585 Sealed Skill

When Evan read the effects of his partially awakened bloodline, his heartbeat quickened.

The twenty percent increase in all shadow-type skills was great, but what shocked him the most was the instant death effect.

Although the probability of triggering the instant death effect was very low, the main thing was that this effect was not restricted by rank.

For example, even though Evan is still an A+ rank hunter, he can still kill people like Eliestera or Baphomet as long as the instant death effect of his bloodline is activated... Although it is a completely different matter whether he can even land a hit against them with his current power.

"This thing won't be much help to me here in the Arora world since I can already kill most of the people here without much problem, but it will be of great help to me once I use the Tower of Ascension and go to Utopia."

Evan muttered to himself and took a deep breath.


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