57 Lucy Crimson 

With a swipe of her tongue, the gorgeous woman wiped clean the blood spot on the boy's neck. "Hehe.. didn't take you long to fall in line. What happened to your pride as a human? Don't want a confrontation now?" Julia sighed. She was too young to deal with these extraordinary scenarios.

"What's your name?" Unexpectedly, the lady took a small bow. "Lucy Crimson, at your service." As she had expected, one of the 7 major families of the vampire clans. "Why would someone of your caliber be at this place? I don't understand it."

Mostly all the purebloods choose long sleeps over wandering around. Even when they wake up, they just dine on blood before returning to sleep again. She saw the lady's mood sour when she mentioned that. "Pui.. Official business. Got to capture one of our own, who probably thinks he can go against the family hehe.."

Julia took a deep breath before her gaze hardened. "Look, Ms. Lucy, we got nothing to do with your business. Rather, my clan can offer to help you out in your task at hand. But please let me tell you, if you harm this boy, we will have a conflict at our hands."

"Hehe.. are you warning me?" "You can take it like that." In the meantime, Aron can feel his legs weaken. He was only bitten for a few seconds, but only in such a short window, this lady had drained an amazing amount of blood from his veins. Before today he had only heard about vampires in the lores, this was his first encounter with one.

What rotten luck to be immediately served on the dining plate as soon as he met one. Even though his heart was pounding in his chest, he kept his mind calm. He believed in Julia, she was doing everything that she can possibly do to diffuse the situation.

"You don't have to be fixated at this one, now do you? How about this, we have multiple slaves at our place. If you can let him go, we can arrange a sumptuous meal for you." The offer had Lucy fall in thought for a few seconds. Ultimately, she shook her head. "Nothing is greater than this one. You are not a vampire, little one. You can never learn the lure of such strong vitality has for our kind."

She creepily sniffed all over Aron's neck, ready to dig in for another bite. "Believe me, miss. It's not worth the conflict. I didn't even have a bath in the last few months." Aron added what little two cents he can add from his side. After all, he was the one most affected by their decision. "Also, you see I have been feeling extremely constipated these last few days."

Julia slapped her head in disappointment while Lucy laughed out loud. "Idiot.. she is not going to eat you. She is a vampire, she drinks blood, that's it." "Hehe.. how sweet. I almost want to keep you as my pet. Alas.. I am far away from home." Aron heard the lady's voice, uncomfortably close to his face.

"Go ahead, break it. Let's see if I Mrs. Triss can afford to upset our clan for a nameless kid." That was Julia's biggest concern. It's not like her family can't go against them. The real issue was if the boy was worth the trouble. For her, absolutely he was. Nonetheless, the reality was that she was not the matriarch of the family.

She must have heard Julia repeatedly referring to the boy as 'slave boy' on multiple occasions. That's probably what gave her the confidence to even go against a powerhouse like the Rutherford clan.

Putting these thoughts to the back of her mind she began applying pressure to the formation stone. "Huu.. then you leave me no choice. I didn't want to call that jerkface here... Shhh!!" "Huu.. huu.. huuuuu.. huu.. zuuu.. zzuu.. zzuuu.. *hiccup* hu.. huuu.. huuu.. *hiccup* zuu.."

Her concentration was broken by an unpleasant voice trying to sing in a drunken stupor. *Hiccup* All three of them can see a laggard man strolling his way towards them. A gourd of wine in his hands, he presented a typical face of a roadside drunkard.

*Hiccup* "Ohh.. did I disturb you... guys?" "Uncle Hans!" Julia cried out in surprise when the man walked under a street light. "Mhh? Little Julia... *Hiccup* what are you doing here?" Even Aron is taken aback when he recognized the face of the man. Wasn't he the old store owner from the academy?

The bundle of rolled erotic magazines tugged in his belt was the last proof he needed to confirm his identity beyond any doubt. "Old man!!" "Hmm? Who are you?" Aron's excitement level deflated when the man outrightly rejected to identify him.

"Uncle Hans, you need to help him." Julia noticed some semblance return to the man's eyes. Apparently, he too had realized the gravity of the circumstance. "Are those double D's lady?" The blonde almost stumbled to the ground, listening to his absurd remark. Why did she expect any seriousness from this Ava's famously lecherous father?

Meanwhile, Aron can only sneer in disgust despite his precarious position like he had totally anticipated his words. "Looks like I need to have a serious talk with aunt Rumi." "Cough.. cough.. you demoness.. let go of that pest in your clutches." Hans had immediately switched modes, once Julia brought his wife to the conservation.

"Who are you calling pest, you old perv?" This guy always gets under Aron's skin. "You might be beautiful but your charms won't work on me because I just had a gir... Ahem.. I mean, because I am extremely committed to my lovely wife." This time neither the boy nor the girl trusted his frivolous words.

"Hmm.. who might you be, old bones?" "Ahahaha..!!" Despite being restrained and his blood sucked on, Aron wanted to kiss this sweet kidnapper of his. Undoubtedly, he can see two distinct veins appear on the man's forehead when she called her old. "Huh.. for a moment, I would have been perfectly happy if you had just taken that slave rat and flown away. Buttt.. *hiccup* you just had to make this personal."

