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The world is unfair. That is a simple and unavoidable truth. The strong rule the weak and might makes right. No matter what you do if you are not strong enough it is worthless. Somebody stronger can just pry your accomplishments out of your cold dead hands. End your life just because they simply felt like it. So if you had the chance to become strong, the opportunity to achieve something. Wouldnt you take it? Then when you end up in the void after death and a translucent panel offers you the chance to start over again and experience life to its fullest wouldn't you accept? _______________________________________________ [New Game?] [Yes] [No] _______________________________________________ [Yes!] Note: I do not own the cover now do I have any claim over it

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NGJ Chapter 81: Devilish x Date

I woke up.


A weird feeling considering that I hadn't slept for a while ever since I unlocked Clone.


...Maybe I needed to sleep off the fucking 

s h a m e.


First, my Undead becomes stronger than me. Next my familiar fucking Doms me.


What next!? Do I bend over like a bitch and get pegged!?


So fucking frustrating. Good thing I know how to fix it. My second body has been out of the dungeons for too long and it's making me itch.


But first I will select a sub-class for it to complete. And for once I decided.


Why not get a physical class?


I know I said go all in on mage but the power behind those black flashes makes me reconsider. Besides some good old fisting might help my foul mood.


So I chose this as my second sub-class.



[Brawler LV. 0/50]

Increases unarmed damage by 0%


 + 1 End

 + 2 Str

 + 1Vit

 + 1Agi



With that subclass under my thumb, I sent my other body right back to Necropolis with the goal of completing it. Soon enough my clone Technique will have levelled up enough for me to handle 3 bodies at once which will certainly be more convenient.


Now as I will be multitasking destroying the army and ruler of an entire undead kingdom I will also be having a date.


It's good that I barely react to pain at this point then.


Already I had my surveillance and shoplifting wraiths scout out some good dating locations for me and Sona to visit.


If this date goes well enough I might even get her to 100 Affection.


As usual, I, having less than zero idea about fashion decided to go with my loose-fitting black shirt and white pants. And I changed out the blindfold for new sunglasses again.


These sunglasses are so opaque you would have a better time trying to peek through solid steel. In fact, they were specially enhanced to disturb eyesight, so with them, my eyes were only twice as strong as the average person's.


Once the time had come for me to date I ignored being stabbed by a dead knight and teleported to an alleyway close to where Sona was, being fashionably... early? I was planning to be late but I accidentally arrived earlier due to mistaking that Sona had come at the exact time.


...Man she really is eager.


As she saw me turn the corner her eyes brightened a little. She wore a pleated grey skirt with white stockings underneath, above that was a black blouse with a blue cardigan over it. She also wore a grey bonnet that looked cute.


"You're early." She said looking away from me a little.


"So? You are even earlier. But I guess we both got a bit too excited." I said while rubbing the back of my head. She seemed happy at the implication though so I guess it's good.


"Yes, I guess we both did, didn't we? Well, at least now we have more time to spend together right?" She said while approaching me, I could still tell she was embarrassed and was putting on her best act as she "casually" linked her arms with mine.


...A bit awkward since I am nearly a head taller than her but neither of us were bothered.


She had a way different air than fucking Ratnere and Aika. I could see her practised grace of a noble. She was eager to impress.


"Well, that's good then. I know this new pizza place that opened up. Hope you are hungry." She nodded and we started walking there on the way there I made idle conversation with her, about her interests, ambitions etc.




As we were seated with our pizzas in front of I couldn't help but stare at what Sona was doing with utter disbelief.


"I-I am I doing something wrong? Why are you looking at me like that" She said, as if she wasn't trying to eat Pizza with a pair of F O R K and 

K N I F E.


"Sona." "Yes?" "Have you ever eaten Pizza before?"






"Haha, alright princess. Allow me to enlighten you on the way us commoners consume our cheesy pizza goodness. First of all, please do not use that fork and knife." I asked of her as she intensely watched me pick up a piece and start devouring it voraciously.


Mmh! Pizza is best, just below pancakes. My cooking skills might be better but you can't beat pizza. For some reason the less effort you spend on food the better it tastes.


Maybe I should make some undead cooks.


Bonedon Ramsay? 


As I was indulging my less-than-sound-of-mind delusions Sona spoke up.


"But won't that get your hands dirty?" I shot her a challenging smirk at that.


"What? Afraid to get your hands a little dirty princess?" I couldn't help but tease as she scoffed in indignation.


"No, of course not! *Chomp!*" Saying that, as if she had something to prove to me she grabbed the slice and bit down on it with force.


*munch* *much* out of wariness of getting actually slapped I did not point out that she looked like an angry chipmunk as she chewed. That's cute.


"So is it good?" I said as I rested my chin on my hand.


