534 New Class Specific Skill- Soul Fusion (Part 2)

After coming back to her senses, the first thing that Amara noticed was the Death Ring that was draining her life force.

Noticing her life force was disappearing at a speed visible to the naked eye, Amara immediately covered herself in a powerful layer of golden flames. The layer of golden flames pushed back the Death Ring and Amara finally sighed in relief after seeing she was not losing her life force anymore.

But the joy of stopping the Death Ring didn't last long as the next thing she saw was Evan decapitating Volac. Her body trembled with anger when she saw Volac getting killed by Evan.

'That bastard, he didn't use that power until his very last moment' Amara cursed Volac and used the regeneration skill of Igaunax which was not inferior to Evan's regeneration skill.

The blood that was dripping from her claw stopped because of the regeneration and it started to heal at a rapid speed.


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