48 Murder in the slave quarters!!

"How are you, girl?" When night fell, Aron dropped over at Julia's room to check on Kyla. The girl in bed smiled back at the two people walking towards her bed. "Better than yesterday at least." Aron settled beside the girl pulling her into a hug. *Grrrr* *Grrr* *Puurrr* He can hear some protest and only then noticed the little kitten sandwiched between both of them.

"Haha.. my bad.. my bad.." He tried to pick up the little one, only to have his hands slapped away as always. Julia fetched it in her arms, keeping it there and patting its head, returning it to sleep. "Damn.. is this guy a male? Why is he always so mad at me?"

"Why would you say that?" Julia asked with a laugh, only to find the boy intensely looking at her chest. She too looked down to find the kitten exaggeratedly rubbing its head on her breasts, over her clothes. Her face reddened and Aron saw her immediately turn her back to them. They had no idea what she did but the flamboyant smile returned to her face.

*Prrrrr* *Prrrrrhhh* Whatever she did obviously made the little guy extremely anxious as it jumped away from her arms and after glaring at the girl for the next minute, went on to snuggle beside Kyla, who laughed at its antics. Julia didn't expect it to have such an overblown response as well.

"What exactly did you do to it? It sure is mad now." "Nothing." Julia had a red face as she walked away, excusing to bring them something to eat from her kitchen. "I hope you didn't do anything crazy?" She came back with a tray of snacks.

It was clear that she was questioning him about the events from last night. "Nah. Who do you think I am? I know how harsh the world is." No matter how much the academy will look after them, in the end they were just slaves.

Two dozen of them will die every year from 'unexplainable' reasons. Aron had no wish to have a nameless grave. He will rather bide for his time before teaching those guys a lesson.

"Good. Then I was worried in vain.. huh.." She groaned, pretending to be disappointed. Aron snickered at her mockery and both girls chuckled, finding his frustrated expression adorable. "I am just messing around. Here, since you are here.. just give me a hand."

She handed him a tube of medicine. This is the same one Julia provided them for the scars on Kyla's body. The maiden loosened the belt of her robe, removing the front covering her chest. For a second Aron was unable to move his gaze away from the beautiful twin peaks. They were not very big, but not small either. His hands will easily be able to hold one in each.

Her areolas around her erect nipples were non-existent. The mesmerizing scenery was only marred by the impressions of beatings the girl received from last night. *Tch* Kyla saw the boy's eyes turn cold and she instantly held onto his hands. "It's okay, Aron. I am safe, ain't I?"

Her smile brought him back and with a nod he didn't fuss any longer, rubbing the paste over her lacerations. Some part of Kyla's mind was happy that the matters of yesterday escalated this much. At last, the boy responded to her feelings. Even though he had not said anything, she can tell from his actions that finally, he had come to appreciate the deep love she carried for him.

Her face kept the perpetual smile on her face, watching the boy diligently rub her bare breasts. "Hmph.. Who knew you were this good at applying for medicines." Julia found the couple enjoying their time together and she can't have it after being ignored for almost 5 minutes straight.

"Cough... Cough... it's nothing like that. I am just.." "Yeah, yeah, you are not a pervy boy. I am sure. I am just worried that you might have issues if you keep holding her boobies like that.. you understand, don't you?" She was aware of his special condition.

"Haha.. don't worry, it won't come to that. I got enough issues on my mind right now." Aron wanted to pull his hands back, having already covered everything. "Keeping doing it. I like it." Kyla bit her tongue playfully, holding his wrist to keep his hands on her tits. Julia can only respond with an annoying twitch of her lips.

"What extraordinary matters have your attention, do tell. And massage my legs as well while you are at it." The blonde slipped her skirt and placed her legs over Aron's lap. She was not going to take all this laying down. This boy had her first time, he had greater responsibility towards her. She had no idea where this idea of competition came from, but it has holed up in her mind.

Aron can only smile bitterly, switching from massaging the soft boobs of one girl to doing it for the fair calves of the other one. Sharing his time massaging at both ends, Aron shared his story from today. "Hmm? Ava helped you?"

Aron nodded in agreement to the blonde"s question. Having come to some terms with her feelings, she can't help but be suspicious of everyone else around her, even her own friends. "What are your plans now? You sure are going to get yourself busted one day. You didn't even inform me about it. I would have... Huh.. leave it. What now?"

Realizing that she was probably about to go on a rant, she stopped herself. "Nothing. Just searching once again tomorrow. Ava will help tomorrow as well, if we can't do it then I don't know. Maybe I will check with Mrs. Rumi."

"You mean Ava's mom?" Julia's eyes instantly narrowed once again. This boy was driving her nuts. Woman after woman after woman.. why do so many ladies keep showing up around him? She can only grit her teeth recalling the curvy figure Mrs. Rumi boasted. Never in her life, Julia had thought that one day she would be defensive against so many persons of her own kind.

