" Another chick, Rebecca, approves.

Crystal, along with the group of girls, all take a seat with Akira and Emilia, Crystal however, stealthily pulls a chair and sits next to the bored boyfriend.

[So annoying…] Akira is CLEARLY annoyed.

"So so! What were you guys talking about right now?" Crystal asks excitedly.

"Uh... We were talking about…" Emilia is interrupted by Akira.

"We were discussing the importance of having strong connections with people you care about due to humans being highly social creatures." Akira shoots the bull.

"Wow! That sounds really cool! So if you guys are looking for people to hang out, you two can always join us! How about we exchange phone numbers so we can keep in contact?" Rebecca suggests.

Emilia is amazed, "Exchange phone numbers…?"

"It's not really that big of a deal…" Daisy responds to Emilia.

"Yeah..! Why don't we share our contact information? I'm always looking for more people to talk to!" The third friend, Jina, adds.

"Hehe! I have like more than 50 people I regularly text!" Rebecca follows up.

Emilia is amazed, she thinks, [That many…?]

The group continues to chit-chat, laughing and drinking away the night, though the only one not enjoying the moment is Akira.

"So, how long have you guys been dating?" Crystal asks the couple.

"For approximately 2922 days." Akira answers immediately.

"Hmmm, and how long exactly is that…?" Crystal wonders.

"We have been dating since we were 13 years old!" Emilia confirms.

"What-?! Really- that long-?!" The other girls are taken back, "My record is only 12 months…"

"Well, our castle placed upon solid rock is not weak ground that can easily be shaken by the wraiths of the earth!" Akira says proudly.

"Please speak at our level…" Rebecca tells Akira.

"Ah, don't mind his vocabulary, he is really into poetry!" Emilia says.

"Hmph! Not only do we have a long relationship, but our marriage plan date is within the next full moon!" Akira protracts.

"And exactly how long IS THAT?!" Crystal demands a direct answer.

"Within the next month!" Emilia clarifies.

"Wow that's really soon-!" Crystal is surprised.

"Yeah!" Emilia adds on.

"Anyways, right now you guys were talking about making friends, right? It amazes me that you guys have been together for so long yet can't even make a single friend…" Daisy remarks.

"That's because they're unnecessary!" Akira retorts.

"... I've always been too shy to talk to people…" Emilia responds.

"Come on, Akira! Don't be like that! Friends are precious!" Crystal confronts Akira on the matter.

"Friends…" Akira goes off wondering for a while, "For what, exactly..? To rely on them?"

"Friends aren't just people to rely on. It's people that are close to you, that understand you, that share good times with you! It's people with whom you share the fun and the pain that life brings!" Crystal values friendship.

"Hm... Well I guess Emilia is my very best and only friend!" Akira does not want anyone else.

"..." [It seems that no matter what, this guy just won't care about anybody else other than Emilia…] Crystal thinks angrily in her mind.

"Hm… How about we go get something to eat, Emilia? I'm dying of hunger!" Akira suggests, suddenly.

"Sure, I'd love to!" Emilia answers.

"We can come with you guys!" Crystal suggests.

"It's okay! We can bring everyone something here so please DON'T bother!" Akira quickly gets up along with Emilia.

"But we-" Crystal reaches out for them.

Akira swiftly pushes Emilia and hurries on his way.

"Wait! Wait for us- ugh… They're gone…" Crystal becomes sad.

Akira sighs of relief after losing sight of them, "That was close… We almost wasted our entire party time with them…"

"Akira, that wasn't cool. It's not cool to just ditch people like that!" Emilia complains.

"But they're annoying." Akira responds.

Emilia pouts in anger, "Hmph!"

"Oh, you rarely get pissed off. But when you do, you're the cutest thing ever!" Akira compliments Emilia.

"Oh really? I bet I am!" Emilia is angry.

"Haha…" Akira giggles.

"Akiraaaaaaa!! Where are youuuuuu?" The voice of an unknown guy is heard calling for Akira.

"Huh- who the hell is that…?" Akira wonders.

"Ah! There you are! Akira! I've been looking for ya everywhere!" The drunk bastard, Jose, spots his target.

"Who the hell are you? Don't come any closer, you stink of alcohol!" Akira responds in annoyance.

"Haha! Akira! Come on! Let's go get some drinks! Yar' 21 today, right?" Jose suggests in his drunkenness.

