52 Chapter 52: Wild Morning

Sometimes. Just sometimes I impress myself.


I... really did just do that.


I really managed to turn Grayfia of all people, the Wife of the strongest satan ever into my servant.


My genius truly seems to know no bounds


Anyway. I went down from my room after taking my shower and into my kitchen where I saw quite a unique view.


Mittelt was standing in the corner of the room ramrod straight while she trembled like a leaf in the wind with tears in her eyes.


---[Mittelt PoV]---


Life had been... strange for Mittelt for the past week or so.


After trying to ambush the guy Raynare had told her to (like she was their boss, patronizing bitch) she had gotten grievously injured by his horrifying ability to summon undead.


After getting wounded, pinned down and interrogated by that DEMON(He made devils look like puppies) and even pissing her pants she was taken by the devils and held captive until Lord Azazel took her back.


And not even a few days later she was given to him as an apology to the man who had nearly killed her and her friends. But... to be fair... she had also tried to kill him too.


Honestly speaking, her situation wasn't so bad.


Sure she was branded with a slave make and her pride was stomped into nonexistence but on the other hand.


She was living in a luxurious mansion, had her own room. A good amount of free time. Even if she had to work to keep the mansion clean which was difficult at the best of times.


Not to mention the man he serves...


Akira was a mysterious and powerful mage. That was just incomprehensible. He trained day in day out, creating undead monstrosities she hadn't seen in her hundreds of years of life. His technique resembled the Yokai but we're completely different.


But that didn't really involve her besides...


He was hot.


Like HOT hot.


He must have been one of the sexiest and most handsome mortals she had ever seen. His hair was like snow and his eyes were like they had the goddam sky inside of them.


He rarely ever had his glasses or sleeping mask off but when he did it was like his charmingness gets tripled.


The first time she saw him with his glasses off she had to replace her panties.


He had a sculpted physique with barely any flaws. Not to mention his roguish charm. He just hit all the right spots for her.


Say what you want but being created with a petite body that just would not change because of the big motherfucker in heaven made it so that it was quite difficult for her to find willing sexual partners that were good enough.


But also Akira was SCARY. Just being around him felt like tip-toeing on a thin string. He just had an aura of danger around him.


Not to mention he can control people with commands, she saw what he did to Raynare and did not want that to happen to herself.


It feels like all it takes for your employment to continue post-mortem is one mistake.


But being in charge for once felt good as Akira had given her power over Raynare and Kalawarner.


Though after what happened in the... Bath she couldn't really keep a straight face around him.


He was far too, what did the people these days call it? Scareousing?


Nonetheless, her complaints were very little. Life was calm and enjoyable for the most part as Akira could barely care less about what they did.


Well, that was until one day when she got up early to fix herself some breakfast when she stumbled onto THE SILVER HAIRED QUEEN OF ANNIHILATION, THE STRONGEST QUEEN OF THE UNDERWORLD GRAYFIA, THE WIFE OF THE STRONGEST SATAN.




She forgot to mention.








At that moment her hundreds of years of life flashed before her eyes. She was dead, she would be dying because the silver-haired queen of annihilation happened to be angrily making breakfast in the kitchen.


A slight glare was directed at her making her heart stop before Grayfia retracted her gaze and went back to cooking.


Did that mean she got to live?


Not knowing what to do she timidly retreated to a corner as quietly as she could.


And soon after Akira came down. Now Mittelt was content at least. Knowing she would hopefully not die alone.


---[Akira PoV]---


I was highly amused at the sight of the strongest queen having cooked me breakfast and the mittelt in the corner shitting enough bricks to build a mansion.


I sat down at the table and Grayfia came up to me.


"If you are satisfied may I leave now Akira- sama ? I need to inform Rias of your arrangement."


"Alright, you may leave." As I said that Grayfia shot me another nasty glare but I was unphased. Regardless she quickly teleported away after bowing.


The pancakes were delicious, maybe even better than mine since she is far more experienced at cooking. I also invited Mittelt to eat with me since she kinda missed her meal because of my unusual arrangements.


