Negative -Girls: To Live And Die

A (not) rom-com of a (broken) immortal tutor and his (dying) female students.

Little_Foxxy · Horror
Not enough ratings
76 Chs

Not Safe At All

I "Thank you, Sunbae," is the last sentence Sohee made before everything goes back to awkward silence. Mei has absolutely given up trying to make Sohee abandoned her duty for her.

'No, it's me that should be sorry, Sohee. I should have understand that you have responsibility.' Mei said but I know better that she's disappointed of Sohee. And for some reason she didn't stutter. Maybe that time she didn't see me or Sohee weak smile might have distracted her androphobia.

Again with the past tense. What's going on with me?

Anyway, after out brief talk and having Sohee walks away from us (of course not before a cute wave from her), Mei suddenly jolts up. A cold water hits her--she have to walk home with me.

I don't know which part is the scarier, the fact that I'm a male and am going to follow her around or the fact that there's somebody out there going to abdicate her. I couldn't imagine, mostly because I'm not an androphobic and no one wants to kidnap me.