"Drinks? I'm not gonna touch that disgusting booze of yours!" Akira declines in disgust.

"What…? But why not?! It's tradition to get yo' ass wasted when ya' turn 21!" Jose continues to annoy Akira.

"Well I'm not taking part in that shitty tradition you're talking about." Akira retorts.

Jose puts his arm over Akira's shoulder, "Come on! We've got some really 'hot morras' you can check out!"

Akira doesn't respond for a few seconds. He pushes Jose away. "What kind of stupid shit are you saying?" Akira asks with dark glaring eyes.

"Huh? Why you getting so mad…? I just suggested you check some girls out…" Jose notices Emilia next to him, "Ah! I get it, you've already got a girl…!" He thinks to himself, [... This guy's such a pain in the ass…] "Well well, if you feel like popping some beers, just come find me!" He takes his leave, as he passes a turn, a girl awaits him.

"So how did it go?" Crystal asks as she was waiting for him.

"That guy is such a pain, there's no way you'll become close friends with him…" Jose responds back.

"... I can't just give up this easily, I still need his help with my chemistry project!!" Crystal clings to hope.

"Why don't you simply ask for help then????" Jose annoyingly asks her.

"I have! And he has rejected me 38 times already!" Crystal SEVERELY wants Akira's help with that chemistry project.

"Welp, tough luck." Jose quietly takes his leave.

"..." Crystal stays quiet as Jose leaves, she discreetly comes close to Akira and Emilia. She finds that both are casually chatting. "Shit, I can't fail my chemistry class, my parents will make me withdraw from school!" Crystal ponders a dim future when a kid passes her quickly. "Huh? Wasn't that Akira's sister?" She wonders.

"Akira! Akira!" Nana desperately calls out to Akira.

"Nana? What's wrong?" Akira and Emilia were having an intimate moment.

"Dad… He's here, and he's arguing with mom right now…" Nana delivers the news, out of breath.

Akira sighs, "That son of a bitch,"

"Wait, Akira! What're you going to do?" Emilia questions.

"Take care of that motherfucker, of course…" Akira answers back, in a cold tone.

"Try not to argue too much!" Emilia tells her boyfriend, whom she was holding close with her arms.

"Right," Akira agrees, he lets go of Emilia and walks away into his house, leaving behind Emilia and Nana.

Inside, a fight is taking place between Akira's mother and father.

They are yelling at each other.

"Just go to bed, Hinata! Can't you see there's more people around?!" Anna yells at her husband.

"I said I'm hungry! Get me some food!" Hinata, clearly drunk, yells back at his wife, in anger.

"Fine! I'll take you food but just get the hell out of here!" Anna demands.

"So I can't even eat in MY own kitchen now…!?" Hinata asks sarcastically.

"Nothing here belongs to you anymore…" Akira answers his father as he enters the house.

"Crazy motherfucker, when are you gonna learn to respect the one who raised you…?" Hinata asks his son.

"I do respect him, he's the God of the Streets, he's the one who raised me…" Akira responds back.

"... So I'm not even your father anymore…?" Hinata asks.

"Would you care not to be a drama queen? You don't have to act extra spicy just because there's more people around. Just get to bed and we won't have any troubles…" Akira says to his father.

"YOU guys are my trouble…" Hinata says back.

Akira stays quiet.

"What…? If you have something to say, then say it!" Hinata yells at Akira.

Akira stays quiet.

"Just go to sleep! You're annoying everyone!" Anna yells back.

"Shut up! I'm not talking to you anymore!" Hinata yells back.

"But ain't nobody wanna talk with you even!" Anna yells back.

"Ain't nobody wanna take YOUR bullshit!" Hinata yells back.

Emilia comes into view, [Oh no… They really are arguing…]

"Hey sir! Come on! Just chill out, people just wanna have fun here!" Uncle Sebastian interrupts the fight.

"Fuck do YOU want?!" Hinata turns, sickly.

"Sir! I said, 'calm down!'" Uncle Sebastian repeats.

"Bitch, ain't nobody asking for your suggestions!" Hinata retorts back.

"Mr. Takahashi, please, would you mind calming down?" Emilia goes up to Akira's father and asks a favor of him.

"Ah! Emilia! Hey, don't you think it's fucked up that you can't even use your own motherfucking kitchen!?" Hinata is angry.

"I do think it's messed up but now it's not the time!" Emilia tries to empathize.

