715 Sylvan

The old man, whose name was Sylvan looked at Evan with horror filled eyes and his breathing became heavy. Cold sweat appeared on his forehead and his legs started to tremble.

Ashley also became nervous seeing the frightened look on Sylvan's face and continued to ask him why he was acting like this, but the old man completely ignored her and didn't say anything.

'No, it must be a misunderstanding. There is no way he is the same person whom I saw at that time' Sylvan thought inwardly and tried to calm down.

But the more he tried to calm down, the more images of the day when the entire Nyctopia was destroyed came to his mind.

Although thousands of years had passed, the memories of that day were still fresh in his mind because the day Nyctopia was destroyed was also the day that the great conflict between the Elves and Dryads arose.


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