Necromantic Gamer's Journey(DxD)

The world is unfair. That is a simple and unavoidable truth. The strong rule the weak and might makes right. No matter what you do if you are not strong enough it is worthless. Somebody stronger can just pry your accomplishments out of your cold dead hands. End your life just because they simply felt like it. So if you had the chance to become strong, the opportunity to achieve something. Wouldnt you take it? Then when you end up in the void after death and a translucent panel offers you the chance to start over again and experience life to its fullest wouldn't you accept? _______________________________________________ [New Game?] [Yes] [No] _______________________________________________ [Yes!] Note: I do not own the cover now do I have any claim over it

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Chapter 22: A "Friendly" Spar

Finishing up my batch of pancakes I went to greet my new unannounced visitors. And as expected it was Rias and her peerage. Of course except the vampire one whose name I can't even be bothered to recall for my internal monologue.

"Well, care to explain?" I asked while staring blankly at Rias' peerage who had invaded my home. At least they hadn't dispelled my curtain or else we would be having some problems.

"Oh Akira-kun you are okay! I was worried when I saw a barrier placed around your house considering last time. So we came to check it out. Did you make that barrier?" Asked Rias while looking around my frankly messy house. Honestly, I am a tad surprised she was worried for me.

"Thanks for caring, and yes this is a barrier of my own creation. And while I would gladly give you a tour of humble abode I unfortunately do not have much to tour." I said as I gestured around to the mostly empty but messy house which made Rias sweatdrop.

As Rias and her peerage were about to leave my house after confirming that everything was in fact fine I suddenly got an idea.

"Hold up. Kiba."

Hearing my voice Rias' peerage turned around while Kiba pointed at himself as he sported a confused expression.

"Me?" Of course , I wasnt talking about him I was referring to the other Kiba currently in my house.

"You are a swordsman right?"

"Yes?" Kiba still looked confused but still answered.

"Are you up for a spar?"


Safe to say, Rias and her peerage were rather surprised that I, a human magician had asked Kiba, a devil knight for a spar. But they understood why after I explained my reason.

I had been practicing my swordsmanship recently and wanted someone to spar against to test my skills which was yeah, actually true for once. I wanted to see the true gap in skill between me and Kiba.

Rias and Kiba were actually very happy about me asking Kiba to spar. Rias most likely to learn more about me by observing our match and Kiba because he was a weirdo. In fact, just by asking him to spar my affection with him went up to 18 which was considered friendship from Kiba's viewpoint.

There was also something I noticed about the affection system is that certain affection marks meant different things for different people.

For example: At 20 to 30 Akeno is marked as slight interest while Aika is described as a crush. To describe further someone who is very loose might even agree to sleep with me at 50 affection while someone who is very shy and conservative wouldn't do so. To simplify even if their affection is high our relationship is still shaped by my actions. They dont just become my girlfriend after they reach 60 affection.

Anyway, we stood off in my garden while the Gremory peerage stood by the side to watch our spar. Kiba sported a smile, looking like he was enjoying getting to spar with me.

"Do try to go easy on me, humans aren't really built that tough."

"Dont worry, I will limit myself to match you."

Normally, I wouldn't have taken this spar too seriously or anything but things changed the moment I got the notification.


[ Quest: A "Friendly" Spar ]

You have challenged Kiba, the knight of Rias to a friendly spar to test your swordsmanship. Only it doesn't seem like it will be so friendly with rewards on the line.

Condition: Defeat Kiba within the confines of the spar


+10 Agi

+ Perk: [ Rivalry ]

Greatly Increased Reputation with Kiba

Increased reputation with ORC members


As the system said, this spar wasnt so friendly anymore. For me at least.

Normally I wouldn't be able to defeat Kiba, but that changes within the confines of the spar. Here we both were holding back and you lost if you either accidentally use full power or get hit in a vital spot or if you get incapacitated.

Kiba summoned a sword using sword birth while I pretended to reach into my shadow as I pulled out my katana from my inventory. I put the sheathed katana on my waist and got into an Iai stance.

"Iai huh? My master sometimes used that." Kiba commented absentmindedly.

"Ready when you are." I waited for Rias to give the signal. I had given her a napkin beforehand to start the fight, and after a moment Rias threw the napkin in the air, and the moment it landed...

"{Enhancement}!" Under the amazed gazes of Rias and her peerage, my body got shrouded in a cloak of ethereal blue flame. Using Kaiba's surprise I prepared even more.