"Haha! At least you do understand! Unlike THESE people over here!" Hinata says, referring to his family. "Hey, Emilia, I've been wondering for a while now… But why are you even with this boring-ass son of a bitch..?" Hinata asks Emilia as he looks down upon Akira.

Akira and Emilia both stay silent.

"Sir! That's no way to talk about your son!" Uncle Sebastian defends Akira.

"Shut up, pussy, why don't you fight me, huh…?" Hinata dares his brothen-in-law.

"Because nothing is gained from fighting!" Uncle Sebastian is reasonable.

"Because you'll get yo' ass beaten!" Hinata yells in Sebastian's face.

Akira walks towards Hinata and pushes him away, "Stay the fuck away from him…"

Hinata laughs, "Finally getting mad…?"

Akira sighs, "You're not worth getting mad about…"

"Sure, you're just acting! You're just acting like a tough boy even though right now you're probably scared shitless! You're still scared of daddy? Hahaha!" Hinata laughs at him.

"..." Akira goes silent.

"Look at this dumbass! Emilia, are you seriously dating this piece of shit…? You'd be better off with someone else! Yeah, this boy told me the other day that he was interested in you! Why don't you check him out!?" Hinata suggests with ill intent.

Akira goes off thinking, he recalls what his father once said to Emilia, 'What a beautiful little girl you are, Emilia, though I'm sorry to inform you that my son is a little chicken! You should better look for someone with more balls!' Akira reflects on those words, [I had forgotten the reason why I even got involved with street gangs… It was so that I could become so strong that everyone would fear my name, and hopefully by then, Emilia would think highly of me, since honestly, throughout my childhood, I was a spineless bastard, I couldn't even put up a fight, and it was because of that that my father came to hate me…]

"Listen! I was so strong back then that I could even knock out a bastard with a single punch!" Hinata boasts about his past self.

"I wonder what happened to that unvanquished spirit you once had…" Akira throws a right punch, meant to knock out Hinata.

Hinata blocks Akira's punch, "It's still with me…"

Hinata responds with a swift left punch, Akira dodges it quickly, Akira then fires a left kick shot at Hinata's stomach which upon impact, makes Hinata back up from the sheer force of the kick.

"Look how fat that disgusting shit's gotten you!" Akira shouts at his breathless father.

Hinata grabs Akira's left leg with both arms, but Akira swiftly jumps and right knees Hinata in the face, knocking him to the floor, causing him to bleed.

"Bastard…! I guess you truly are my son after all… huh…?" Hinata gives in, bleeding from his nose.

"Hey! Stop this!" Anna yells out.

"Akira…" Emilia calls out to Akira.

A moment of silence follows.

Akira sighs before offering a helping hand to his father.

Hinata forcefully obliges.

"Time to go to bed, motherfucker…" Akira says.

"Right… You son of a bitch…" Hinata responds.

Hinata heads for his room, he enters it and shuts the door.

"I'll be taking my leave too!" Akira heads into his room.

Afterwards, the tense atmosphere leads to a long silence among the crowd.

"I'll… go check on Akira…" Emilia breaks the silence.

"Please do…" Anna agrees.

"We-we should really get going too…" People at the party follow, "Yeah, plus, it's already late!"

"Hold up! Let me get ya at least a piece of cake! Come on, I'll cut it!" Anna goes on her way.

Meanwhile Akira is really annoyed, [... People are so annoying… Why couldn't Emilia and I have a whole world all to ourselves…? Where it's just the two of us, with no other pests…] He thinks.

Akira hears knocking on his door, it's Emilia's voice, "Akira, may I come in?"

"Of course." Akira answers.

Emilia walks into the room and takes a seat on the bed next to Akira, who is laying head down on its comfy blankets.

"Hey, Akira?" Emilia says his name.

"Yes?" Akira responds.

"Uh… I was wondering if you still would be willing to open up to the idea of making new friends…?" Emilia asks.

"Hm? Friends? What for?" Akira wonders.

"Huh? Why? Well, the idea just seems appealing to me! I mean, wouldn't it be cool to say that we have like over 100 friends!" Emilia explains with due excitement.

"... Like I told that Crystal girl, I'm not interested in friendship or any of that sort, I only want and need you…" Akira looks at Emilia.

"But… Why? Why do you only desire me? What's so special about me…?" Emilia asks back.

"Why? That's the most simple question I've heard! Because you're the only person I love and care about!" Akira responds simply.

