502 Terrifying Evolution Of The Goblin King (Part 2)

After exiting the hotel room, Evan left the central city and went into the wilderness once again.

Currently, the central city was on very high alert because of what happened during the tournament and no one was allowed to leave the city.

But Evan was easily able to leave the city because of his connection with Nathan and Sebastian.

After leaving the city, he first flew for a few thousand kilometres and after confirming no one was following him he finally landed at the top of one of the mountains.

There were a few low level monsters at the top of the mountain, but all of them ran away the moment they saw Evan.

The reason Evan came to the wilderness was because he wanted to rearrange his shadow army.

Currently, he has many useless shadow undeads, especially the spiders. Other than 109 A+ rank spiders, Evan unsaved all the other shadow spiders in his army.


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