"Hahaha.. you will die, old bastard." Julia had no idea why Mr. Hans had such a strained relationship with the boy. However, at least now he seems to had concluded to help them. "We will see about that." *Crack* The wine gourd in his hands cracked away.

"Hmm?" Lucy felt the man's aura suddenly break through the sky. He was no ordinary drunkard. "Wait for me here, little one." She pulled the boy behind her and her body disappeared. *BANG* A massive blast of air threw Julia and Aron in opposite directions, multiple meters away.

"I take my words back. You are strong." "Hehe.. you too, my lady. Now can you please leave this place?" Both man and woman had their fists attached as the ground below them sunk by the scale of meters. "No, I must see if you are worthy enough to push me back hahahah.." *BANG* *BANG* *BANG*

At their levels, the boy and girl can't see anything at all. All they can hear was the massive collisions that sounded like someone was banging on huge sky drums. The blasts of hot air kept pushing both of them further back.

The confrontation lasted for only a few seconds when Aron found himself back in the firm embrace of the busty woman. *Sigh* "He is too strong, little one. But don't fret about it. Once I deal with my issues, I will certainly return for you. Then, I will have all the time in the world to play around with your buddies."

From the distance Julia saw the vampire woman press her lips onto the boy, kissing him deeply. She was scared for the boy but Hans stopped him from approaching them. Fortunately, she saw the lady unfold her jet-black wings and leap into the air. "I recognise you now." Lucy pointed to the old guy. "We will meet again, Undead General Hans. Let's see if you can still stand this proudly hahaha.."

Aron saw the woman wink at him before taking off, flying right towards the moon and disappearing in the distance. "Are you okay, Aron?" He was met with a tight hug from Julia. In truth, he was expecting another earful from her when that vampire lady kissed him, but she proved him wrong with a gentle embrace.

It can be said that he was the only naive one in the group who didn't know the significance of meeting a pureblooded vampire face to face and then live to tell the tale. "Yeah, a little dizzy, but fine otherwise." "Let me check," Julia observed the bite mark left behind by the woman, finding bit completely healed by now.

"Aaahh.. why do all the pretty ones turn out to be so mean?" Hans walked over to find the boy in Julia's arms. "Huh? She left you alive? What a bitch!! After the deal we made.. what a waste..!"

"You old pervert, I was completely expecting you to double-cross us. One look at her cleavage and you would have switched sides huh.." Aron accused the man with all the passion in the world. "Oi.. Uncle Hans is just pulling your leg, he will never do that." Julia tried to convince the boy, while the man only snickered away.

"Huh.. and had I known that I was going to meet such a disrespectful boy, I would have taken another way home." Both man and boy turned to face the opposite direction, unwilling to see eye to eye. For both of them even breathing the same air as the other one was profane.

Julia can only thank Mr. Hans for giving them a hand. Since the two males refused to see eye to eye, hence both groups can only leave in different directions. Aron had grown weaker, so he had to get the girl's support to reach his dorms tonight.

A few blocks away, Lucy sat on top of a building. "I sealed it inside him. Now, care to tell me what exactly are you?" There was no one around her and she seems to be talking to herself. "Thanks. My identity is not important. What is important though, is that you should stay clear of the boy."

"Hahaha.. do I look like a kid to you? Why is everyone advising me these days?" Another woman's body had manifested right next to the vampire. This lady was dressed entirely in white, with long gloves covering her hands. Two curved horns protruded from her head, with two large black feathery wings on her lower back.

"I am telling the truth, you will burn yourself." "Hehe.. then I would love to try and resist." "Huff.. why did I expect something different from a pureblooded vampire. The more I would warn you, the more interested you will be." The gloved lady with horns shook her head in futility.

"True indeed. You appearing in front of me had the opposite effect. Now I am even more interested in unraveling what's hidden under that human skin of his." Lucy licked her lips sensually, her eyes fixated in the direction the boy had left.

"Still, you did a number on him. He was too weak right now huu... And you just had to sink your teeth in." The woman in white puffed her chest, showing her disapproval. "Haha.. it can't be helped. He was just too delicious." Lucy got her feet, her large bat-like wings unfolding completely.

"I don't know what you are. But since we can be called acquaintances, I will give you a word of advice. If you want to keep the boy alive, make sure he doesn't come across a vampire. With such monumental vitality, he is like an irresistible lure for each one of our kind, even the purebloods.. no, especially the purebloods. Remember, for us humans and livestock are not much different."

With those last words, the woman jumped straight down, falling to the ground when midway her sleek wings unfurled, stopping her descent. The horned woman kept staring at the full moon in the skies for the next few minutes. "Huh.. we will have to see who needs to be saved."

Similar to Lucy, this lady also dropped down, flying towards the academy. It was just that, unlike Lucy, her body disappeared within the next few seconds, vanishing completely out of sight.

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