"Not required. If you can't find anything tomorrow, then we will go see Mrs. Ya... no, I will ask Mrs. Yana about it and then help you out. We will see what can be done under these circumstances." The woman in her can tell that probably Mrs. Yana was the greatest rival possible. She had the boy completely wrapped around her fingers. The far away he is from her, the better.

Aron didn't see anything wrong with her statement. "Sure. I am not sure how much I am going to rely on you guys, even before I have joined as a real student haha.." He scratched the back of his head, laughing ruefully. "Well, you can say that again."


*Rumble* *Rumble* Today as well it was a heavy downpour with lightning crashing this the skies. During midnight two men slept in their beds in one of the rooms in the slave quarters. *Thud* *Thud* The lock of the room was heckled free. The loud noise from outside muffled it so that the occupants of the room remained unaware.

*Trrrr* With the flash of lightning the door was opened slowly, revealing a horrifying scene. A skeleton of average size stood at the door with large baggy clothes hiding most of its body. Its eyes were glowing deep red, with a sign of intelligence.

It carefully walked in, shutting the door behind its back. *Rumble* Another flash of lightning revealed a large dagger in the undead's right bony hands. Its brawny fingers clench in the handle and its sharp edge reflected the light from the open window.

*Tap* *Tap* The skeleton took only three steps to reach the bunk bed, finding the man it had been looking for all along. Even with its non-existent face, it seemed as if he was happy to find the man in after an arduous search. Taking its own sweet time staring at the man's sleeping face in absolute silence, it was a good while before it finally moved.

Its bony fingers gently pressed onto the man's face. No matter how gently it would have tried it, the touch of its cold rough bones ended up waking up the man from its deep slumber. "Mhhhh? Nnnhhhgg????" What met the man's open eyes was two red hollow eyes.

Anyone in his place would have responded in the same way. "Auumm.. uhhghh..!!" It tried to scream out loud but the hand on his face, pressed harder, not allowing the screams to escape his throat. He began throwing his limbs around trying to force away from the skeleton's hands. Yet, the undead's grip was exceptionally strong.

His struggles were put to rest once a sharp blade slipped into his throat, cutting his jugular. *Rumble* The flashes of lightning revealed the now lifeless face of the man with an extensive amount of blood spurting out from his pierced neck and mouth. The skeleton was nowhere to be found. It had left the room in the dark of the night.

*Tip* *Tip* *Tap* *Tap* Night had passed and with the first rays of sunlight, the man in the lower bunk bed was annoyed after multiple drops of liquid fell over his face. Groaning, he haphazardly wiped it off and snuggled in his pillow. "Hmm?" To his annoyance, even the pillow was completely wet.

"What the..??" He had to forcefully pull himself up, trying to open his eyes. He rubbed his eyes multiple times but the color of his pillow refused to change, remaining dark red. Suddenly, his hands and feet ran cold, wiping the same red liquid off his face.

"Aahhhhhh... HELP PLEASE..!! MURDER!!.." People around the room rushed in, to find a cold dead body lying in its own pool of blood, in the upper bed. His eyes are still open, staring right at the ceiling. The man who had called out for help was sulking in one corner with his entire head covered in blood.


"What?" Ava almost screamed out loud. "Yeah, I heard it. No one knows who did it." She calmed her nerves down. "Who was killed?" "He went by the name Max. I don't know anything else about him." Observing the downcast expression of the boy, she slapped his shoulders.

"Hey... it's just a coincidence. Like you just told me, no one knows who did it. Why are you making things up in your mind?" Aron can only shake his head in futility. "Let's just hope so. Where should we begin from?" "Come, follow me!" Ava was aware that the boy was down right now and hence she took the lead herself this afternoon.

Time passed just like last day. They got nothing. "What exactly did you summoned, boy?" Aron chuckled wretchedly. "Who knows what crawled into this world!" He too laid down beside the girl on the cool grass. His worries were greater because in his heart he had a hunch that this was probably not a normal summon. In all likelihood, the grimoire he had was special and thus the spells too were going to be extraordinary as well.

"Haah... it's okay. Don't worry too much about it. That guy probably wandered off and either got captured by the guards or is just lost. Murdering a human in cold blood is too exaggerated for a lowly skeleton. It's a coincidence and nothing else." Aron thanked the girl but somehow her words were not instilling him with confidence.

"What to do now? You got some plans?" Ava stared in the clear sky above, with dark could approaching from the far east. "It will be a downpour once again it seems." Aron nodded his head. "I need to check with Julia. She will get some help from Mrs. Yana."

"Right now?" "Yeah, it's evening already." "Let's go together then." "Hmm? Are you sure? I have wasted much of your time already." Ava put her hands up, gazing at the blue sky through her fingers. "Yes, you did. But I am intrigued now. It was so much fun looking for a sneaky skelly haha... Come, we will go together. Let's see what the blondie got for us."

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