"Well, I know that, but listen to me, Akira!" Emilia demands his attention.

"Yes?" Akira listens in.

"I don't want you to only have me! I want you to have tons of friends and people that are close to you which you can rely on! I don't want you to ever be alone or have no one to turn to when you are in need!" Emilia spells out her wishes.

"Haha! Don't be silly! I won't ever be lonely or have no one to turn to, because you'll always be there for me, right? And I'll always be there for you too!" Akira only trusts HER.

"... But…" Emilia says.

"Hm…? What's wrong?" Akira asks.

"I… I won't always be there for you! That's what's wrong!" Emilia voices her fears.

"Huh…? What are you talking about…?" Akira is taken aback.

"I mean… Isn't that just logical?! I thought you were the brainy-type to shut away emotions, but it seems even people like you blind yourselves to harsh realities!" Emilia criticizes Akira.

"Haha.. But what do you mean you won't always be there for me…?" Akira asks nervously.

"Huh..? Think logically! What if something were to happen to me?! What if something were to happen to you?! What if something happens that separates the two of us?! Anything could happen and we only have each other, if we were to lose the little we DO have, what then?" Emilia is terrified of such a reality.

"Emilia…?" Akira is getting scared.

"I have been thinking about this for some time now, and just the thought of you being lonely and not having anyone troubles me… THAT'S why I threw a big party, so we could at least meet some people, but everything today has gone wrong…" Emilia is disappointed.

"... I know how you feel, I would also hate to be taken away from you and leave you alone, but I assure you, I won't ever leave your side! I'll always be there for you no matter what gets in the way!" Akira promises with his arrogance, and possible delusion.

"I would love to believe your words… But I just can't…" Emilia responds honestly.

"Huh…? Why? You think I'm not capable?! You think I can't keep my promises?!" Akira feels offended.

"... I would be lying to you if I told you I could believe in your promises!" Emilia responds harshly.

"Huh…?" Akira is caught by surprise.

"I won't deceive you by making you believe that you can do everything! There will always be something which even the greatest of man cannot overcome! Akira, I don't want to motivate you by believing in your promises… I know the type of man you are, you'll stop at nothing just to keep your word, but I don't want you to force yourself just for my sake, it makes me feel bad knowing someone as amazing as you works so hard just to impress me and prove himself to me… I'm already satisfied with how great you are, I just want you to take it easy…" Emilia declares what she wants for Akira.

"... Well, it's just that, I just love you so much that everyday I have to make sure that I am a man worthy of you, you know? But come on, you just gave me a scare for nothing, suddenly saying how you won't always be there for me, made me think you'd be abandoning me or something…" Akira tries to comfort himself.

"... I'm still not giving up on making you open up to other people! Sorry Akira, but this is MY way of caring for you!" Emilia presses on.

"Ha! Yeah yeah, whatever, then I'll just have to prove to you that we have no need for any other people in our lives, that they are nothing but PESTS!" Akira voices out loud.

"... I'm kind of scared by the fact that you actually think of other people as 'pests' and annoyances…" Emilia feels uncomfortable.

"Sorry but that's just what they are…" Akira states, bluntly.

"... You're wrong! Not everyone is like that!" Emilia defies his ideals.

"Then give me an example of someone that's actually half decent!" Akira demands.

"Huh? There's plenty of people! Like Crystal and her friends, they were nice enough to want to be my friends!" Emilia mentions Crystal.

"It's funny you mention Crystal, couldn't even tell she was only interested in me?" Akira asks Emilia.

"What? No she wasn't! She was friendly with everyone!" Emilia denies the accusation.

"Emi, she literally couldn't give less of a fuck about anyone else other than me, she's just looking to get on my good side to get a favor out of me." Akira insists.

Emilia is confused, [Was she really?!] She thinks. "And what about the others?!" Emilia asks.

"The others? Oh yeah, her friends, uh, they were too insignificant unworthy of my attention…" Akira is an asshole.

"Why are you like this?" Emilia asks him.

"Like I already said, because friends are worthless!" Akira answers her.

"But why?!" She asks.

"Because we don't need them!" He responds back.

"But we do need them! Why are you so selfish?! You just enclose yourself in your own disconnected world! Why don't you ever consider MY feelings?!" Emilia is angry with Akira.

"Huh- what the hell are you talking about? You're quite literally my goddess!" Akira responds.