"It is." She said while pink dusted her cheeks as she looked away and brushed her hair away. I chuckled.




Eventually, our date led us to the park where we encountered a stray chess table. Apparently, Japanese parks just have chess sets set up. Pretty good condition too, Sona talked me into playing. And she also made a bet with me.


Whoever won would get a small wish from the other party. Of course, I accepted. So now we were sat across from each other as we played.


And honestly, it's a bit... boring.


Even with just 12.2432% of my computing power, this was trivially easy for me. The rest of my brain power was spent as I was fighting literal armies of undead at the moment. I am pretty sure I will need to fuse my bodies after this date to take on the last boss of Necropolis at full power.


...Wow that's one large meteor. Wait focus Akira, you are on a date. Your body is handling it well. 


As I was half focusing on the game and half peeking through her clothes with my X-ray vision I felt something creep up my leg. peeking through the table I noticed that it was actually Sona's foot rubbing against my leg.


I could see her embarrassed expression as she did so. She probably read about it in a magazine about seducing men or something. That's cute, but she lacks the sheer confidence of Rias or Akeno to straight up give me a footjob in public.




But I did feel her soft stocking-clad feet rub against my erection briefly. Of course, that wasn't enough to break my concentration. In fact, Sona looked way more embarrassed than I did. She still tried to keep a seductive look on her face though.


Well, her awkwardness has its own charm too.


Who thought the sister of Satan would be so pure? But I could tell she had full concentration when moving her pieces. She had quite a lot of pride in her ability to play chess. So I decided to humour her a little and pretend like I was struggling.


I was intentionally drawing out the game since Sona looked to enjoying it very much. But I was drawing a subtle trap around her that she did not notice until it was too late. With one last move, I moved my queen into position.


"Checkmate." Hearing my words it looked like Sona was snapped out of a trance as she looked at the board.


Indeed, it was checkmate.


She looked again.


She lifted her head to look at me.


And looked at the board again.


"I... lost?" She looked in disbelief. As if she couldn't understand what happened.


[+30 Obedience with Sona Sitri]


"So, do I get my wish?" I asked with a roguish smile while tilting my glasses down.


"A-ah yes. Good, yes, good game Akira." She could barely recover her composure. I liked flustering the usually strict Sona. And as she acknowledged my wish my neurons sparked a genius Idea as I temporarily shifted 99% of my intelligence to my second body while he was riding on the shoulder of a death knight.


Activating [Thought Accelaration] as the world around me slowed to a crawl I brought out the [Tome of the Rizzard] and started reading it at speeds that put the fastest readers in the world to shame.


And it did not take me more than 10 seconds to learn the spell with all of my undivided attention. 


[ Basic - Arousal ]

Causes target to become aroused. 


[ Basic - Enhance Sensitivity ]

Increases the sexual sensitivity of the target.


Having learnt those spells I shifted 20 percent processing power back to my first body.


Sona and I moved next to a small lake that was in the river. In the afternoon light, it looked quite enchanting. While Sona looked like she had so much in her mind that it just straight-up crashed. Deciding the mood was nice I decided to shoot.


"Hey, Sona. I still have my wish right?"




"Could you close your eyes?" Her eyes trembled for a second, likely realizing what I was aiming for before she nodded and closed her eyes.


I quickly moved in front of her and wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her to me as she blushed heavily, I could see her slightly puckering her lips. I bent down and stole a kiss from her soft lips as I cast [Arousal]. 


As I felt her lean more into the kiss I started pushing more, as the kiss turned more passionate and I pushed arousal further while applying increase sensitivity as one of my hands found their way to her plump ass and gently groped it, she flinched at first but the arousal I felt from her got stronger. 


Our lips just briefly parted to catch breaths before they locked once more as I claimed her beautiful lips once more. My hand slipped under her skirt without any resistance groping her panty-clad ass directly. Breaking the kiss once more I leaned into Sona's ear and lowered my tone of voice and whispered while my hand slipped into her panties without resistance.


"I think for my wish... I want you, Sona. I want you to be mine." As my warm breath tickled her ear Sona literally shook as she held onto me, her hands almost breaking my clothes with how hard she held onto them.


It took me a moment to realize what actually happened as Sona's embarrassed and aroused expression turned into one of utter mortification as she quickly pushed herself off of me.


"Did you really just...?" I physically couldn't not ask as her expression of utter mortification burned further.


"I HAVE TO GO BYE!!!!" Screaming that she sprinted away at speeds comparable to my fastest using dash as I just stood there, stunned a smile still on my face.


...Turns out she is sensitive huh?


[Ego +999]



A/N: The melee class...! The melee class is real!!!


Akira finally decides that maybe going 100% into mage without consideration of other things is not the best idea. Sona is cute. Also, do you guys have ideas about spells I could add to the [Eromancy] tree?


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