611 Core Evolver (Part 2)

"Master, where are we going?" The nameless host while sitting on the back of the Bone Dragon.

"Astrate City," Evan said while taking out all the A and A+ rank cores that were inside his shadow storage.

"Oh," The nameless host nodded his head hearing Evan and didn't ask anything else.

Evan also ignored the Nameless Host and focused on the cores that were in front of him.

'I have one hundred and twenty seven A rank and eighty two A+ rank cores,' Evan said to himself after taking out the cores. 'These cores should be enough to take my Monarch Core to 90%.'

After counting the cores, Evan started to throw them inside his mouth in order to increase the rank of his Monarch Core.

'Without increasing the rank of my Monarch Core it will be extremely difficult for me to beat a Rank One Core Evolver' Evan thought while guiding the energy of the A rank core towards his Monarch Core.


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