Neko-chan! Book

novel - Fantasy



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Akira Takahashi finds himself with the usual business, beating up an entire gang all by himself, after he's done, he finally heads home and barely remembers that today is his birthday, which he doesn't seem to care about. Upon arriving at his house and opening the entrance door, he is surprised by a lively bunch of people celebrating his birthday, Akira was not happy, especially because it was his girlfriend that had organized the entire thing and had invited more people than Akira could count, but Akira decides to just get through it. After finally greeting all the guests, and getting rid of other annoyances (people), Akira and his girlfriend, Emilia Flores, are met with an actual serious problem, someone unpleasant has come home, someone Akira really hates, his own father. *Read the novel to find out what happens between Akira and his father, and, find out what goes down next, a mysterious force makes an appearance and wrecks havoc all over the city!*


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