"But I don't want to be your 'goddess'! Whatever that means! I want to be someone you love, not worship!" Emilia retorts.

"Then explain how it is that I don't consider your feelings?!" Akira asks back, frustrated.

"Huh? Just now, you completely ignored my feelings when I told you that I was worried of you ending up alone if something were to happen between the two of us!" Emilia answers, frustrated as well.

"But that's nothing to worry about! You're CRAZY if you're worrying about us being separated!" Akira yells at Emilia.

A tear falls down Emilia's left cheek, "I was just… I was just…"

[Huh… Emilia…? Why the hell is she crying…?] Akira asks himself. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Akira asks Emilia, emotionless.

"Huh-...? What the hell's wrong with me…?" Emilia starts to cry, "I was just worried… I'm scared that if something DOES happen, I won't be able to be there for you… And you might end up all alone since you don't care for anyone else but me!"

"Hahahaha! You're so funny you know that! What is wrong with you?! I love you and have dedicated all my life to you! The reason why I even AM is because of you! And now you're telling me to go and look for others…? You make the funniest jokes sometimes…" Akira says with dead eyes, the moonlight showering the room casts a gloomy shadow on his face.

"A joke…? Is that how you see it as…?" Emilia's heart cannot take anymore.

"Yes, a joke! A tasteless joke with zero meaning! I don't care how you see it but I'll only ever live for and with YOU!" Akira is without reason.

"I see… So from the very beginning… I wasn't even anything… I was just some object… A reason for you to live… If I didn't mean anything… Then why did you make me feel so important…?!" Emilia bursts into tears.

"The hell are you talking about now?! Didn't I just make it clear that you're the only thing that matters in my life!" Akira has no other purpose.

"Clearly not since you don't even care about how I feel! Why didn't you accept Jose's invitation to go and check some other girls out!? I bet some random bitch would mean more to you than me!" Emilia downplays Akira's feelings for her.

Akira has had enough, his eyes are dead and dark, he raises his right hand, and slaps Emilia, making her take several steps back.

"What the fuck did you just say?" He asks, his voice cold and menacing.

"Huh-" Emilia looks up to face Akira, with tears flowing down her face.

Akira realizes what he's done, he backs away, "Huh… What the hell did I just-"

Emilia responds,"You just proved me right. You're nothing but a selfish asshole. You only ever care about yourself. No matter how much you may proclaim your love for me and no matter how much you dedicate your life to me, it's nothing but for selfish reasons! You only do the things you do for me to prove to yourself you are capable! You see me as nothing but a standard to meet…! A person to please… When I truly did love you… You never did once care about my feelings… Did you…?"

"When you LOVED me…?" Akira asks, a tear falls down his cheek.

"Yes. When I LOVED you…" Emilia answers back.

"Emilia…" Akira says her name, with a saddened tone.

"... You really are nothing more than a blind arrogant king without people, sitting upon a meaningless throne… Alone you are…" Emilia states the cold truth.

Tears are flowing from Akira's eyes, "Wait, Emilia!" He tries to grab his girlfriend.

"Let me go! I hate you! You're the worst!" Emilia pushes him away.

[Huh…? Why…?] Akira asks himself.

Emilia leaves the room, leaving behind Akira all by himself, in the darkness.

Akira falls down to his knees, [Why…? Why did this just happen…? This was never supposed to happen. We were supposed to live happily together… So why…? Why?!]

Akira goes down to the floor, crying, "... Why…? I don't understand…? Where did I go wrong…? All I've ever done my entire life is given her love… My whole damn life, ever since I met her, she's been the only one in my mind, she's been the only one I've ever cared about! So why?!" Akira recalls some of the things Emilia said, '... you really are…alone you are…', 'you just proved me…did you…?' Recalling these words just pains Akira further, he throws himself on his bed, continues to cry and weep.

Akira cries for minutes, after a while he then starts to hum a song, "... You are sad, baby… you are sad, baby… sad… sad… you are mad… you are mad… you are mad… …"

As the depressed protagonist continues to cry and weep, laying down on his bed, something sinister makes itself manifest. On the floor, a black spot appears in the middle of the room floor, it grows bigger, and bigger, eventually becoming wide enough to swallow an entire person. The hole is black and seems like a portal to another dimension, then out of nowhere, black shadowy hands start pouring out from the pit, and in the middle, an eye appears and pops open, with a chilling gaze.

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