"{Simple Domain}." A blue circular field of 2.2 meters expanded from around my feet.

Simple domain was one of the few skills I could use without disabling cursed enhancement which I was thankful for. But why would I say the names of my skills out loud exactly? It was simple. I found a way to make my skills stronger.


Current Binding Vows:

Revealing One's Hand:

By announcing the name of the skill you are using to your opponent you can make your cursed techniques 10% more powerful


A simple but effective vow that did not hinder me in any way yet provided me with an advantage whenever I needed it.

Kiba took up his own stance after me and charged me. Even if he holds back that won't change the fact that his perception is far superior to mine. And he is at least a tier above me in swordsmanship.

But I have an advantage.

Kiba doesn't fight dirty. He is a knight through and through. He won't resort to tricks, he will fight straightforwardly in an honorable manner.

And while he is fighting this as a friendly spar I am fighting this as a battle to win.

Iai stance is predictable I am sure Kiba is smart enough to know I will strike when he steps in my circle. Yet he still did, confident in his ability to parry my blade.

While he might not think actively about it he still considers me a lesser opponent subconsciously which is fair, I am simply a human magician after all, and I am using a blade, I may have defeated fallen angels but he also could've done that easily. Were it anyone else his assumptions would be correct.

The moment his feet touched my simple domain my body moved and I activated quick draw and under Kiba's shocked gaze, my katana left its sheath at extreme speeds.


Just barely Kiba was able to block it as he was pushed back. Alas, I didn't give him a moment of reprieve as I stepped forward and slashed again which he was able to block again after stabilizing again.

It was apparent that without the advantage of my skill I was starting to lose ground as after Kiba regained his footing he started parrying my blows.

If I had to guess I would say his swordsmanship is between intermediate and adept. But I was able to keep up somewhat thanks to my enhancement and absurd perception.

I mainly stayed on the offensive, and Kiba, unused to acting without his superspeed fell on defense. Even then he still pushed me back, making me unable to enter an Iai stance again or erecting yet another simple domain to get an advantage.

Soon enough I would lose. So now it was time to play dirty.

I did a big slash downward that Kiba easily avoided, but as my katana met the ground, putting my hands at Kiba's feet I suddenly released my shoulders and elbow before spinning and using the momentum to kick Kiba squarely in the face.

'Manji Kick.'

Taking the full-force kick to the face Kiba staggered and was forced back, using that time frame I got back up before pursuing. Kiba recovered a bit too fast for my tastes but I still rushed forward before stopping abruptly, throwing him off rhythm.

Filling my leg up with cursed energy I suddenly stomped down. The dirt ground exploded from the force making a cloud of dust rise. Of course, Kiba with his enhanced senses would be able to notice me through the dust.


Now he wouldn't. Unlike Kiba, I could easily see through the cloud of dust and slashed toward his neck, due to not being able to sense me he wasnt able to react fast enough. I stopped the blade just before his neck and he dropped his sword.

"You really are good Akira-kun, I can't believe you managed to catch me off guard like that. I admit defeat." Kiba said helplessly as he shook his head with an amiable smile and offered me a handshake which I reciprocated.

"I can say the same to you, I have a long way ahead of me if I want to defeat you without using tricks. We should do this again sometime." I said as I tried to force the kindest smile I could.

[ +10 Affection with Kiba Yuuto ]

[ +5 Affection with koneko Toujou ]

[ +3 Affection with Akeno Himejima ]

[ +1 Affection with Rias Gremory ]

[ +10 Agi ]


[ Rivalry ]

-Increases the damage of bladed weapons by 10% when facing a swordsman

-Take 10% less damage when facing a swordsman


I looked to the side and saw the shocked face of Rias, surprised face of Akeno, and... the... uh... ever so slightly more surprised face of Koneko?

"Ara~ Ara~ You really are full of surprises aren't you Akira-kun?"

"I shall take that as a compliment." I said, ignoring Akeno's teasing tone of voice. Hearing my response her smile got even wider. Likely thinking of plans to tease me.

Thankfully they couldn't stay here for long as they still had their contracts and whatever else devils do to do, so after bidding their goodbyes they left. Leaving me to collapse into my couch once more.

Seeing numbers on a screen and experiencing the gap, in reality, were two different things. There was a noticeable difference between Kiba and I. Or more like every devil I have ever met. I need to start closing that gap.

Then I guess I should start by finishing this goddam dungeon.

'ID Create: Crypt'

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