After my breakfast, I was left alone with my thoughts as I waited for Rias and her peerage to arrive.


This was it huh?


I was going to be turned into a devil, it's quite infuriating that this is out of my control though.


I spent so much time avoiding becoming a devil and now this. God, I am going to get roped into so much ungodly politics. Regardless this is the most optimal choice I have.


Thankfully I already have a pre-established relationship with Azazel so I have leverage. And being affiliated with Gremory on top of being a minor will save me much hassle.


It still leaves a bad taste in my mouth regardless. Maybe I will get to unchanged my race? It should be definitely possible with the broken nature of cursed energy.


Just two words.


Idle Transfiguration.


One of the most broken cursed techniques in existence.


The ability to freely manipulate the shape of your own soul and the souls of others. With a simple touch, you can almost instantly kill someone, turn your body into weapons with no consequences, heal from any physical attack, create monsters and everything else.


If I manage to get that technique or manage to reverse engineer it, I could freely change my race and modify my own body to extremes.


Whelp, no use worrying about that now. Maybe I will get a gacha token that can give me it or an opportunity to get it?


Speaking of, maybe I can do something with Sukuna's finger? I know how strong a finger bearer is and can easily overwhelm them. Plus, one finger Sukuna was not that strong.


Maybe my grimoire has something in it that would help with that. I should fill that out soon. I will go to Necropolis either during the wait time for the Riser battle or after.


My raw stats are very lacking, and I am tired of winning every fight by the skin of my goddam teeth. I can already hit well above my weight class. I just need to increase that weight class.


Speaking of classes, I have already completed the sorcerer class. Meaning I have an empty class spot to replace.



[Available Classes]


[Shikigami User] [Chef] [Alchemist] [Shaman] [Elemantalist] [Pugilist] [Scholar] [Blacksmith]



Hmm, I don't really like any of these classes at the moment. Maybe I will get a special class when I max necromancer. It won't hurt to wait, I will choose my next class after maxing it.


I waited and before long. Rias and her peerage knocked on my front door and well, I decided to flex a little.


---[Rias Peerage PoV]---


Rias was nervous. After where she had left off with Akira she would have thought he wanted nothing to do with her in general and she wouldn't blame him.


But according to Grayfia, he had decided to enter her peerage...?! This smelt like her brothers meddling but Rias could use all of the help she could right now, she needed to put her pride aside. And plus after the incident, him and Grayfia were at least on speaking terms which was good.


Her peerage behind her was happy as well, most if not all of her peerage anticipated the mysterious transfer student to join their family. So Rias knocked on the door of his mansion(she could have sworn it was a normal house a few weeks back).


But instead of Akira opening the door it was a giant demonic skeleton towering over her entire peerage that opened it. And immediately Rias could tell that the undead in front of her by itself was stronger than most rooks she had ever seen. Including Koneko who was immediately put on edge with its appearance as the flames dwelling in its eye sockets seemingly stared into their souls.


That made Rias way way more excited, this was clearly Akira's creation. Was he capable of creating such strong beings? How many of these did he have? Was he always this strong? No, that can't be, he would have defeated the fallen with ease if that was the case.


Does that mean he is just that talented? Or does he have a sacred gear that allows this? But her thoughts were cut short as the giant skeleton escorted them inside without words.


Inside the mansion, they saw Grayfia placing drinks on the table that sat in front of Akira. Her eyes landed on him and she couldn't help but blush. He was wearing a baggy black shirt dipping a bit below his collarbone, exposing a bit of his muscular chest.


He wore his ever-present sunglasses which she was grateful for as she doubted she would be able to focus on the conversion if he didn't. He also wore black slacks and sat in a relaxed position with his legs crossed as he smirked at her for some reason.


And then she realized how long she had looking at him from Grayfia shaking her head and her peerage looking amused. Even the undead that brought her here just stared at her with an emotion in its flame she could only describe as exasperation. 


"Well then, welcome to my not-so-humble abode."


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